• Another good book was published in 2013
    “Phantom Nation: Inventing the “Palestinians” as the Obstacle to Peace”
    by Sha’i Ben-Tekoa 3 Volumes

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “Texas A&M University pulled its branch out of Qatar quoting Qatar’s funding both for the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and anti-Israel, anti-Semitic, indoctrination in America and in Qatar.
      Qatar influences the professors and lecturers and this is not restricted to Texas A&M, but includes Cornell, Harvard, and others.
      Their poison also spreads to Australian campuses.
      Their aim is to divide Israel from the United States, and other Western countries, by the indoctrination and activism of their poisoned activists.
      By recent displays of protests and distruptions, they seem to have succeeded in brainwashing the minds of future decision makers in these countries.”

    • A person typed online today about
      “Biden, the Commander in Chief, should be given a dishonorable discharge for not defending the United States against Iran’s repeated aggression”

    • Now some people are
      crying about alleged
      “domicide” in Gaza

    • A person typed online earlier today about an attempted stabbing attack in Israel that
      “It’s not just children but also women that attempt these stabbings. These children never had a chance because they were raised to become war proxies in this way. Historically, the forced conversion of kafirs/non Muslims was for the purpose of proxy creation.

      The reason Islam took over the Middle East with lightning speed was because it’s the only military that grows bigger with each military campaign…. The purpose of the jihads were looting and proxy creation and hence, a war machine…..

      They glorify martyrs and specifically tell everyone their strength is they love death more than we love life and that’s what makes them stronger than others.”

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “You may have missed it with all the headlines and the criticism against Israel, but we are winning our justified war against Hamas.
      So here is our advise from Israel.
      Shut up, get on with your life,
      and let us get on with eradicating this Hamas evil.
      Because our fight is your fight. Even if you don’t understand that.”

    • More about Arab Pure Evil &
      The Jerusalem Post
      jpost.com has an article headlined
      “In just two years, Arab world anti-Israel rhetoric nearly doubles”
      By JERUSALEM POST STAFF Published: FEBRUARY 9, 2024

    • jewishpress.com has an article headlined
      “Fight Like David: The Jewish Response to Terror”
      By Rabbi Elie Mischel May 3, 2023

    • Fred Maroun
      typed online earlier today
      “Remember when Macron proposed a coalition against Hamas and took that back the next day? It’s easy to propose unworkable and idiotic solutions when you have no stake in the matter.

      The world has been ignoring the growth of Palestinian terrorism for decades, when it wasn’t actively encouraging it. The fortress built in Gaza with large-scale use of human shields was easy to predict. The consequences of doing nothing were obvious.

      And now that Israel has no choice but to clean up Gaza, those who enabled Hamas in the past are only too happy today to blame Israel for civilian casualties when the reality is the opposite. It is them who are responsible for what’s happening, not Israel. Israel is in fact doing everything humanly possible to limit civilian casualties.

      It is hugely hypocritical for anyone today to lecture Israel on how to conduct the war, even for those like the US who are actively supporting Israel most of the time, but especially for those who aren’t. Even more than hypocritical, it’s criminal.”
      How many agree ?

    • A person typed online
      earlier today
      “Earlier I was in a store and there was a woman wearing the Palestinian black and white ‘Keffiyeh Scarf’ and a large button that said :

      “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free”.

      She was white and based upon her accent, she was from a European country. She said she has been wearing the Palestinian ‘terrorist’ scarf since she was 8.

      I asked her if she thinks that Hamas is a Terrorist Organization and she said no. I asked her if Jews had a right to live in Israel, she said no.

      When I told he all the atrocities that Hamas perpetrated on October 7, she did not care and then proceeded to rant that Israel is deliberately murdering Palestinian women and children in Gaza.

      She is one of many in this City, which is infested with radical Pro-Hamas leftists. We see them everyday in the streets of NYC calling for a ‘Global Intifada’, a violent war on Jewish people worldwide and for the genocide of Jews in Israel, when they chant, ‘From the River, to the Sea’.

