Jesse Jackson: Police Committing ‘Acts of Terror’ Against Black Men

Friday on CNN’s “This Hour With Berman and Michaela,” civil rights activist Jesse Jackson said law enforcement is committing “acts of terror against black men.”

Addressing the protest surrounding the deaths at the hand of law enforcement officers of Michael Brown and Eric Garner Jackson said, “It must be stopped. It puts an awful burden upon the Department of Justice to stop these acts of terror against black men.”

Jackson continued that he believes the police attitudes towards black males might be motivated in slavery thinking and said,  “Maybe it’s a throw back in time even to slavery itself. After all, the African-American male was on the line, received such harsh treatment, it happened in wages and treatment. The woman was seen as the softer sex. This thing has deep roots but I think that today we have the capacity to get beyond unfounded fears. We didn’t know how good baseball could be, Michaela, until everybody could play. There was no basis for the fear. When blacks were able to vote and share power with women and people of color, the fears about black males are unfounded fears. I hope that we’ll remained disciplined, determined, bigger numbers and non-violent. That process whether run down the opposition we face today.”

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