Insane: Israel “Apologizes” for Questioning of Anti-Israel and Terrorist Supporting New Israel Fund VP

Instead of questioning this Nazi pig for 90 minutes, they should have thrown her out. Instead they apologize!

Oh geez, they questioned the Jew hating VP for the Anti-Israel “New Israel Fund” for an hour and a half. How could they?? It’s just beyond torture!

The head of Israel’s Immigration Authority on Thursday apologized for any possible anguish caused to the New Israel Fund executive who was detained for questioning at Ben-Gurion International Airport upon arrival in the country.

Jennifer Gorovitz, NIF’s vice president, had come to Israel to participate in a NIF board meeting. Officials at the airport questioned her three different times during her 90-minute detainment there. She said she was asked about the NIF’s activities and about the funding it supplies to different nongovernmental organizations in Israel.

How cowardly and whimpy!

For anyone who wonders who the left-wing New Israel Fund is, they support boycotting Israel and fight for the “rights” of Arab terrorists that mass-murder Jews:

The New Israel Fund (NIF), a radical New York organization, is a primary funder of leftist NGO efforts to prevent the demolition of terrorists’ homes who have recently carried out attacks killing Israelis. And in looking at the 2013 Annual Report of the New Israel Fund, it shows that nine congregations have given to the NIF. Does the word “Israel” in its name fool them? The information is out there for all to see.

There is so much more:

In recent weeks in the U.S., there has been an outpouring of anger against the New Israel Fund (NIF) for their ongoing anti-Israel activities.  Numerous exposes in the New York Observer, Jewish media outlets, word of mouth and more are challenging Jewish donors to the NIF on how they can allow themselves to harm Israel.  And there is more planned, including advertising campaigns and websites.

And the focus upon the NIF’s support for BDS has left donors unable to respond with any justification – as only people who oppose Israel can support BDS.

So this pig gets an apology when stopped for questions at the airport and goes right in to Israel while Chaim ben Pesach, who loves and supports Israel, is banned for so-called “racism” against terrorists. The world is upside down.


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