Feiglin’s heroic grandson is murdered – Netanyahu is to blame (JTF.ORG video)


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  • The New York Post
    nypost.com has an article headlined
    “Believe ‘anti-Israel’ protesters when they tell you they hate Jews”
    By Post Editorial Board
    Published June 11, 2024

    • nypost.com has an article
      “Joe Biden and the left must know better than to deal with the devil known as Hamas”

      By Michael Goodwin

      Published June 11, 2024

    • jns.org has an article headlined
      “Bill Maher: Jew-hatred is worse on the political left than the right”
      May 30, 2024

    • Noor Dahri typed online today :
      “Found in #Gaza.

      “We will conquer #Rome just like we conquered Constantinople”

      Map of #Italy.”

    • A website typed online today
      “Customs officers @heathrow_airport selected all incoming passengers from El Al flight last night after seeing an Israeli flag on a suitcase.

      All passengers were directed them to a separate room where their bags were scanned.

      No other passengers entering the airport were selected for this treatment at the time.

      Does this behavior remind you of anything?”

    • A person typed online today
      “Right now, unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats are ruling American citizens like you without your consent. This administrative state undermines the Constitution—it rejects the separation of powers and replaces the rule of law with faceless regulatory agencies.”

      Americans Want More Freedom
      Libertarian Freedom

    • More about Fakestinians
      washingtonexaminer.com has an article headlined
      “How Palestinian terrorists train ‘journalists’ in Gaza”
      Gabe Kaminsky
      June 12, 2024

    • cfif.org has an article headlined
      “Bob Dylan’s “Neighborhood Bully” – an Underappreciated, Timely Pro-Israel Masterpiece”
      THURSDAY, MAY 20 2021

      • aish.com has an article
        “Bob Dylan & Israel, The Neighborhood Bully”
        by Ruchama Feuerman
        February 20, 2024

    • Plus in the 2013
      Family Guy episode
      “Chris Cross” there is this following dialogue in one scene :

      When Meg is telling Chris to call those girls Chris: No way! That was the last thing on your list! I can’t do this anymore. Meg: Well, maybe you should have thought about that before you stole mom’s money. I own you. Now, here’s my post office key. I need you to go down town and get my stuff from my P.O. box.
      Chris: Y…You don’t get your mail here? Meg: No. I get a lot of stuff from the Netherlands.
      Chris: Like what? Meg: Like I’m part of a group that sorta trashes Anne Frank’s house every year.”
      So Meg Griffin is supposed to be an anti-semite ?

    • stopantisemitism.org has an article headlined
      “Habitual Antisemite Jamaal Bowman Blames Israel for Hamas Massacre”
      June 11, 2024

      How would Bowman and his ilk feel if some Americans blamed
      Black people for Slavery
      Bowman is Another tragic sad Example of the Many Blacks who backstabbed and betrayed Jews who helped them so Much during the Civil Rights Movement
      We Never Forgive and Never Forget
      We Must Never help anyone who would backstab or betray us
      We Cannot be Suckers

    • Egypt is Nobody’s Friend , Egypt was always Evil
      About Egypt
      hup.harvard.edu has an article on October 1, 1998 headlined
      Attitudes toward the Jews in the Ancient World”
      Peter Schäfer About his book, the description says

      “Taking a fresh look at what the Greeks and Romans thought about Jews and Judaism, Peter Schäfer locates the origin of anti-Semitism in the ancient world. Judeophobia firmly establishes Hellenistic Egypt as the generating source of anti-Semitism, with roots extending back into Egypt’s pre-Hellenistic history.

      A pattern of ingrained hostility toward an alien culture emerges when Schäfer surveys an illuminating spectrum of comments on Jews and their religion in Greek and Roman writings, focusing on the topics that most interested the pagan classical world: the exodus or, as it was widely interpreted, expulsion from Egypt; the nature of the Jewish god; food restrictions, in particular abstinence from pork; laws relating to the sabbath; the practice of circumcision; and Jewish proselytism. He then probes key incidents, two fierce outbursts of hostility in Egypt: the destruction of a Jewish temple in Elephantine in 410 B.C.E. and the riots in Alexandria in 38 C.E. Asking what fueled these attacks on Jewish communities, the author discovers deep-seated ethnic resentments. It was from Egypt that hatred of Jews, based on allegations of impiety, xenophobia, and misanthropy, was transported first to Syria-Palestine and then to Rome, where it acquired a new element: fear of this small but distinctive community. To the hatred and fear, ingredients of Christian theology were soon added—a mix all too familiar in Western history.” The full article can be found online