      NYC has become the center of this demonic genocidal Pro-Hamas terrorist movement in America. Daily these dregs of the earth are blocking bridges, tunnels, attempting to shut down major transportation hubs, Penn Station, Grand Central Station. They have gone to the, Gross Zero, 911 Memorial Museum, which is scared good as close to 3 thousands Americans were murdered there on September 11th, 2001.

      Jewish restaurants have been targeted and Jews have been violently attacked. The Democrat Mayor of NYC Eric Adams has allowed this violent anarchy to take place and continue.

      As an American, as a person of Jewish ancestry, as a descendant of Holocaust survivors and family that were murdered in the Holocaust and as a member of the human race, I am incensed and outraged at these daily displays of antisemitic Jew hatred in NYC.

      So what shall we do ? We shall expose this dark evil, rebuke this dark evil, support Israel, pray for the people of Israel, support and pray for the brave warriors, the soldiers of the IDF and pray for the Jewish people worldwide that are now being targeted for hate and violence.

      We won’t go quietly into the night, we won’t be silent in the face of this great evil and we won’t be shoved into the ovens this time.

      Christians and Jews need to be united in this fight. ‘First they came for the Jews, next they will come for you’.

      Chaplain Michael Green ✡️✝️ “

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “Anthony Blinken and David Cameron say that they propose to establish a Palestinian state without israel’s agreement. A Palestinian state with its own army, navy run by terrorists and with unlimited arms and money pouring into it. Brilliant idea. What can possibly go wrong with that? Give them both the Nobel Peace Prize immediately.”

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “*UNRWA’s Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini pleads ignorance* after the IDF uncovers a multimillion-dollar *terror intelligence center right beneath their Gaza headquarters.*

      How could such a vast operation, performed right under their feet, connecting Hamas to UNRWA’s infrastructure, go unnoticed for years?


    • The Jerusalem Post
      jpost.com has an article headlined
      “Jewish community should re-prioritize outreach to Christian allies as ‘urgent,’ leaders say”
      By MAAYAN JAFFE-HOFFMAN Published: JANUARY 6, 2024

    • A person typed online earlier
      “Hey David Cameron, why don’t you ask Hamas for a ceasefire and the release of the hostages? Why don’t you stop allowing violent jihadis into this country or deporting those already here who call for the murder of Jews on our streets? Why is it only the Israelis you are calling out whilst giving a free pass to Hamas supporters here? You are a true inheritor of the anti-Jewish British Foreign Office policy and their distain of the Jews. Nothing has changed in their policy towards Jews since they slammed the doors of their Mandate in Palestine shut in the faces of those Jews desperate to flee Nazi Germany. What was it that that infamous Foreign Office memo said? ‘What if the Jews of Germany are suffering? They deserve it’. Always grovelling to Arab oil money, how much are you receiving from Qatar?”

    • From apnews.com an
      Article is headlined
      “Egypt is threatening to void its decades-old peace treaty with Israel. What does that mean?”
      February 12, 2024
      Never Forget that
      Jew-Hatred , Anti-Semitism began in Egypt , it Began in Egypt
      It Began in Egypt
      The man who killed
      Rabbi Meir Kahane in 1990
      El Sayyid Nosair is Egyptian
      If some people falsely claim
      Jews are “Christ Killers”
      Should some people consider
      Egyptians and other Arabs to be
      “Kahane Killers” for their Hate Filled “culture” that caused
      Meir Kahane to be killed in 1990

      • Should we also consider
        Fakestinians and other
        Arabs to be
        “Kahane Killers” for the murder of
        Binyamin Ze’ev Kahane
        in 2000 , Binyamin was the son of Rabbi Meir Kahane

    • mycharisma.com has an article about Claudine Gay headlined
      “Harvard President’s Resignation: Don’t Dare Pull the Race Card”
      by Michael L. Brown on
      January 5, 2024

    • israelnationalnews.com has an article headlined
      “The root cause of Arab Palestinism is killing Jews” by Barry Shaw
      February 13, 2024

  • How about zionist for putin. Very short sighted. The man who encourages dictators. How it that good for Israel and human life. Just because you hate biden or Harris so much but they do have to answer to some states that the extreme left will not be a good place to go.

