Is Hilltop Youth violence forcing Arabs to emigrate? Knesset elections in Sept.? (JTF video)


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  • A person typed online today
    “Was the Creation of Israel in 1948 Unfair to Arabs?

    Let’s start with 1948. Was there no attempt to create two states then?
    There was. The United Nations partitioned Palestine in 1947, offering part to Jews and part to Arabs, with the intention that each part would become either a state or part of a state. The Arab state of Jordan already existed. Already home to many Palestinians, it was in a position to annex the West Bank portion of the land partitioned for Arabs.
    Critics allege that the UN partition was unfair to Arabs, because non-Jews made up 93 percent of Palestine and 78 percent of the land was left in Jewish hands.
    But here is what is commonly forgotten: the part of Palestine allotted to Jews was home to a substantial Jewish majority—538,000 Jews to 397,000 Arabs, according to official UN estimates. Besides, the “Jewish national home,” mandated by the League of Nations in 1920, originally included what is now the state of Jordan. Eighty percent of this was given to Arabs, in what was then called Trans-Jordan. The remaining 20 percent was divided in the 1947 partition, which means Jews received only 17.5 percent of what was originally designated to be theirs.
    Jews were unhappy, because the land they were given did not include West Jerusalem, which had a Jewish majority, and because 60 percent of their portion was the Negev, an arid desert then thought to be useless. But they accepted the partition. The Arabs did not.”
    & Also
    “Arab refugee problem was created by the seven Arab countries that attacked Israel in 1948. Arab refugees were intentionally not integrated into the Arab lands to which they fled, despite the fact total territory of Arab countries is about 700 times greater than that of Israel. Out of about 100,000,000 refugees since World War II, theirs is the only refugee group in the world that has not been absorbed into their own peoples’ lands. Arab nations still maintain generations of the descendants of the refugees in so called “refugee camps” under squalid conditions with the hope that someday they will dislodge the Jews in Israel. The money spent by the Arab countries on armaments would be sufficient to build houses for all so called “refugees”. Arab countries should be encouraged to care for their poor population instead of spending their richest resources in the world on armaments and development of terrorist groups such as Osama Bin Laden from Saudi Arabia.”

    • From the Jerusalem Post an artice is headlined
      “‘The goal was a massacre of Tel Aviv’: Hamas’s full plan for October 7 revealed” By MAARIV ONLINE   Published: MARCH 26, 2024

    • Arabs that voluntarily emigrate from Judea and Samaria must Never be Allowed to Return or Even Visit

    • A person typed online today
      “Biden is for a two state solution in his stance on Israel (to paraphrase the WSJ): Michigan and Minnesota.” Another person said
      Egypt and Jordan is the two state solution

    • A person typed online yesterday
      “A magnitude 4.8 earthquake shook buildings across the New York City region shortly after 10:20 a.m. Friday morning, according to the United States Geological Survey.

      Yes it happened and I felt it. G-D is very angry with this world and rightly so.

      The Jewish Prophet : Book of Isaiah 13 :11,13

      And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.

      Therefore I will shake the heavens, and the earth shall remove out of her place, in the wrath of the Lord of hosts, and in the day of his fierce anger.”

    • Peter Baum typed online today
      “Bombshell Picture Unearthed: Linking UN Secretary-General Guterres with Foremost Leaders of Past Palestinian Terrorist Organizations

      ▪️Uncovered by the BNVCA, France’s foremost agency against antisemitism, is a revealing photograph from the late 1970s or early 1980s. This image distinctively captures Antonio Guterres, the current UN Secretary-General, who would have been in his 30’s, alongside two notorious leaders of what were then internationally recognized terrorist organizations..

      ▪️In the photograph, Antonio Guterres appears with Khalil Ibrahim al-Wazir, also known as Abu Jihad, centrally placed, and Yasser Arafat to the left. “

      • The comment by Peter Baum continues.
        ” ▪️Arafat, who led the PLO from 1969 until his death in 2004, saw the organization labeled as terrorist until 1988. Similarly, Abu Jihad who co-founded the Fatah party, was treated with the same designation until 1988. His life ended abruptly on April 12, 1988, in Tunis, at the hands of a Mossad hit team.

