• Plus a recent article online said that Nick Fuentes is recruiting
    Incels . Most Incels are Harmless and Not-Violent , they just want Sex , Chronic Long-Term
    Involuntary Celibacy is an Extremely Serious Painful Problem for Countless people for Countless people, it causes horrible suffering.
    Incels are the REAL Victims Most of the Time, anyone can become disabled and/or Incel , it’s no Joke
    Is Nick Fuentes himself an
    Incel ?

    • Disgusting how America
      Discriminates Against the Very Real Sexual Desires and Sexual Needs of Disabled and Incel people.
      Incels are Suffering Unbearably every single day in America and Worldwide
      Incel Lives Matter

    • Your attitudes are really sick. Going without sex is no big deal. You people are morally retarded.

      • We are NOT Morally Retarded
        Sex is a Vital Need
        America is Disgusting for
        Making People go without Sex

      • YHVHalliance , America is a Morally Retarded Nation , A Sexually Repressed Puritanical Immature Uptight Prudish Nation that should Grow the F–K Up and think about the Countless people who are unable to get Sex for various Reasons , and Legalize Prostitution for Consenting Adults in Every State at Reasonable Prices. Going without Sex is a Big Deal for Many People , have you heard about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs ? Sexual Intercourse is listed as a Vital Need
        Many Americans are NOT Proud to be American, because of the Unjust, Cruel, Inhumane, “Laws” in America

      • YHVHalliance , America is
        really sick , and going without Sex is a Horrible Problem and a Very Big Deal for Many people , a person posted online a few years ago:

        “You’re not entitled to sex” Yeah we know. It’s a really hurtful and dismissive thing to say.
        This is more of something that I’ve experienced in seeking help. It’s the most condescending thing to tell someone that’s lacking something that they aren’t entitled to it. Like it implies that incel men think women are only sex objects to them. If we really just wanted sex we would buy a prostitute. All we want is for someone to consider us worth having sex with. I am not entitled to sex. After being rejected a dozen times I know that. Would you tell a poor person they aren’t entitled to money? Would you tell a sick person they aren’t entitled to medicine? These things are important. Everyone on earth agrees that sex and relationships are vital to happiness and yet when we, after either real or imagined experiences, say “why are we not worth it?” people respond with “you’re not entitled to sex.”

        I want to be clear these problems aren’t obviously any one persons fault. It’s just dismissive naive on their part. Nobody is entitled to walk but you shouldn’t tell someone with no legs that. We are entitled to happiness right? We are entitled to acceptance right? To be loved? Sure I’m not entitled to have sex with Scarlet Johansson but surely I’m entitled to have someone love me, provided I’m not an awful person.

        If someone wants help enough to seek it, even incels, please don’t dismiss our pain as us just being entitled. Most of us are struggling with a basic need. So many times have I spoken to someone who says “well first you have to accept that you’re not entitled to sex”. “

    • Giacobo Wahlboghter

      Nick Fuentes did not murder Jewish woman Iris Kones… If he had done that, perhaps he would have been assassinated too.

  • Chaim, turn off the microphone boost, your voice is clipping (that is a technical term when the audio goes too high off a scale).

  • How come orthodox Jews and Hasidim voted Trump in 2020?

  • Always serve jury duty. The pool of jurors is very high in brain dead liberals and the new generation of woke. Encourage like minded family and friends to serve and get on the panels.

  • Trump did nothing for the incels sorry to say. But he and his son get their needs filled. Son dumped his wife for that fox news floozey.

    • You agree that Trump did nothing to help Incels ? Do you agree that Incels are the REAL Victims most of the Time ?
      Incels are Human Beings with Feelings and Legitimate Desires and Needs. More and More people are sadly becoming Incel , it’s an Extremely Serious Painful Problem , causing Horrible Suffering that words cannot describe
      Most Incels are Harmless.
      Incel Lives Matter !
      Sex Lives Matter !
      Governments and Society in
      America and Worldwide need to be More Proactive in Helping
      Suffering Incels
      Anyone can become Incel ,
      Involuntary Celibacy is Everybody’s Problem. Sex is a Human Right, a Civil Right

      • The U.S. Government Knows about Chaim , what percentage chance is there that the U.S. Government is spying on and reading all the comments on this jtf.org website ? If they are reading these comments they know that the pain and suffering of
        Incels & The Jewish people is very real and sadly getting worse and worse every day
        No Matter what Faith or Religion we Practice, we can all agree that God Should Definitely Eliminate All Evil, Suffering and Injustice in the World Once and For All Forever, make the World a Perfect Place, a Perfect Utopian Paradise, where no human or animal will Suffer countless people are Suffering Unbearably in America and Worldwide,
        Very Afraid of the Future . Countless people in America and Worldwide are Suffering in Silence. I hope God Ends All
        Evil, Suffering and Injustice in the World, once and for All, Forever as the Bible Teaches, the sooner the Better, and Not 100, 500, 1,000 or 10,000 years from Now