    • nypost.com has an article headlined
      “Protesters are harassing Jews every day in NYC, when will pols protect them?”
      By Karol Markowicz
      Published June 12, 2024

    • allisrael.com has an article by
      Dr. Michael Brown
      “Israel – a nation under siege” on
      June 14, 2024

    • blogs.timesofisrael.com has an article by
      Moshe-Mordechai van Zuiden
      “Land for Hatred and the Two-State Solution”
      JUNE 14, 2024

    • A website online today said
      “Everybody knows what happened on 9/11, what many dont know is, while Americans and the rest of the world were mourning for the loved ones they lost on that day, the Palestinian were celebrating the attack.

      After Jordan accepted the Palestinian refugees, they assassinated their king and tired to seize power by starting a civil war in 1970 commonly known as the Black September.

      After Lebanon accepted Palestinian refugees from Jordanian expulsion, they attacked the Christians in Lebanon to cause a 15 year civil war.

      Palestinian refugees in Kuwait welcomed Saddam Hussein’s invasion in 1990 and collaborated with Iraqi occupiers until Kuwait was liberated by UN coalition troops. They were expelled from Kuwait afterwards.

      Egypt have built a huge border to prevent any Palestinian refugees from entering their country.

      There is a important reason why specifically, America shouldn’t take in Palestinian refugees and it’s often forgotten that Robert F. Kennedy, who served as the 64th United States attorney general was assassinated by a Palestinian man for Kennedy’s support for Israel back in 1968.”

    • About the Fakestinians
      A person typed online today
      “#metoo feminist women talking about how well stolen humans were treated, human rights activists saying it wasn’t all that bad that Noa was kidnapped and forced to clean a mansion over and over (“house negroes had it good”), and then Bella Hadid described this situation, of making a captive a birthday cake on his birthday just to mock him as, “See? Look how humane these evil Zios’ captors are!”

      The Palestinian cause is one that attracts the worst human beings on this planet, and illustrates for others the breaking point, where literally all of their values disappear.

      This movement is pure poison. They can’t even help themselves. They don’t give a damn about Palestinians. If they did, they would have spent this whole time doing whatever they could to have prevented Hamas from spending the last 8 months using Gazans as glorious cannon fodder by doing EVERYTHING in their power to maximize the number of dead Gazans.

      Instead, what do we get?

      People picketing Oct 7 memorials promising more Oct 7ths. “Peace activists” waving the banners of Hamas, Hezbollah, the Iranian regime, Houthis, and other terrorists. And almost every white supremacist flocking to the Palestinian cause, because there is no one, literally no one on earth, not even Black people or Native Americans, that white supremacists hate more than Jews.

      It’s a movement for terrorists, rape apologists, psychic vampires, losers, and whores for violence and chaos of every persuasion. “

    • A person also typed online today
      “Unless you are willfully blind or actually stupid, it is impossible to miss what is happening all around us. The ultra-conservative, xenophobic, nationalistic Right is on the march all across Europe, South America and here in MAGA land. At the same time the radicalized, loony, extreme, “progressive” Left is metastasizing.
      It is no coincidence that Antisemitism is likewise spreading all across the globe, even in places like New Zealand, where there aren’t many Jews.
      To be sure, overt Jew hatred is far more pronounced among enlightened Leftists, but the Le Pen crowd is not exactly philosemitic.
      Jew hatred in NYC is especially alarming. It is getting downright dangerous to be Jewish in NY. Who would have thought?
      Soon, the ONLY place on earth left for us will be in Israel -the eternal Jewish Homeland. No matter the challenges we face in our own land, it is our sanctuary and the one place we do not have to hide our Jewishness.
      So for better or worse, right or wrong, in good times and bad, we stand with Israel.
      Shame on those Jews, especially so called Jewish leaders and elected officials who don’t have the guts to stand up against ugly Jew hatred and the malevolent Leftists in the Democratic Party. Issuing a press release will not cut it anymore.”