        ▪️The picture was rediscovered in the BNVCA archives, which, after a thorough investigation, authenticated the current Secretary-General as the person in the picture alongside Yasser Arafat and Abu Jihad. Access to the BNVCA records revealed the picture was also available on the internet in the past, but a deep search failed to yield results, suggesting it has been intentionally purged.”

        • &
          “▪️This striking photograph raises pressing questions about Guterres’s ties to Palestinian terrorist entities, challenging perceptions of his past and present connections. However, it also casts light on the Secretary’s unwavering support for Palestinian terrorist factions, alongside his systematic condemnation of Israel and relentless pursuit against the Jewish state.”

    • On Fox News Mark Levin in a Discussion with John Spencer said that
      Iran is the Mothership of Terrorism

    • A person typed online today
      “What’s behind the conflict between Israel’s Supreme Court and Netanyahu?

      Gali Ben Horin explains:

      The following are the reasons for what’s wrong with the Israeli High Court of Justice aka the Israeli Supreme Court: Israel’s left wings rejects the need to improve this judicial system because it protects them from Israel’s right-winged political actions.

      1. It should be clarified that the Israeli Supreme Court was not originally set up as a Jewish court of law but a unique institution that does not exist anywhere in the world. At its core is a court of British Mandate rule (up to 1948) designed to allow British colonialism to rule over all local government institutions. Every country that gained their independence from Great Britain abolished this institution, with the exception of Israel. The Supreme Court is actually a constitutional court but the problem is there is no constitution in Israel!

      2. The Supreme Court, in its session as a constitutional court enacted “basic laws” on its own accord and declared them as a “constitution” on its own accord. The bizarre situation in Israel is such that nobody knows even jurists do not know whether Israel has or does not have a constitution which means Israel does NOT have a constitution.

      3. The Israeli Supreme Court allows itself to invalidate all laws including “Basic Laws” which they claim is the “Constitution” on the basis of incompatibility with the “Constitution.” In reality, the Israel’s Supreme Court has the legal power to control the country in the absence of a constitution, can you see the problems here? In addition, they self appoint members into the “Supreme Court” creating a conflict of interest.

      4. To give an example how fluid these “Constitutional Laws” are, Aharon Barak (former head of the supreme court) drafted, led and enacted the “Human Dignity and Freedom” law and determined that it was a fundamental law. However, Barak told the Knesset (Parliament) that fundamental laws CAN be invalidated by the Israeli Supreme Court, and the Israeli Supreme Court already used that authority to invalidate fundamental laws when they deemed fit. That PROVES Israel does NOT have a constitution law system, because they deemed “Constitution Laws” as fluid.

      5. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled on its own that it has the power to invalidate fundamental laws by Parliament as well as “basic laws” which it claims are the Constitution. Meaning, today the Supreme Court considers itself above all laws including both laws by Parliament and “Basic Laws” they consider “Constitution Laws” which they initiated secretly and fraudulently.

      6. In short, the Israeli Supreme Court gave itself the authority to rule against any law: according to Barak’s philosophy, the court has a monopoly on “interpretation” of laws like the US but the difference is Israel does not have a Constitution. Hence, every judge (even at low levels – peace and district courts) is not subject to the written laws but subject to the interpretations of the Israeli Supreme Court.. basically the Supreme Court can override and interpret the law any way they wish, even in contrary and opposite way…. Can you see the problem here? This means that there is no law in Israel, there are only judges and their opinions.

      7. Barak stated that democracy is not good enough and he invented the “essential” democracy which means that in the very arena of the struggle for opinions and ideas, there is a pre-determined opinion and idea determined by Barak, the head of the Supreme Court. This in itself makes all elections and all legislators and all voters redundant.

      8. The Israeli Supreme Court made itself the supreme and determining court and cannot be appealed. It was a power grab!

      9. Intervention by the Supreme Court is not limited and it considers itself entitled to intervene in 👉 👉 any legal, military, political, or religious issues as the final arbiter. The Israeli Supreme Court already acts this way by canceling government policies, ruling against religious events separating men and women, giving the army instructions on what conditions to open fire banning it from life-saving activities, and of course aiding 👉 👉 👉 Jihad by migration nullifying parliament laws that sends migrants to border cities by forcing Parliament to allow migrants to roam anywhere in Israel they want. The Israeli Supreme Court is putting themselves into the position to be the primary power to be bribed and this is a self appointed institution, not appointed by elected officials like the US.