        • For Example, see the Bible verse
          Revelation 21:4
          ” ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”
          How Much Longer will God just passively allow Evil, Suffering and Injustice to Continue in America and Worldwide , when will God End All Evil,suffering and Injustice once and for All Forever, make it so no Human or Animal Suffers

    • Who was the “fox news floozey.” ?
      Puritanical Old-Fashioned Sexually Repressed America is Aiding and Abetting the Intense Suffering of Incels , Involuntary Celibates, people suffering from Incel , Involuntary Celibacy problems.
      Inceldom is a Growing Problem in America and Worldwide, it’s No Joke , it’s an Extremely Serious Painful Problem for Countless People causing horrible Suffering, Words Cannot Describe
      Most people don’t have the time and/or money to Travel to Places where Sex Work/Prostitution is Legal for Consenting Adults, and they shouldn’t have to travel to Legally Pay For Sex.
      Legalized Prostitution will Not Cure Incels, but it will Somewhat alleviate the Sufferings of Incels

      • Like many Americans I’m Not Anti-Government or Against Law Enforcement , just desire more Freedom,
        More Libertarian Freedom,
        Let Adults do what they want with their own lives and bodies, it’s that Simple,

      • Incels and other Sex Starved people want Prostitution Legalized Everywhere in America and Worldwide for All Consenting Adults and at Reasonable Prices

      • Most Americans, Men and Women alike are Reasonable and Support
        Legalizing Prostitution for All Consenting Adults and in Every State , at Reasonable Prices Anyone can become disabled and/or Incel as they get Older
        Many Conservatives, Republicans and Right Wing people are Hypocrites and Frauds , they claim to Support Liberty and Freedom, but only their Heartless Ignorant Selfish Version of Liberty and Freedom where they falsely feel they can tell other Adults what they can and cannot do with their own lives and bodies

  • Sorry Chaim but Ted Cruz might not have defeated Hillary. Trump might have been the only one with the charisma to beat her. At least give him that.

  • COVID vaccine should not have been mandatory anytime, anywhere. So many healthy people mysteriously dying at young ages. No coincidence. Read the news and analyze it. Heart attacks, strokes all of a sudden in adults under 40? My body my choice hochul.

  • Oppose any type of social credit scores like china uses. We are guaranteed the right to privacy under the Constitution. Use cash when possible. Limit credit card use.

  • You have a right to life liberty and pursuit of happiness.

  • You want to be black and get harassed by police? I doubt it.

  • Is Bryan Kohberger an Orthodox Jew?

  • Probably Not

  • Barbara Walters that ugly hebe is dead Baruch HaShem

  • Welcome back Chaim! I was hoping you’d respond to that stupid uncle ruckus Ye. Even Alex Jones was shocked by what he said when he was interviewed on his show. If Hitler won the war, Ye and all his ilk would be lamps, soap and air pollution.

    What a stupid black bastard! Yeah, Hitler I’m sure did some good things! So did Jefferson Davis, Bedford Forest and President Botha! You like Botha Ye? You like what he did in South Africa?! You like General Forest Ye? MMMHMMM!!

    God bless Clarence Thomas By the way. Ye Condemned him really bad. God bless him. This white guy I worked for his child, Judge Thomas is his kids godparent. One of his godparents is Judge Thomas. Wow…

    And they condemn him AND WORSHIP THIS POS YE???

    G-d is merciful. I think too merciful. He should wipe out humanity for all this.

    • Do we think Alex Jones is an
      Anti-semite or Jew-Hater ?

    • Kyle , Why do you say
      “God bless Clarence Thomas”
      While Not All Blacks are bad , we Must Never Forget and Never Forgive how the Vast Majority of Blacks backstabbed and betrayed the Jews who helped them during the Civil Rights Movement
      We Must Never Help Blacks or Anyone who would backstab or betray us, we cannot be Suckers

    • Kyle, about Kanye West
      urbandictionary.com said about him
      “An egotistical maniac/retard who ran for president in order to establish a theocracy in the US. Many suspects he ran for President to promote his shitty music. Judging by his willingness to not have separation of church and state, he’s also an anti-constitutionalist. He believes in anti-vaccine conspiracy theories, including the infamous one about Bill Gates sticking microchips inside you for fun.”