  • It is ironic that JTF has also internalized anti-Semtism that it seems Chaim’s dislike of Harris and Biden based on the fact that Harris husband is Jewish I think is misplaced. It gives Jews more power then they really have and it is her husband not her. In fact almost many Presidents have had close contact with some Jewish person and it has no real effect as far bigger influences then this. The few Jewish people who worked for Trump were all in the background and never spoke in a loud way like his non-Jewish supporters and many who are openly anti-Semitic.

    The thing is yes Trump and some of these populist leaders don’t complain about the area beyond the green line. But that is because they don’t even believe in an Israel in the 1948 borders. THey believe Israel has no right to exist as Putin openly welcomed Hamas. SO they don’t have to single out area’s in Judea and Sameria because to them all of Israel is bad.

  • A person recently typed online in
    January 2024 about Jew-Hatred
    “EMPIRES tried to annihilate us.
    They are all GONE.

    We, are very much here,
    and we are here to STAY.

    The people of eternity
    do not fear a long way.


  • In 2014 a book was published by
    Publius Marcus titled
    “HAMAS – Satanic Violence”
    Available on Amazon.com

  • If they both suck, sit it out.

  • barenakedislam.com has an article headlined
    “ACCORDING TO MEMRI researchers, who constantly monitor Islamic sermons and statements from Muslim religious and political leaders across the U.S., they have not found a single sermon denouncing Hamas or the October 7th attacks.”

  • futureofjewish.com has an article headlined
    “Mr. Blinken, please shut up and go home.” by
    DEC 1, 2023

  • Maxi Pilip looks super hot. I’m voting for her.

  • A person typed online earlier
    “Jordan is leading the push to have Israel suspended from FIFA and UEFA.
    12 countries are calling to be suspended from FIFA.
    Jordan beat Iran and faces Qatar in the final of the Asian Cup this Saturday.
    Jordan is, of course, the country that was designated to be the Arab State of Palestinian according to the UN Partition Plan, but the Arabs refused.
    It’s the country that has a minority Hashemite king with a Palestinian wife.
    It’s also the country that refused to give Gazan Palestinians temporary shelter from the war, but criticized Israel.
    There is little chance that FIFA or UEFA will agree to the demands of hypocritical Jordan who could have given Palestinian territory when they occupied Israel between their two wars in 1948 and 1967 but didn’t.
    PS. There are both Jewish and Arabs players in Israel’s national football team.
    Ask hypocritical Jordan how many Jews they have in theirs.
    I rest my case.”

  • OJ the Jew killer has prostate Ca. Pray for his death. ☠️

  • weeklyblitz.net has an article headlined
    “Palestinians are cursed for their insistence on promoting a false narrative”
    Peter Baum on June 8, 2023

  • A person typed online earlier today in response to a
    Biased BBC article about Gaza, Israel and Hamas
    “This BBC article leaves out many facts that would give a better perspective on this crisis. The commission of these facts (and more) cast doubt on who they are truly supporting.

    1. Gaza receives billions of dollars in aid monthly from many Arab nations and Western nations but it was not (ever!) used to improve infrastructure or relieve suffering. Misery is used for publicity. Hamas leaders ARE richer than Trump, however.

    2. UNWRA was created specifically for Palestinians. Unlike every other refugee agency, Palestinians can hold onto their refugee status whether they emigrate or settle into society. They can also handily pass down their status for generations inflating numbers through birth rates.

    3. “Refugees” were kept in refugee camps by their own people to increase misery and therefore marketing. There are plenty of Gazans living in great wealth outside the camps.

    4. Hamas demanded under threat of death that Palestinians stay to protect themselves! Israel instead made ways for them to get out of the battle areas because they value human life. Not even the US military is known for this care.

