• Plus a recent article online said that Nick Fuentes is recruiting
    Incels . Most Incels are Harmless and Not-Violent , they just want Sex , Chronic Long-Term
    Involuntary Celibacy is an Extremely Serious Painful Problem for Countless people for Countless people, it causes horrible suffering.
    Incels are the REAL Victims Most of the Time, anyone can become disabled and/or Incel , it’s no Joke
    Is Nick Fuentes himself an
    Incel ?

    • Disgusting how America
      Discriminates Against the Very Real Sexual Desires and Sexual Needs of Disabled and Incel people.
      Incels are Suffering Unbearably every single day in America and Worldwide
      Incel Lives Matter

    • Your attitudes are really sick. Going without sex is no big deal. You people are morally retarded.

    • Giacobo Wahlboghter

      Nick Fuentes did not murder Jewish woman Iris Kones… If he had done that, perhaps he would have been assassinated too.

  • Chaim, turn off the microphone boost, your voice is clipping (that is a technical term when the audio goes too high off a scale).

  • How come orthodox Jews and Hasidim voted Trump in 2020?

  • Always serve jury duty. The pool of jurors is very high in brain dead liberals and the new generation of woke. Encourage like minded family and friends to serve and get on the panels.

  • Trump did nothing for the incels sorry to say. But he and his son get their needs filled. Son dumped his wife for that fox news floozey.

    • You agree that Trump did nothing to help Incels ? Do you agree that Incels are the REAL Victims most of the Time ?
      Incels are Human Beings with Feelings and Legitimate Desires and Needs. More and More people are sadly becoming Incel , it’s an Extremely Serious Painful Problem , causing Horrible Suffering that words cannot describe
      Most Incels are Harmless.
      Incel Lives Matter !
      Sex Lives Matter !
      Governments and Society in
      America and Worldwide need to be More Proactive in Helping
      Suffering Incels
      Anyone can become Incel ,
      Involuntary Celibacy is Everybody’s Problem. Sex is a Human Right, a Civil Right

      • The U.S. Government Knows about Chaim , what percentage chance is there that the U.S. Government is spying on and reading all the comments on this jtf.org website ? If they are reading these comments they know that the pain and suffering of
        Incels & The Jewish people is very real and sadly getting worse and worse every day
        No Matter what Faith or Religion we Practice, we can all agree that God Should Definitely Eliminate All Evil, Suffering and Injustice in the World Once and For All Forever, make the World a Perfect Place, a Perfect Utopian Paradise, where no human or animal will Suffer countless people are Suffering Unbearably in America and Worldwide,
        Very Afraid of the Future . Countless people in America and Worldwide are Suffering in Silence. I hope God Ends All
        Evil, Suffering and Injustice in the World, once and for All, Forever as the Bible Teaches, the sooner the Better, and Not 100, 500, 1,000 or 10,000 years from Now

        • For Example, see the Bible verse
          Revelation 21:4
          ” ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”
          How Much Longer will God just passively allow Evil, Suffering and Injustice to Continue in America and Worldwide , when will God End All Evil,suffering and Injustice once and for All Forever, make it so no Human or Animal Suffers

    • Who was the “fox news floozey.” ?
      Puritanical Old-Fashioned Sexually Repressed America is Aiding and Abetting the Intense Suffering of Incels , Involuntary Celibates, people suffering from Incel , Involuntary Celibacy problems.
      Inceldom is a Growing Problem in America and Worldwide, it’s No Joke , it’s an Extremely Serious Painful Problem for Countless People causing horrible Suffering, Words Cannot Describe
      Most people don’t have the time and/or money to Travel to Places where Sex Work/Prostitution is Legal for Consenting Adults, and they shouldn’t have to travel to Legally Pay For Sex.
      Legalized Prostitution will Not Cure Incels, but it will Somewhat alleviate the Sufferings of Incels

      • Like many Americans I’m Not Anti-Government or Against Law Enforcement , just desire more Freedom,
        More Libertarian Freedom,
        Let Adults do what they want with their own lives and bodies, it’s that Simple,

        • Not Anti-Government or Anti-Law Enforcement, Just Desire More Freedom
          More Freedom,
          More Libertarian Freedom
          Is that really asking for too much

  • Sorry Chaim but Ted Cruz might not have defeated Hillary. Trump might have been the only one with the charisma to beat her. At least give him that.