      • Kyle, people on Social Media for Halloween in 2022 posted Memes showing
        A Big Black Plastic Garbage Bag and it says
        “Kanye West Adult Size Costume” 😆

    • Kyle, urbandictionary.com also said about Kanye West that
      “an idiotic, ignorant, amazingly egotistical low class black man, who by some miracle has made millions of dollars through music even though if he was white and shared the same pro-white beliefs that he has as a black musician he would be denounced as a racist and would be a penniless pauper.”

    • Kyle, urbandictionary.com also said about Kanye West that he is
      “An epic f*cking douche bag. Arrogant, moronic, soul crushing b*stard with awful sh*tty music.”

    • Kyle , we at JTF , jtf.org are a Peaceful , Law-abiding,
      Non-Violent Movement, however we
      Must Never Mince Words when we tell the sad Ugly Truth about the Vile, Jew-Haters and Anti-Semites, we must tell what the Mainstream Media Will Not

    • Kyle, did you see this video about
      Kanye , https://youtu.be/FvIRhuIb1eI?si=cGyRZWIN9ulg-eqT

    • Kyle , you said about Kanye
      “What a stupid black bastard!” Oh No that’s Racist

  • George Santos said today Shabbat Shalom. Faygilah

  • Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger aka Pope Benedict XVI has died at the age of 95, opinions

  • Russia continues to Attack Ukraine with Iranian made drones, more Proof that Islam isn’t a Peaceful Religion

  • Truly disgusting how
    Anti-Semitism, Jew-Hatred and
    Anti-Israel Hatred is endemic everywhere in America and Worldwide

  • torontosun.com has an article headlined
    “HANSON: The new, new anti-Semitism growing more dangerous”
    Victor Davis Hanson on
    December 29, 2022

  • On Facebook a Christian said
    on December 1, 2022
    “Anti-Semitism of any kind is demonic and despicable. I’ve seen this topic being more widely discussed as of late due to ignorant celebrities and media personalities saying things that are blatantly wrong to say about Jewish people. How in the world did this demon crawl back out of hell!? As a pastor, and a Christian I believe it’s important to rebuke this kind of rhetoric because it’s of a satanic origin.

    The Bible says that Jesus Christ is of Jewish descent (Romans 9:5)! To be against Jewish people is to be against the very people God chose to bring forth our Messiah! Over the past 100 years Christians and Jews have made a lot of progress in their relationship with one another and we must continue to work hard to make this an abiding reality. The Bible says “All of Israel shall be saved (Romans 11:26),” the Apostle Paul loved Jewish people so deeply that he desired to give his life up for their salvation (Romans 9:3)! As Christians we are called to reject all forms of hatred and racism, especially anti-Semitism. God told Abraham “I will bless those who bless you, and those who curse you I will curse (Genesis 12:3).”

  • Golda Meir once said
    “We can forgive the Arabs for killing our children. We cannot forgive them for forcing us to kill their children.” Golda was wrong , We Must Never Forgive the Arabs for murdering innocent children , in the Mideast conflict It’s only sad and Tragic
    When a Jewish Life is Lost
    It’s Wrong to Forgive Arabs who Murder innocent people

  • News Story about a Disgusting Arab Vampire who says he loves drinking blood the article is from english.alarabiya.net headlined :
    “‘We love drinking blood,’ says ISIS ‘vampire’ ”

    Published: 17 September ,2014 the article tells how many ISIS members love drinking blood, What the Hell is Wrong with those people , Cannibalism is sadly also common in the Arab World

    • bbc.com has an article headlined “Face-to-face with Abu Sakkar, Syria’s ‘heart-eating cannibal’ ”
      By Paul Wood
      BBC News, Syria
      5 July 2013

  • Did the Ugly Dumb Gorilla
    Hassan Nasrallah suffer a Stroke ?

  • Why are so many athletes getting heart attacks?

  • YHVHalliance , going without Sex is a Big Deal for Most People , Sex is a Basic Human Desire and Vital Need

    • Hello ? Do we think that the
      FBI, CIA, NSA etc or other Government agencies of America, and other Nations are spying on and reading these comments on jtf.org , the Sufferings of Incels and the Jewish people is sadly very real and getting worse every day
      What about the Rights of
      Incel Americans ?

  • Hello , YHVHalliance are you there
    going without Sex is a big deal for Most people of any age
    Incels continue to suffer unbearable misery every day, Forced to Endure a
    Sexless Existence

    • Almost every single day more and more articles appear on the
      Internet about Incels , incels
      Involuntary Celibates, people with Incel problems, it’s No Joke
      Valentine’s Day is Very Painful for Chronically Single People and For

  • In 2019 Donald Trump tweeted a picture of himself as
    Rocky Balboa the main character in the “Rocky” boxing film series.