    5. There is vast destruction in Gaza because there is vast terrorism use in everyday civilian buildings including mosques, kindergartens, hospitals, and UNWRA buildings. In the northern Gaza Strip, IDF troops have uncovered more terrorism sites after interrogating surrendered Hamas soldiers.

    6. There is a huge shortage of food because Hamas steals the trucks, beats the citizens, and denies them the aid promised….then they sell unwanted supplies back to citizens for a huge profit!

    7. No Arab nations will assist the refugees. NONE. Not one Islamic nation will take them in! Egypt is sending tanks to the border to keep the Palestinians from crossing over.

    8. Hamas IS hiding among the civilians. They dress like civilians for greater marketing when they do die. Their death tolls do not include any Hamas terrorists IN uniforms or in civilian clothes. (Very convenient right?) The inflated numbers (by those known to continually lie and deceive!) also don’t include the number of people who died because Hamas killed them or used them as shields for their own protection.

    9. Hamas trains preschoolers for terrorism (no joke- Google it!). Kids are being killed for doing Hamas’ dirty work.

    10. It’s also not mentioned that Hamas has always intended to wipe Israel off the map. This is what is meant by their chant “From the [Jordan] river to the [Mediterranean] sea, Palestine will be free.” It’s in the Hamas charter and supported by the Qur’an.

    The humanitarian crisis is squarely on Hamas. Israel is trying to limit the casualties by moving the civilians to safe places and now the international community is forbidding it (to save their own skins during an election year or because of rabid Jihadists in their own countries??). Why are the nations not telling Hamas to surrender??”

  • A person typed online yesterday
    “A person typed online yesterday
    “Israeli Iron Dome missile vs. Palestinian rocket

    The price of one Israeli Iron Dome interceptor missile is up to $150,000

    The cost of the Palestinian rocket is less than $200

    That’s how much we are willing to pay to save our citizens lives, and that’s why we’ll win!”

  • A person also typed online earlier today
    “Israeli intelligence is revealing that a senior Al Jezeera journalist is an active Hamas terrorist.
    Pictures attached.
    Al Jezeera is the media arm of Hamas funding and protecting Qatar that hosts Hamas leaders in Doha.
    Israel is also accusing Al Jezeera staff members of acting as intelligence agents for Hamas by acting as journalists or civilians in reporting IDF positions in Gaza to Hamas communication centers.
    Al Jezeera should be banned from Western and democratic capitals for being active agents, and even members, of an international designated terror organisation.”

  • A person typed online earlier today “antisemitism is unstoppable. Not only is it deeply rooted in western civilisation, it is practically an article of faith for Muslims around the world.”

  • A person typed online earlier today
    “Racists are now calling themselves “anti racists”. Haters are now calling themselves “pacifists”. Evil people are now defending monsters (“Palestinian’ radical islamists).”

  • futureofjewish.com has an article headlined
    “What People Don’t Realize About Antisemitism” by
    NOVEMBER 1, 2023

  • futureofjewish.com has an article headlined
    “Israel’s Most Dangerous Enemy (Not Who You Think)” on
    OCT 21, 2023

  • futureofjewish.com has an article headlined
    “Here’s why (almost) everyone hates Israel.”
    by YJ
    FEB 12, 2024

  • A person typed online earlier today about
    the Non-Jewish US Senator
    John Fetterman and the War between
    Israel and Hamas that
    “US Senator John Fetterman: “It’s my job as a senator to be on the right side on any issue. And after what happened, especially after October 7, there’s really only one clear right side and that’s with Israel.

    If you’re going to protest demanding a ceasefire, why aren’t you instead demanding that the hostages be brought home again, and why aren’t you demanding that Hamas surrender?

    All of the death and trauma and damage would stop in that moment. Until Hamas can be effectively neutralized, I can never support a ceasefire, until every last hostage is brought back home”

    INfo and text from Aviva Klompas

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