    • israelnationalnews.com has an article headlined
      “The looming choice for Diaspora Jews”
      Melanie Phillips
      June 13, 2024

    • This Father’s Day
      Sunday June 16, 2024 how many of us Kahanists and JTF Supporters view the late
      Rabbi Meir Kahane as kind of like a
      Father Figure to us All

    • A website typed online today
      “Why do so many young people in America side with Hamas?

      It’s mostly college students.
      But why college students will be so ignorant and detached from reality ?
      Aren’t they supposed to be more educated and informed, have better judgment… know the difference between good & evil ?
      The reason, as in most cases , is $$$$.
      M O N E Y !

      The tiny, oil- and natural-gas-rich country of Qatar is one of the most profligate Hamas-supporting nations in the world. Hamas leaders are actually living there themselves… like the billionaires they are.

      If you wonder why the Palestinians are so poor – Hamas leaders have stolen all their aid money… for tunnels , rockets & billions of salaries to themselves.

      And Qatar is the top foreign donor to American universities.

      Let me repeat that.

      Hamas leaders – the multi billionaires who live in Qatar – are ones of the biggest donors to American universities… and they actually started doing it immediately after 9/11.

      It was all in the plans.
      Just between 2011 and 2016 — more than $1 billion was donated by Hamas to several top universities in the US , which I am sure you all know which ones by now.
      Other top donations of close allies such as the United Kingdom (that is being converted to Islam as we speak), as well as China (never supported Israel because of it’s alliance with America).

      Claudine Gay, first Black woman president at Harvard have resigned … basically admitting she was “bought” by Hamas to be antisemitic.

      And Saudi Arabia who in the past has funded Hamas and other terror organizations – is now at No. 3 , as the biggest donor to American universities.
      Current law requires universities to disclose foreign donations and contracts, but I know, based on a Department of Education investigation completed in 2020, that there has been massive under-compliance with the law.
      About $6.5 billion donated by foreign sources went unreported, including significant additional funds from Qatar. Even this huge figure assumes that the Department of Education uncovered all the unreported funding, which seems unlikely.
      Such funds are the direct cause of recipient universities engaging in highly questionable behavior with terrorist-friendly regimes.

      They are basically paid to change their narrative to be in favor of terror countries & Muslim dictatorships and not democratic countries like Israel ( and America , weirdly… ), calling terror different names – like “resistance”. Oh , they love that word in colleges.

      I also know that Northwestern University has a campus in Doha, the capital of Qatar, and has received hundreds of millions.

      MONEY BUYS THE RIGHT TO BRAINWASH OUR STUDENTS… with whatever information they want – with a terrorists narrative , that go against Israel … against America itself.”

    • Hillel Fuld typed online today
      “Listen to me very carefully.

      If you share casualty numbers from Gaza, you are quoting Hamas propaganda and you are lying. Even the UN admitted that.

      If you share photos of famine in Gaza, you are quoting Hamas propaganda and you are lying. There is no famine.

      If you share videos of Gazans yelling about the destruction in Gaza, nine out of ten times, you are quoting Hamas propaganda and you are lying.

      If you share posts about Israel not sending in humanitarian aid, you are quoting Hamas propaganda and you are lying. A billion pounds of food have entered Gaza. A billion!

      If you share stories about how Israel killed its own civilians and hostages, you are quoting Hamas propaganda and you are lying. This is psychological warfare. Don’t be a part of it.

      If you share content doubting the events of 10/7, you are quoting Hamas propaganda and you are lying. They freakin live streamed it!

      If you share videos of Palestinian mothers crying about their kids or houses, you are quoting Hamas propaganda and you are lying. In their culture, losing a son as a shahid is the ultimate honor. The tears are fake.

      Hamas’ propaganda army is endlessly stronger than their physical army.

      If you listen or spread their lies, you are being played and if you think they won’t come after you when they get a chance, perhaps listen to them when they say the west is next.

      Stop being Hamas’ puppet. It’s not a good look.”
      & Another typed today
      “Israel has now sacrificed 308 troops with thousands more injured — all to save the lives of Gazans who would like every Jewish person to be slaughtered.
      When anyone — individuals, media, politicians — claims there is “genocide” or “disproportionate response” or excessive “palestinian” casualties — remind them that not an Israeli soldier would be killed or injured if Israel was not disproportionately humane.”