  • foreignpolicy.com has an article by
    Aaron David Miller headlined
    “Trump Was Far From the Most Pro-Israel U.S. President Ever”
    Oct 19, 2022

    While Trump was OK in some ways , all Presidents have their flaws , who would we say was the
    Most Pro-Israel U.S. President ?

  • The Holiday Season
    November, December is also Very Painful for Incels –
    Involuntary Celibates
    Male Sexlessness is sadly rising

    incels.wiki has an article
    “Adverse effects of inceldom” on
    Dec 26, 2021
    What is America and the World doing to Help Incels ,
    incels ?

  • Incel-Americans are Human Beings with Feelings and Desires, Needs just like Non-Incel people

  • Think what it’s like for
    Incels , Involuntary Celibates , people Suffering from Chronic Long Term
    Involuntary Celibacy Problems , having to hear about other people’s Sex Lives and Love Lives , and they become Jealous and Envious of people with Normal and Healthy Sex Lives, Love Lives
    While the “Freedom” in America is a Joke, a Sick Pathetic Joke,
    Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies , Not even that

  • We Need to care about Incels
    They are Human Beings with
    Feelings and Needs . Chronic Long Term
    Involuntary Celibacy is an Extremely Serious Painful Problem for Countless People that causes horrible suffering that words cannot describe
    Incels are Human Beings created in God’s Image
    More and More people are sadly becoming Involuntarily Celibate
    What about the Needs and Desires of the Sexually Less Fortunate and Sexually Frustrated
    How can Governments and Society Help ?

  • Never Forget the sad Ugly Truth that America Sucks in many ways
    The “Freedom” in America is a Joke , many sheeple say
    God Bless America , Why would God Bless America for the Severe Lack of Freedom ? Why would God Bless America for the Severe Human Rights Abuses ?
    America has a Very Severe Lack of Freedom. While America has some good things. America indeed has some good things . Overall
    America is Still in Many Ways a Vile, Evil, Wicked
    Disgusting Sickening Nation
    Freakin Unbelievable how
    America Forces Countless
    Sex Starved people to go without Sex. Incels and other Sex Starved people are Forced to go Without Sex. Don’t the Stupid Lawmakers, Politicians in America realize that
    Prohibition Never Works, and it sadly makes Everything Worse
    America Still has Prohibition in
    Many Ways which sadly backfires terribly on Society tragically creating all Sorts of horrible countless incidents on a Daily Basis in America.
    America has Stupid Prohibition of Prostitution, Sex Work for Consenting Adults , Forcing Countless Tens of Millions of
    Incels and other Sex Starved people to go without Sex , they can’t even legally pay for Sex without Fear of being Arrested and often Publicly Humiliated , jailed, fined . Countless people are Sexually Frustrated, Horny , they want Sex yet are unable to get it for various Reasons
    America has Prohibition in the Stupid Unjust Failed
    “War on Drugs” that Everyone Hates and No One Supports
    Countless people have called for an End to the Insane
    “War on Drugs”
    Plus America also has Prohibition in the Form of Diabolical
    “Suicide Prevention” Pro-Life
    Forced Living, Life at All Costs till the bitter End Extremism
    While Polls have shown that the Vast Majority of Americans are Reasonable and Support the Growing Right To Die, Death With Dignity Movement for Any and All Suffering people who Request to Die , Voluntary Death with Dignity, Doctor Assisted Death , they are Against “Suicide Prevention” and Forced Living Extremism and Support the Growing Right To Die Movement for any and all suffering people, including for people with Unbearable, Intolerable Mental illness
    America has many Unjust, Cruel, Inhumane, F–ked up “Laws” which is why many Americans are Not
    Patriotic , they are Not
    Anti-Government or Against Law Enforcement , they realize that Government and Law Enforcement does some good things.
    They just Desire More Freedoms

  • About the Incel Crisis ,
    Involuntary Celibacy Crisis in America and the Sufferings of Incels , Involuntary Celibates
    On Twitter UFC/MMA Fighter

    Jake Shields said
    “Almost 1/3 of young men ages 18-30 haven’t had sex in the past year

    What do you think the reason or reasons are?”