  • COVID vaccine should not have been mandatory anytime, anywhere. So many healthy people mysteriously dying at young ages. No coincidence. Read the news and analyze it. Heart attacks, strokes all of a sudden in adults under 40? My body my choice hochul.

  • Oppose any type of social credit scores like china uses. We are guaranteed the right to privacy under the Constitution. Use cash when possible. Limit credit card use.

  • You have a right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness.

  • You want to be black and get harassed by police? I doubt it.

  • Is Bryan Kohberger an Orthodox Jew?

  • Probably Not

  • Barbara Walters that ugly hebe is dead Baruch HaShem

  • Welcome back Chaim! I was hoping you’d respond to that stupid uncle ruckus Ye. Even Alex Jones was shocked by what he said when he was interviewed on his show. If Hitler won the war, Ye and all his ilk would be lamps, soap and air pollution.

    What a stupid black bastard! Yeah, Hitler I’m sure did some good things! So did Jefferson Davis, Bedford Forest and President Botha! You like Botha Ye? You like what he did in South Africa?! You like General Forest Ye? MMMHMMM!!

    God bless Clarence Thomas By the way. Ye Condemned him really bad. God bless him. This white guy I worked for his child, Judge Thomas is his kids godparent. One of his godparents is Judge Thomas. Wow…

    And they condemn him AND WORSHIP THIS POS YE???

    G-d is merciful. I think too merciful. He should wipe out humanity for all this.

  • George Santos said today Shabbat Shalom. Faygilah

  • Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger aka Pope Benedict XVI has died at the age of 95, opinions

  • Russia continues to Attack Ukraine with Iranian made drones, more Proof that Islam isn’t a Peaceful Religion

  • Truly disgusting how
    Anti-Semitism, Jew-Hatred and
    Anti-Israel Hatred is endemic everywhere in America and Worldwide

  • torontosun.com has an article headlined
    “HANSON: The new, new anti-Semitism growing more dangerous”
    Victor Davis Hanson on
    December 29, 2022

  • On Facebook a Christian said
    on December 1, 2022
    “Anti-Semitism of any kind is demonic and despicable. I’ve seen this topic being more widely discussed as of late due to ignorant celebrities and media personalities saying things that are blatantly wrong to say about Jewish people. How in the world did this demon crawl back out of hell!? As a pastor, and a Christian I believe it’s important to rebuke this kind of rhetoric because it’s of a satanic origin.

    The Bible says that Jesus Christ is of Jewish descent (Romans 9:5)! To be against Jewish people is to be against the very people God chose to bring forth our Messiah! Over the past 100 years Christians and Jews have made a lot of progress in their relationship with one another and we must continue to work hard to make this an abiding reality. The Bible says “All of Israel shall be saved (Romans 11:26),” the Apostle Paul loved Jewish people so deeply that he desired to give his life up for their salvation (Romans 9:3)! As Christians we are called to reject all forms of hatred and racism, especially anti-Semitism. God told Abraham “I will bless those who bless you, and those who curse you I will curse (Genesis 12:3).”

  • Golda Meir once said
    “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children.” Golda was wrong , We Must Never Forgive the Arabs for murdering innocent children , in the Mideast conflict It’s only sad and Tragic
    When a Jewish Life is Lost
    It’s Wrong to Forgive Arabs who Murder innocent people

  • News Story about a Disgusting Arab Vampire who says he loves drinking blood the article is from english.alarabiya.net headlined :
    “‘We love drinking blood,’ says ISIS ‘vampire’ ”

    Published: 17 September ,2014 the article tells how many ISIS members love drinking blood, What the Hell is Wrong with those people , Cannibalism is sadly also common in the Arab World

    • bbc.com has an article headlined “Face-to-face with Abu Sakkar, Syria’s ‘heart-eating cannibal’ ”
      By Paul Wood
      BBC News, Syria
      5 July 2013

  • Did the Ugly Dumb Gorilla
    Hassan Nasrallah suffer a Stroke ?

  • Why are so many athletes getting heart attacks?

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