    • Noor Dahri himself a
      Muslim typed online today :
      “𝗛𝗮𝗷𝗷 𝗵𝗮𝘀 𝗯𝗲𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝗽𝗼𝗹𝗶𝘁𝗶𝗰𝗶𝘇𝗲𝗱. 𝗧𝗵𝗲𝗶𝗿 𝗛𝗮𝗷𝗷 𝗶𝘀 𝗻𝗼𝘁 𝗮𝗰𝗰𝗲𝗽𝘁𝗮𝗯𝗹𝗲.

      In a blatant violation of the customs of #Hajj and #SaudiArabian laws, #Iranian pilgrims chant from #Mecca, “Death to #Israel” and “Down with Israel,” while holding boards that say “Death to the #USA.” “

    • A person typed online today

      “Bella Hadid, a creepy creature indeed”
      In response to a
      Jerusalem Post , jpost.com article headlined
      “Hamas’s birthday cake: Bella Hadid shares post of ‘benign’ treatment of hostages”
      By JERUSALEM POST STAFF Published: JUNE 13, 2024

      Bella is half Fakestinian and half Dutch , Imagine how Hateful Bella & Gigi would be if they were fully Fakestinian

    • Fred Maroun typed online today
      “In the Ottawa Citizen, a Muslim commentator wrote that Hajj is difficult this year because Muslims are worried about Gazans. She also said that she understands that Jews felt similarly about the October 7 attack.

      Well, at least she acknowledged the October 7 attack, which many Muslims and non Muslims refuse to do. But why did she not say that she too is sad about the October 7 attack? Also in her article, nowhere did she demand that Hamas lay down their weapons or release the hostages. She just repeated demands for a “ceasefire”, basically parroting the Hamas demand.

      The October 7 attack has affected me deeply but not because the victims are Jewish. It’s because they are human. If something similar was done to Palestinians, it would have affected me just as deeply. But all Palestinians who were killed or displaced were as a result of Israel defending itself, not attacking defenseless civilians. Standing up for what’s right isn’t about feeling bad for your own clan and defending whatever they do. It’s about making our world better and more fair.

      The author missed an opportunity to demonstrate that she cares about having a better world and not just about her clan. I have to assume that this is because that’s how she feels.”

    • truthofthemiddleeast.com has an article headlined
      “Herta Muller — OPEN LETTER”
      June 5, 2024

    • sajr.co.za has an article headlined
      “The ‘new new antisemitism’ of denial”
      Dec 7, 2023 By Yigal Palmor

    • A person typed online today
      “CNN is such a pro-terrorist, anti-Israel cesspool.

      The entire focus is on Israel supposedly starving Gazans and withholding humanitarian aid.

      No mention of how obese Gazans have become, how much food they actually have, and how Hamas stealing the aid and killing those who it’s meant for.

      Not ONE rebuke of the terrorists. Another one mention of daily attacks and missiles against Israel by these terrorists EVERY DAY.

      As if it’s Israel’s responsibility to feed, cloth, house and provide medical treatment to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, it’s mortal enemies.

      As if it’s Israel’s responsibility to divert valuable military resources to protect and open every possible aid route and road, and make it easier for its enemies.”

    • Barry Shaw typed online today
      “Convinced the children and women linked to Hamas, indoctrinated like Hamas, related to Hamas, wedded in spirit and motivation to Hamas, are innocent bystanders?
      Think again.
      The pictures below were taken from a Hamas snuff video showing brainwashed, weapon- trained children, incited to hate Israel and kill Jews.
      These children are not in Gaza. They live in Tulkarm.
      Do you know where Tulkarm is? Do you care?
      Tulkarm is a 20 minute drive to where I live, in Netanya on the Mediterranean Sea, as in “From the River to the Sea.”
      They are a five minute drive to Kfar Yona.
      They are 200 yards from the village of Bat Hefer.
      They are 100 yards from the central north-south 6 Highway.
      And their one ambition is to become a terrorist superstar and kill Jews.
      This is a real time reflection of Gaza.
      This is developing and encouraged by the Palestinian Authority in Jenin, Nablus, and Tulkarm.
      When the shit hits the fan, do not consider them innocent bystanders.”