      10. And in addition to all this. The judicial authority has taken over the legal advisers of the executive authority as they sit as messengers of the Supreme Court and reject any bill they do not like long before it reaches the Knesset-Parliament table. 👉 👉 It has already happened on thousands of bills.

      11. Recently the Israeli Supreme Court even 👉 👉 fired a minister in the government who was elected by law on the grounds that his appointment was unlikely..

      12. The Israeli Supreme Court is also considering 👉 👉 removing from office Netanyahu the elected Prime Minister in Israel because he’s trying to address this issue with the Israeli Supreme Court.

      13. The Israeli Supreme Court effectively 👉 👉 canceled the state’s right to control its borders – by granting blanket permits to Islamist Arabs based on “family reunification” and also canceled all the laws enacted by the Knesset to limit the entry of Islamic illegal migrants!

      14. The Israeli Supreme Court stated that 👉 👉 the purpose of the existence of the State of Israel is “human rights” for every person wherever they’re from. This is how the Israeli Supreme Court cancels Israeli citizen’s rights which are the same as the rights of any illegal Islamist infiltrators (except that citizens has duties and illegals do not).

      There is much more but this is enough to understand the dictatorial madness of the Israeli Supreme Court in Israel. “

    • Fred Maroun typed yesterday
      “What Hamas did on October 7 and since then by holding on to the hostages is clearly illegal and immoral. That’s not debatable. So why is nothing done about it?

      Why is the Palestinian Authority allowed to not condemn Hamas’ actions and even to imply support for them?

      Why are Hamas terrorists in Qatar, Lebanon, and elsewhere not arrested?

      Why are Hamas supporters in the West allowed to influence government policies instead of being ostracized?

      Why is Israel forced to negotiate with terrorists instead of the world applying real pressure on the terrorists to release all hostages immediately and unconditionally?

      Why are the crimes of Hamas not more widely publicized and recognized instead of Israel being repeatedly condemned for defending its citizens?

      Why are several countries rewarding Hamas by refusing to sell weapons to Israel while wanting to recognize “Palestine”?

      This is an upside down world where the criminals get freedom and rewards while the victims get restrictions and condemnation.”

    • Fred Maroun typed online today
      “It has been six months since Hamas went on a murder and rape spree, and they still hold hostages while the world treats Hamas and their supporters as the victims.”

    • According to online sources
      April is
      “National Arab American Heritage Month” 😡😆
      What “heritage” ? What good have
      “Arab Americans” or any Arabs done ? What good have they ever done for anyone ?

      • Again WTF ?
        “National Arab American Heritage Month”
        What next , a “heritage” month for Satan the Devil and his Demons ?

    • A person typed online today
      “Today marks 6 Months since Palestinian Hamas terrorists invaded Israel and slaughtered, raped, tortured, mutilated, burned alive and beheaded 1200 human beings, men, women, the elderly and children, because they were born JEWISH.

      In addition, the Hamas savages brutally kidnapped 234 men, women, the elderly and children, the majority being Jewish.

      Of the 234 a number have been released, many others have been terribly tortured and murdered in captivity. Scores of young Jewish female hostages have been sexual abused and raped.

      Hamas continues to hold approximately 100 living hostages and the bodies of 34 they murdered.

      The total number of IDF soldiers killed in the War, since 7 October exceeds 600, with thousands wounded.

      Not since the Holocaust of WW2 has there been such a horrific loss of Jewish lives.

      Palestinian Hamas are the Nazis of the 21st century. In fact Hamas in many ways are worse, more extreme, more depraved than the Nazi monsters of the Third Reich, as they tried to conceal from the world their abominable crimes against the Jewish people. Whereas the Hamas barbarians made sure that the world saw in graphic detail their sear sadistic violent depravity.

      Let’s not forget the role that the Palestinian civilians played in the Oct 7 Holocaust, as they poured into Israel on that day and raped, tortured, looted, kidnapped and murdered Jews.

      Back in Gaza they were celebrating with shouts of ‘Allah Akbar’ the massacre of the Jews and cheered when the bodies of Jewish men and women, some stripped naked, both living and dead were dragged through the streets.

