Dubai man jailed for insulting Islam on Facebook loses appeal

In the “enlightened” West, people aren’t arrested or jailed for criticizing Muhammad. They’re just excoriated as racist, bigoted Islamophobes, and shunned by all decent people, and concerted efforts are made to deny them access to all means of communication. Everyone the world over agrees that Muhammad, alone of all human beings, must never be criticized.

“Dubai man jailed for insulting Islam on Facebook loses appeal,” by Marie Nammour, Khaleej Times, September 12, 2017:

An electricity welder, sentenced to one year in jail on the charge of insulting Islam on social media, has lost his appeal in court.

The Court of First Instance convicted the 31-year-old Indian worker in May of disrespecting and insulting Prophet Muhammed (Peace Be Upon Him) in posts he shared on Facebook.

Even though he deleted all the posts and details on his account, shortly later, copies of the messages were obtained and used as evidence by the public prosecution in the case against him.

The primary court then sentenced him to one year in prison and ordered him to pay a Dh500,000 fine – to be deported afterwards. He filed an appeal as he denied the charges on the grounds his account had been hacked but he lost the appeal after the court upheld the earlier ruling.

Public prosecution records show the defendant tried to flee the UAE shortly after posting the messages…

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