Ivanka and Jared violate Shabbat so they can join Trump in pressuring Israel to commit national suicide

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner will be flying aboard Air Force One to Saudi Arabia with President Donald Trump on Friday, after receiving a rabbinical dispensation to travel on the Jewish Sabbath, according to a White House official.

As “practicing” Orthodox Jews, Trump’s daughter and son-in-law typically observe the weekly Shabbat holiday, unplugging from sundown Friday to sundown Saturday. But they have made exceptions, on a few occasions, for their jobs.

On Inauguration Day, they received the same kind of rabbinical pass to travel by car, an activity that is typically prohibited for observant Jews on the Sabbath. The rules can be broken in life-threatening situations, or if there is a safety concern, according to Jewish law. It was not clear on what grounds the exception was made to accompany the president on his first international trip.

During the 2016 campaign, Kushner also broke Shabbat during the worst crisis to engulf Trump. He huddled with his father-in-law in Trump Tower after the release of the damaging “Access Hollywood” tape in October of 2016 that showed Trump bragging about kissing and groping women without their consent.



  • It really is terrible the that Sabbath which is suppose to be about not working has become about “not using technology” and unplugging as if that is what work is. It just shows a mentality of not appreciating advancement as thanks to inventions like the electricity and the light bulb it is no longer work to have light in your home. This is the static mentality that is never good for any group and the Orthodox are inflicted with it as well with this mentality they have.

  • David, stop pretending you know the slightest detail about Shabbat. While you’re at it, thank Orthodox Jews for inventing a quarter of the modern world.

    • Orthodox Jews did NOT invent a quarter of the world, secular Jews , which are most Jews in Israel and the rest of the world..Israel is a secular nation, only about 10% are orthedox

  • She is as Orthodox as I am Muslim…
    Travelling on Shabat is the biggest no no ever…
    Shabat is more holy than Yom Kippur…
    To travel is only allowed if it’s a matter of life and death…
    She could have joined Daddy dearest on Sunday…but then there wouldn’t be anything to write home about…
    I wonder when she arrived here she will be dresses as conservatively so as not to offend some of the citizens of Israel…I doubt it.
    Let me just say there is no Rabbi who would give permission for her and Jared to travel.

  • There is no way that an orthodox Rabbi would or could have condoned the Kushner’s travelling on the Sabbath!
    I wonder if their Saudi hosts provided them with Kosher food or did this same Rabbi also give them permission to eat traif on this trip?

  • Disgusting comments. Lashon hora at its most dispicable. Shame on all of you ! Disgraceful.

    • One CANNOT openly, publicly on top of it, violate Shabbat!
      The fact that you excuse it is wrong.
      Public figures are open for criticism.

  • You excuse breaking of Shabbat because it offends your politics to properly rebuke it. You are the rasha!

  • Yet Ivanka put on a veil today while meeting with the pope with her father and step mother.

    The reality is though the someone who is wealthy as Jared was and as Rahm Emanuel was can get an Orthodox Rabbi to convert their girl friend. Rabbinic Judaism and Rabbis making a leaving through religion I don’t think is healthy and the way it was meant to be.

    And while I do feel the day Sabbath should be a day of rest and certainly it is inappropriate for Ivanka to be going to Saudi Arabia on the Sabbath to help her father with his presidency I don’t see how turning a light on is “work” thanks to the invention of electricity which was not invented by Orthodox Jews but so what and by making it “work” gives the impression that somehow using technology is somehow unholy and saw this from personal experience and on top of this if someone needs a light to be turned off so they can go to sleep people will do it which I can’t fault them because this isn’t “work”. Gathering wood is work. Maybe creating the circuit is work. But not just pushing a switch. That is not “work”.

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