      So today we remember the Jewish victims of this bestial Palestinian barbarism and the family members who survived that witnessed their loved ones, their friends being raped, tortured and murdered. They will carry this with them for a life time.

      The valorous IDF warriors, that gave their lives and the wounded that gave their limbs and minds, on the battlefield, who bare the seen and unseen scars of war, we remember them.

      May the memory of victims and the Fallen Soldiers, be a blessing 🕯️May their souls, be bound up in the, bond of eternal life. 💙✨💙✨”

    • Hillel Fuld typed online today
      These Vital Truths & Facts
      “Some hard truths.

      Israel tries to minimize civilian death.
      Hamas tries to maximize civilian death.

      Israel wants peace for itself and its neighbors.
      Hamas doesn’t want neighbors.

      Israel admits and apologies when it makes mistakes.
      Hamas never makes mistakes and when it does, it’s Israel’s fault.

      Israel operates based on international law.
      Hamas laughs at international law.

      Israel has made unparalleled gestures for peace in the region.
      Hamas, in that time, has made an underground terror infrastructure that is unparalleled in its size and sophistication.

      Israel just wants to live in peace.
      Hamas wants its people to die as shahids.

      Israel sends foreign aid into Gaza.
      Hamas steals the foreign aid in Gaza.

      Israel glorifies life.
      Hamas glorifies death.

      Israel embraces political protests against the government.
      Hamas kills anyone who protests against the government.

      Israel embraces the LGBTQ community.
      Hamas hangs LGBTQ individuals.

      Israel sticks to the truth, even when the truth hurts.
      Hamas lies every time they open their mouth.

      Israel gives murders rapists and pedophiles life long sentences in prison.
      Hamas gives them life long salaries.

      Israel spent years building a world leading country in all things tech.
      Hamas spent years building a world leading country in all things terror.

      Israel aspires for world peace.
      Hamas aspires for world domination.

      Israel’s declaration of independence speaks of equality for all irrespective of religion, race or sex.
      Hamas’s charter speaks of death to all Jews, infidels and the western world.

      The contrast could not be any clearer and anyone who doesn’t see it, doesn’t want to see it, and that’s a fact!

      Good vs evil.
      Dark vs light.

      There is no nuance here. No “context”. Just plain old good guys vs bad guys.”

    • A person typed online today
      “In the newspaper The Epoch Times April 3-6, 2024, A14 the reader in informed about “Civilian Casualties.” For it reads, “Israel risks the lives of its soldiers to prevent civilians deaths. Hamas risks the lives of civilians to prevent terrorist’s death. Israel considers it a failure, and Hamas considers it a globally advantageous when civilians die than its soldiers.”

      The contrast between Israel and Hamas is vast and outstanding.”
      & also
      “The actual, real, intention of Hamas is the genocide of the Jewish people that’s the goal of Hamas and not those in power in the State of Israel regarding the “Palestine” people.

      About innocent those children who died in Gaza because the jihadists Hamas hiding among places with children. In addition, this current war that Hamas started this with Israel on October 7th when it launched its brutal vicious and murderous and even vile and heinous jihadist attacks on the peaceful Jewish citizens of the State of Israel.

      Those innocent children who died in Gaza because of Israel’s air force was not the intention of the government and military officials of Israel.

      Those youngster who had been killed had died because those despicable jihadists of Hamas, because they are so very callous and cruel that they deliberately stationed their jihad strategy command and weapon centers at buildings that have children in and around those places.

      Therefore the blood-guilt for the death of those children of Gaza on the wicked hands of the Hamas jihadists”

    • A person typed online today “The Jewish nation’s policy of negotiating with genocidal Arab murderous killers is a huge mistake, because it puts a target on the back of every Jew, and incentivizes Arab kidnapping.”

    • Barry Shaw typed online today
      “The UNSC is meeting to discuss full Palestinian membership.
      The US Representative said that membership requires full Palestinian-Israel agreement and recognition.
      Israeli Representative, Gilad Erdan, said, “Breaking the world record for rewarding terror, the UN is now in complete violation of its Charter in considering the forced creation of a Palestinian state. This will not be a regular state. It will be a Palistanazi state. An entity that achieves statehood despite being committed to terror and Israel’s annihilation.
      If Hitler was alive today he would be singing your praises. And a very important principle that was taken in Article 4 of the UN Charter states, and I quote, ‘Membership in the United Nations is open to all peace loving states.’ The Palestinians have failed to meet these criteria. The Palestinian Authority has absolutely no control over Gaza. You all know it. This in itself is ground enough to reject this sick proposal the Palestinian Authority itself is the antithesis of a peace loving entity.”