    • dianebederman.com has an article headlined
      “Where are the Righteous Muslims? And the Righteous Gentiles, for that matter?”
      Oct 17, 2023 by Diane Bederman

    • A person typed online in
      June 2021
      “Unfortunately, facts no longer win the argument or carry the day because facts are not necessarily viewed as facts. In many cases, on a wide range of topics, facts have become treated as opinions were: “You have your facts and I have my facts — and your facts are invalid because of my narrative. It matters not that my narrative is false. It is my narrative. If my narrative is given more weight than your facts, your facts do not stand a chance.” This frequently happens in biology and with history and elsewhere including geo-politics as it relates to the war against the Jewish People and Israel.
      Facts now must be accompanied by a sympathy-triggering story and it is the persuasiveness of that story that determines what the “facts” become. If the true facts are connected to a group that is considered to be part of the “white privilege” “tyranny” and “oppression,” those facts do not stand a chance. In other words, in a way it has come down to marketing or psychological warfare. Through example-after-example, our adversaries picked up on this and exploited it. In more recent times, mainstream media and now social media advance the false narrative — the media mostly willfully; social media mostly unwittingly.
      Which is to say, for example: Jews need to produce photos of elderly people with sad expressions holding big, rusty keys to a home they were driven out of in Jerusalem’s Shimon HaTzadik neighborhood, in Hebron, and elsewhere. Etc.”

    • dianebederman.com has an article headlined
      May 1, 2024 by
      Diane Bederman

    • The New York Post
      nypost.com has an article headlined
      “Hateful pro-Hamas protests create another antisemitic Charlottesville rally every day”
      By Rich Lowry
      Published June 16, 2024

    • legalinsurrection.com
      has an article headlined
      “Bill Maher Asks an Important Question: “How Come it’s Okay for the Left to Hate the Jews?”
      MIKE LACHANCE JUNE 16, 2024

      jns.org has an article headlined
      “The Philadelphia story of Jew-hatred” by
      June 17, 2024

    • telegraph.co.uk has an article headlined
      “Israel is not a colonial state. If anything, it’s the reverse”
      15 June 2024

    • A website typed online today
      “The “Gaza famine” MYTH is slowly coming to an end

      Hamas’s desire to maximize Palestinian suffering is well known, but there’s an easy way to tell whether supposed pro-Palestinian advocates share that revolting instinct: How do they react to good news?

      The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification’s Famine Review Committee concluded in May that there was no evidence of famine in Gaza as of April, and that the analysis done in March by the Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS) warning of famine was not plausible.

      As the IPC notes, FES did not count commercial trucks of food going into Gaza, which more than doubled the amount of food entering the sector that FEWS counted. How did FEWS get it wrong? One reason is that FEWS doesn’t trust Jews.

      Source Commentary

    • A website typed online today
      “Israeli soldiers made an unexpected historical discovery. While fighting in the Gaza Strip, they entered a well-maintained British military cemetery dating back to the First World War.

      Adding to the surprise, some of the graves were those of Jewish soldiers, represented by the Stars of David”

    • About the Nasty Vile Jew-Hating
      Immature Stupid Pig
      Kyrie Irving
      A person typed online today
      “Dallas Mavericks guard Kyrie Irving showed up to Game 2 of the Finals on June 9 with a keffiyeh. It turned out to be a jinx because the Celtics handily defeated the Mavericks 4 games to 1 thus winning their 18th championship.

      As promised by head coach Mazzulla the Celtics will celebrate their victory by going to Jerusalem, Israel.”👍❤

    • nypost.com has an article headlined
      “How to tell that the West’s ‘pro-Palestinian’ protesters really only care about bashing Israel”
      By Victor Davis Hanson
      Published June 14, 2024

    • Barry Shaw typed online today
      “No amount of peace activism saved the kind kibbuzniks next to Gaza from Palestinian savagery, torture, rape, genocidal killings, and hostage-taking resulting in their deaths.
      Ask the survivors today if they look forward to a Palestinian state outside their kitchen windows.”

    • On June 18, 2024
      Fred Maroun typed online
      “If Israel is forced into a war with Hezbollah, Lebanon will pay a heavy price. Yet, I don’t see the Arab world trying to prevent that war. The US is trying. France is trying. But the Arab world is its usual useless self.”