    3:22 AM · Mar 11, 2023

    • Many people have pointed out that America has an Unjust
      War on Sex in addition to the Stupid Retarded “War on Drugs” that everyone hates
      The War on Sex is indeed
      Very Disturbing
      So once Again,
      Thank You America
      Thank You So Much,
      Thank You So Very Much for
      Worsening All the Intense Sufferings and Psychological Problems that Incels and other Suffering people have
      Thanks for All the Needless Suffering America, for making countless problems worse for Countless people
      Thank You so Very Much America for being Heartless Ignorant Selfish Cowardly Uncaring and Inconsiderate Insensitive to the Suffering and Misery of Others

  • The Incel Movement in
    America and Worldwide must always be Peaceful, Law Abiding and Non-Violent , the pain and suffering of Incels is Very Real
    More and More people are becoming Incels , it’s no Joke

  • Many people have suggested a
    Redistribution of Sex for Incels and other people who are unable to get Sex Naturally
    Sex Robots and Sex Dolls are Not the Answer
    All Human Beings, Male and Female alike should have a
    Right to Sex , it’s a Vital Human Need

    • The Wikipedia entry for
      “Prostitution in the United States” says
      “Prostitution in Rhode Island was outlawed in 2009. On November 3, governor Donald Carcieri signed into law a bill which makes the buying and selling of sexual services a crime.[20] Prostitution was legal in Rhode Island between 1980 and 2009 because there was no specific statute to define the act and outlaw it, although associated activities such as street solicitation, running a brothel and pimping were illegal.”
      Yet Studies have shown that when Prostitution was Legal in Nevada rates of Rape and STD’s declined and went down sharply

  • Countless Americans are NOT
    “Proud to be an American” because of the Retarded Unjust Inhumane Sadistic Barbaric Cruel Outdated
    Assinine “Laws” that exist and are sadly Enforced , such
    “Freedom” in America
    Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies , Not even that , Not even that

  • Some people have jokingly called
    Donald Trump having dinner with
    Nick Fuentes & Kanye West a Real
    Life “Dinner for Schmucks” like the 2010 comedy film of the same name. I don’t think Trump is a
    Schmuck , but OK in some ways
    Imagine if
    Saturday Night Live did a Sketch of this Trump dinner with
    Kanye West & Nick Fuentes, that would be an interesting SNL sketch , but seriously nothing is
    “Funny” about Anti-Semitism

  • Let me say Men’s Rights is Extremely important, it is Not
    “Male Supremacist” Women should have Rights , but Men Need Rights Also , we Need Fairness and Justice
    Why the Hypocrisy and Double Standards against Men’s Rights ?
    Men’s Rights in America and Worldwide Must Include access Sexual Intercourse with Women, Sex Robots and Sex Dolls no matter how realistic are Not the Answer..People need Real Sex with Real Human Beings
    Countless Men are Incels , Involuntary Celibates , suffering from Chronic Long Term Involuntary Celibacy – Incel problems , wanting Sex and to get laid so badly , but being unable to get Sex for Various Reasons,
    Incels are Suffering unbearably every day, We all need to Peacefully Lobby, Petition and Take Out Lawsuits in America and Worldwide for Legalized Prostitution for all consenting Adults at Reasonable Prices in Every State of America and Worldwide,
    Peer Reviewed Studies have shown that Legalized Prostitution greatly Reduces Rape and other tragic Sex Crimes Against Women
    It’s about Protecting Women
    I don’t condone Rape , it’s a Terrible Crime, don’t believe the BS Feminist Lie
    “Rape is Not about sex, it’s about Power” well Peer Reviewed Studies have shown that Rape is Definitely About Sex, Sexual Desire , Women deserve Rights and Safety , but so do Men , and Incels,

  • A person recently typed online about the Growing Incel Crisis in America and Worldwide
    “I also think it is wrong that men who solicite for sex should be prosecuted, as well as their reputation, job and with it their lifes all down the drain. And for what? A basic human desire. That may be controversial but its an issue that is not talkede about anywhere near as much as it should be.”

  • mdlinx.com has an article headlined: “Incel complex’ and its link to poor mental health”
    By Salma Mahmoud | Fact-checked by Barbara Bekiesz
    Published May 7, 2023 About Incel Complex and the Growing Incel Crisis in America and Worldwide
    Stupid America won’t have the decency and Humanity to Legalize Prostitution

  • psychologytoday.com has an article on May 9, 2023
    Andrew G. Thomas Ph.D. headlined
    “Alone and Suffering: Acknowledging “Dysphoric Singlehood”

    This article is wrong about one thing it says Incels didn’t exist
    50 years ago , Incels have always existed throughout human History
    But the Actual Term Incel , Involuntary Celibacy , Involuntary Celibates, Incels was created in the 1990’s by a woman named Alana

  • psychologytoday.com
    has an article headlined
    “The Harsh Reality Men Face on Dating Apps” on May 19, 2023 by
    Greg Matos PsyD The Incel Crisis is sadly getting worse and worse in America and Worldwide

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