    • Hillel Fuld typed online today
      “I never thought I’d see this level of antisemitism in my lifetime. It breaks my heart.”

    • A person typed online today
      ““From the river to the sea” is no more able to “mean different things to different people” than the confederate flag can. Same goes for “globalize the intifada” can’t mean anything besides “kill Jews across the world.” It’s what it means.

      The original Arabic slogan of river to the sea doesn’t end with “Palestine will be free.” It ends with “Palestine will be Arab.” As in, not just under total Arab control, but devoid of Jews.

      This is underscored by the reality that Israel is 20% Arab, while every area under Palestinian governmental authority is 100% devoid of Jews, despite Jews having lived there continuously for thousands and thousands of years. When they say “Arab,” they mean genocide.”

    • Hillel Fuld typed online today
      “Zero. Do you like the number zero?

      Let’s talk about it.

      The Red Cross has visited the hostages in Gaza zero times.

      According to Hamas numbers, Israel has eliminated zero terrorists in Gaza.

      Out of all the humanitarian aid sent into Gaza by Israel and others, zero has gone to civilians and all was stolen by Hamas.

      If Hamas surrenders and returns the hostages, the amount of additional people who will die in this war? You guessed it. Zero.

      According to many people around the world, Hamas needs to take zero accountability for October 7th. “Valid resistance.” (Sickos)

      Hamas has released zero information about the hostages and their physical state.

      This war has zero to do with land and everything to do with radical Islam.

      This war also has zero to do with Israel and everything to do with Hamas attacking western civilization. The west is next.

      Hamas supporters have zero moral compass.

      32,000 innocent victims in Gaza and no terrorists makes zero sense and the intelligence level of anyone who believes Hamas’ lies is, yes, zero.

      Hamas and many of its supporters like Queers for Palestine have zero in common.

      The amount of fu_ks that Hamas gives about the citizens of Gaza? Zero.

      The number of Jews/Israelis in Gaza on October 6th? Zero.

      The number of peace initiatives offered by Israel that the Palestinians accepted? Zero.

      The number of UN resolutions passed against Hamas among tens of resolutions passed against Israel? Zero.

      The number of countries calling for the unconditional release of all the hostages? Zero.

      The number of Arab Palestinian states to ever exist? Zero.

      The number of wars Israel started? Zero.

      The number of innocent civilians intentionally targeted by Israel? Zero.

      Oh, and the amount of sympathy I have for Hamas and its supporters in Gaza or around the world?

      Big effin zero!”

      • A person typed online in reply to Hillel Fuld and the number Zero
        “I agree with you Hillel . I stand with Israel 🇮🇱.

        The world supports the Ideology of Evil and condemns Israel 🇮🇱 . The Bible states God will curse those who curse Israel 🇮🇱. It also says,
        “woe to those who call evil good, and good, evil. Woe is a strong word of a curse in the Bible.

        Jesus spoke Woe over Capernaum, Chorazim and Bethsaida for their lack of faith after he had performed many miracles in their midst and yet they still rejected Him and did not believe. All three cities remain ancient ruins till this day.

        Where do you stand on the issue of the unprovoked savage butchery of Hamas, the hostage taking of men women and children . Why does the world not call for the release of these innocent and unsuspecting prisoners of Hamas . Everyone sees this as a war over land and so called occupation. But the Bible states “Ephesians 6:11-12
        For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” The Word of the Lord also states in 1 Peter 5:8-9

        Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

        Israel 🇮🇱 faces this murderous intent of radical Islam ☪️ daily since the rebirth”

    • The Jerusalem Post has an article headlined
      “Son of Hamas: ‘There is no difference between Hamas and Palestinian people’ ” By JERUSALEM POST STAFF   Published: APRIL 5, 2024

    • A person typed online today
      “I don’t think there’s ever been a more embarrassing moment in the history of our country than what happened in Afghanistan. Between losing $85 billion dollars’ worth of equipment, 13 great soldiers, who I know the families and the parents of every one of them, 13, unbelievable. And by the way, nobody talks about this, 38 soldiers who were decimated with the arms and the legs and the face. 38. Nobody mentions them. And leaving hundreds of people behind. We don’t even know what number, but we have a lot of people that are probably going to turn out to be hostages at a certain moment. No, no, this was the worst, most embarrassing moment in history. And if that didn’t happen, I don’t believe that Russia would have gone into Ukraine. I even think it had an impact on October 7th.” President Donald Trump “

    • A person typed online today
      “Please stop posting about the constant hostage deal negotiations, unless there is an actual resolution.