    • When will the World give
      Humanitarian Aid to Israel in it’s War Against Hamas Terrorists ?
      And to the Countless Jewish Israelis Still Suffering Because of the War ? When Goddamit ?

    • Hillel Fuld typed online today
      “Given my severe ADHD, I cannot remember ever watching a video on YouTube that was nearly two hours long.

      But in this case, I made the exception, and I watched this debate from beginning to end. I would highly recommend you do the same.

      It is highly informative and eye opening.

      Watching it, I felt immense pride to be able to call Douglas Murray a friend. It also made me realize how hypocritical and hateful our enemies are, represented by the reprehensible Mehdi Hasan and Gideon Levy, who like so many Jews in history has become a traitor and turned on his own people.

      Finally, I wish I could say thank you personally to the absolutely incredible Natasha Hausdorff, who did a phenomenal job in this debate.


      I’m glad the audience agreed that anti Zionism is simply the new form of antisemitism.”

      Mr. Fuld also typed online today
      “Here are the last three Hezbollah terrorists eliminated by Israel. I love how Hezbollah posts these pictures every time we get another one of them. Like they took some portraits expecting Israel to get to them.

      But here’s the thing. This is elimination 346, 347, and 348 in this war.

      The intelligence combined with the superb military capabilities needed to eliminate these guys does not get nearly enough attention!

      Think about it. Each one of these terrorists knows Israel is coming after them. They take all necessary precautions, and yet, we get to them. Over and over.

      Same goes for Hamas terrorists.

      If you stop and think about what has to fall into place for the IDF to get even one of these guys, let alone 348 of them, you will begin to understand why they say that the IDF is the best army in the world.

      Every time I read about another senior Hamas or Hezbollah terrorist eliminated by Israel, all I can think is, “How on earth does the IDF keep doing this?”

      Thank you, Hashem! Thank you, IDF! 🙏💪🇮🇱✡️”

    • About the “civilians” in Gaza
      newsweek.com has an article headlined
      “It’s Time to Start Using the Term ‘Palestinian Civilian’ Correctly”
      Published June 17, 2024
      By Arsen Ostrovsky and John Spencer

    • aei.org has an article headlined
      “The Antisemitism Money and Power Network—and How to Smash It”
      By Danielle Pletka
      June 17, 2024

    • Barry Shaw typed online today
      “Did you notice how a whole neighborhood of Gaza erupted into gunfire, RPGs, and grenades to prevent the special units from trying to extract our hostages.
      A whole neighborhood!
      Puts the lie of “innocent civilians” in a whole new light.

      Barry Shaw,
      The View from Israel.”

  • unitedwithisrael.org has an article headlined
    “Kill Them When You Grow Up’: Jewish Convert Reveals Shocking Culture of Jew Hatred in Gaza”
    June 10, 2024
    By Sveta Listratov, TPS
    A Must Read article

  • Fred Maroun typed online today
    “Negotiations with Hamas are going nowhere because they will never give up unless they can stay in power and get to attack Israel again. Negotiating with vile scum was a mistake from the start.”

  • blogs.timesofisrael.com has an article headlined
    “The West can no longer identify evil”
    JUNE 12, 2024 by Fred Maroun

  • CBP is to blame. If he were in Eretz Yisrael where belongs he could’ve prevented this.

  • A person typed online today
    “What’s with distorting Jewish history?

    King Solomon is painted as a ‘wise and adored King’ – in reality, anything but. He was a hated ruler who sent 30,000 Jews per year as slave labor to the King of Tyre in exchange of gold to build the Second Temple. The Second Temple was adorned on the back of Jewish slave labor. He was so hated that when his son was set to take over after his death, 10 tribes splintered off and created their own Kingdom, the Kingdom of Israel (Samaria).

    Also, Chanukkah over the centuries, specifically after the 1200s, devolved in to the festival of ’lights.’ – In reality, Chanukkah was a 25 year military battle against both the Hellenized Jews and the Seleucid Empire. In fact, the Maccabees fought several Jewish Civil Wars during that time period. Chanukkah celebrates the greatest Zionist military battle period of all time.”
    Anyone agree ?

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