      The hostage talks do not include any non- elderly men and of 40 hostages that the recent round deals with, no proof of life has been given. In fact, no proof of life has been given for majority of the remaining hostages. Therefore posting about it constantly with every fluctuation just gives false hope, and is part of the psychological warfare.”

    • A person also typed online
      “Why should Hamas agree to give anything when it is getting what it wants from the US, the UN, academia and the left for nothing in return? Although Hamas is losing militarily, it is achieving its broader goals of weakening Israel, while maintaining its ability to regroup and continue to terrorize Israeli civilians with its rockets and other armaments. And it’s continuing to garner support among the young, naïve and misinformed.” – Alan Dershowitz “

    • A person typed online today about the
      January 6, 2021 United States
      Capitol Attack
      “Fox News had interviewed a woman who is an American patriot women and was outside at the rally on January 6, 2021 for a free and honest national election said that she saw a number of Capital police smiling and even waving the other patriots in the Federal Capital building.

      She said that she had a gut feeling and it was a set up. That woman turned out to be right.

      It was, indeed, a set up a despicable schemed leftist set up. In other words, it was a dirty double cross.

      It was a planned entrapment of a very insidious loathsome lawless low sort.

      It was an unconscionable arranged and sinisterly designed disingenuous unfair affront to all genuine justice law and order.

      The ancient Roman statesman lawyer scholar and philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero had very wisely wrote that “Law is built on justice; where there’s no justice there’s no law.” ”
      What really happened that day ?

    • Articles online say that
      67 percent of the “Arab World” views that October 7th, 2023
      Hamas Genocide as
      “legitimate resistance” against Israel has an article about this headlined
      “Qatari poll: Only 5% of MENA Arabs oppose Oct. 7 massacre”
      on January 24, 2024

    • A person typed online yesterday
      “Sammy Davis Jr. , a proud Jew, was said to be the “greatest living entertainer in the world.”

      Sammy often talked about a passage in the book “A History of the Jews,” by Abram L. Sachar, in which the author said:

      “The Jews would not die. Three millennia of prophetic teaching had given them an unwavering spirit of resignation and had created in them a will to live which no disaster could crush.”

      Davis was a fierce Zionist.

      Upon visiting the Jewish nation, tears flowed down his face as he said he could not “find words to express my satisfactions at being in Israel, the mother country of my spirit and my religion.”

    • Did the World Central Kitchen ever help feed or care for
      Jewish Israeli Victims of the
      Hamas Genocide of
      October 7th, 2023 ?
      Did They ?

    • The cicadas are emerging
      Trillions of periodical cicadas will emerge from the ground this spring, bringing with them their loud buzzing and molted exoskeletons

  • A person also typed online today
    “Grandmother of Shani Luke writes:

    My late granddaughter is featured in a photograph that won a prestigious photo competition.

    The body of my granddaughter, after being brutally murdered and transported to Gaza as a sign of victory, is on display for all to see.

    The body of my granddaughter, after the wretched murderers broke her bones so she could get into the back of the car, this body, just hours ago, was full of life, love, and light. Position as a victory trophy for terrorists and a low-profile photographer.

    My beautiful and dead granddaughter was surrounded by three bloodthirsty killers.

    This is the heroic image that was selected for first place in a prestigious photo competition. And the world is silent.

    And when in the history of photography did an image of a corpse win a prize – And how much more pain can we contain?

    Three men shout, “Allah u Akbar” and photograph my broken granddaughter.

    And the world is silent.
    And the world is silent.
    And the world is silent.”

  • A person typed online today
    “Bibi said the airstrike was a “tragic event in our forces unintentionally harmed non-combatants in the Gaza Strip,” adding: “This happens in war. We are conducting a thorough inquiry and are in contact with the governments. We will do everything to prevent a recurrence.”

    In response to a fog or war night time accident, Stephen Colbert still assaulted Bibi and the Jewish nation, because, after all, Israel, unlike every other nation, is never allowed to make mistakes.

    He said “[n]othing just happens. You are responsible. If your answer is, ‘This happens in war,’ then maybe consider ending the war. This is not an isolated incident. On top of the thousands and thousands of innocent lives that have been lost ….”

    Colbert never talks about any actual genocide or slaughter in the world–except when the Jew is attacked.

    He never said a word about the 230,0000 Syrian Arabs killed by their brother Syrians.

    He never spoken out against any American fog of war mistake.

    He never called for a cease fire after 9/11.

    He never called for a return of the Jewish hostages, just ending the self-defense war to recover the hostages.

    He never talked about the Arab murder of the Jewish elderly, rape of Jewish teens and kidnapping of Jewish toddlers.

    He never talked about the 130 Jewish hostages held in Arab Hamas Isis tunnels.

    He never talked about the rocketing of Jewish old age homes and nurseries and hospitals.

    Stephen Colbert attacks the Jewish nation because it’s fashionable to attack the Jew, all over the world.

    Stephen Colbert is a Jew-hater.”
    Others said Stephen Colbert’s show is unwatchable, that
    Colbert is a liberal idiot and that we should bring back
    Johnny Carson.
    Johnny Carson died years ago, but in the Future
    Johnny Carson will Return to Earth
    Jon Stewart is a self-hating Jew

  • JTF is literally saving the hilltop youth from the ravages of the Arab Muslim Nazis. On. Yom Hadin we will all be. Granted eternal life by HaShem. And Santa’s helpers

  • has an article headlined
    “Holy War: Red Cows, Gaza and the End of the World”
    Published Apr 05, 2024
    By Matthew Tostevin

  • A person typed online today
    “Jewish murder is not condemned… it’s awarded…

    The Reynolds Journalism Institute has given the “Photo of the Year” award to Ali Mahmud.

    🇵🇸 Ali participated on the October 7th massacre and documented the rape, kidnapping and slaughter while it happened.

    🇵🇸 His photo of Shani Louk, which quickly became globally famous, portrays the twisted corpse of a young woman paraded into Gaza.

    🇵🇸 Jew killers are again receiving awards for their terror.

    Never again is happening again.”

  • A person typed online today
    “Polls who the overwhelming majority of Arabs and Fakestinian Arabs enthusiastically support the beheading of Jews, the gang-rape of Jewish women, the slaughter of Jewish children and the kidnapping of Jewish babies to Gaza.

    And that’s why there will never, ever be peace in the Middle East.

    Hundreds of millions of Arabs have genocidal hate for the Jew.

    There is no conflict in the Middle East.

    The Arabs want the Jews dead.

    That’s not a conflict.

    That’s genocide.”

  • Moshe. Feiglin will not reverse Israel’s stance on letting in Chaim into Israel because Mossad forbids it and the PM cannot ovrrrule the Mossad and the Supreme Court

  • Nyakim Gatweck should be a greeter at Hershey Park.

  • Hillel Fuld typed online today
    “Oh, would you look at that!

    The world has spent the week accusing Israel of targeting World Central Kitchen volunteers & now we know Hamas was riding with the vehicles.

    And now you can also see those volunteers hanging with their Hamas friends.

    Isn’t that interesting? What a shocker, said no one ever!

    As always, a reminder to never believe the things you read in the press, especially if it’s regarding Israel.

    Lies, lies, and more lies!”
    He posted a Photo showing this

  • Hillel Fuld typed online today
    “The moment the Hamas leader found out that his three terrorist sons were just eliminated by the IDF.

    His response: “I thank Allah for the honor that my children and grandchildren have been Martyred. Nearly 60 of my family members have been martyred, like all the Palestinian people, and there is no difference between them.”

    Even the most vile humans would feel sadness after losing three sons.

    Not him.

    Israel is fighting real life monsters.”
    Mr. Fuld also called the Fakestinian Arabs in
    Hamas a “whole different level” of Monsters

  • What will Bibi (Pipi) do when he finds out that all hostages are dead.

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