Jew-hater Tucker Carlson supports Muslim terrorist war to destroy Israel (JTF video)


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  • Hillel Fuld typed online today
    “If only Hashem would give us a sign that He still has our back…”

    Or two signs.

    According to Jewish scripture, the month of Nissan, which we start today, is the month that the Jewish people will ultimately be redeemed.

    In the Talmud, we learn that right before Mashiach comes, the whole world will be upside down.

    Well, that has most definitely come true…

    Hopefully this month brings an end to all the poison and hatred.”
    Hillel Fuld pointed out
    The recent Magnitude of the Earthquake in New York State was
    4.8 Magnitude
    The Total Solar Eclipse was on
    And pointed out what the
    Bible verse
    Exodus 4:8 says

    • About the death of
      O.J. Simpson at age 76
      A person typed online
      This time he will be judged by the content of his character, not the color of his skin.”

      • Plus people have pointed out how in the 1995 Teen Comedy Movie “Clueless” the litigator lawyer character
        Mel Horowitz looks and sounds like
        O.J. Simpson lawyer
        Robert Shapiro 😆
        Dan Hedaya was superb as Melvin “Mel” Horowitz

        • Also from an article is headlined
          “17 Jewish Facts About ‘Clueless’ You Need to Know”
          By Arielle Kaplan May 5, 2020

    • Hillel Fuld typed
      online today April 12, 2024
      “I posted this on October 4th. I said something big was about to happen and I said Israel always finds itself in the middle of it.

      Am I prophet? Don’t know but have you ever seen me and Moses in the same room? 🤣

      But seriously, kinda scary to read this now.”
      The comment he posted on
      October 4, 2023 was
      “Am I the only one who sees history unfolding before our eyes? I can’t be the only one who sees this…

      I am no expert in geopolitics but things are heating up fast. Way faster than anyone imagined.

      I am going to state right now in unequivocal terms. I am not expressing my opinion on any of this. I am not blaming any one person or one party. I am simply pointing out what is happening right now.

      Where do I begin?

      In the U.S., which has been the world’s leading superpower forever, is falling apart. Literally totally falling apart.

      The U.S. government is in total chaos after Speaker Kevin McCarthy was ousted — a first in U.S. history.

      A former president was indicted for fraud and banned from doing business in NY. The current U.S. president is showing clear signs of mental decline and everyone is just ignoring it.

      The U.S. vs China + Russia front is heating up super quickly. A war like that would cause thousands of American casualties every single day. America is apparently laying the infrastructure to reinstate the draft.

      If such a war begins, say goodbye to electricity, to internet, and to the western world as we know it.

      America and the U.S. dollar are crumbling and headed to a very bad place. Economically, socially, morally, and militarily, America hasn’t been this weak in many many years.

      The Ukraine war shows no signs of slowing down and we are seeing the ingredients for another world war.

      Then there is Israel, which somehow always finds itself in the middle of everything.

      There is the tension between Israel and the Christian world. If you’re not following that story, you should be. It’s getting scary.

      There is the U.S./Israel tension. The fact that the Israeli PM has not been invited to the White House yet is very telling. The way things are looking; the U.S. Israel relationship will go sour fast.

      There is then the internal mess in Israel. The reform, the split down the middle of the country, the religious/secular war, the things being said on both sides including some recent statements by the chief rabbi, the tragic events of this past Yom Kippur, and the political mess of the left vs the right.

      Add to all that the sharp increase in antisemitism around the world, the anti Israel and anti America sentiment in U.S. colleges, and the Israeli Arab conflict, particularly the obsession that the United Nations has with condemning Israel, and you have a recipe for a serious explosion.

      Oh, and how did I forget? Iran being closer than ever to having the bomb. What could possibly go wrong there?

      Oh yea, and COVID 2.0 is showing its ugly face.

      And the global recession.

      The bottom line is, something big is around the corner.

      The good news? We know how it ends and it’s a happy ending. Or at least that’s what I believe.

      The bad news? I don’t see how we get to that ending without some serious casualties along the way.

      Did I forget anything?

      Are you seeing this too or am I being an alarmist here?”

    • A different person typed online today
      Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, said there were 300 aid workers deaths during Israel’s incursion into Gaza and that it was unacceptable. Well, for her information even one death is unacceptable.
      However, the way she misleadingly framed her comment, it sounded as if only Israel was responsible for the accidental deaths of the aid workers, when in fact most of the deaths were the result of being caught in the crossfires between Hamas and the IDF, and some as a result of mistakes.”

    • A person typed online today
      I’ve noticed a disturbing trend among some staunch supporters of Israel to disparage, scorn and vilify those who finally have come to their senses and realize the error of their ways. Rather than belittling them by saying “it’s about time” or rolling out a list of errors they made over the years by their lack of support of Israel, we should welcome them, encourage them, and praise them for finally having found their moral compass. In Judaism, the concept of Teshuvah is a basic tenet of our religion and any attempt to engage in it, should not be ridiculed or rebuffed. We all make mistakes, but we can also recognize them and correct them.
      Our sages teach, one should never mock a convert to Judaism for their past practices, because they have sacrificed much in selecting a new path in life. So it goes with those of our tribe who were ensconced within a penumbra of naivete or ignorance, but finally have managed to begin seeing the light of truth and have the courage to admit it by changing their views. They need us to support them, and heaven only knows, we need them to support us as well. Am Yisroel Chai ” do we agree ?

    • Barry Shaw typed online today
      “Breaking news and Update.

      Major stabbing attack in Sydney in the Westfield Shopping Mall located in an area with a large Jewish community in Australia.
      At least nine people killed and other wounded.
      Australia and Sydney have allowed mass demonstrations against Israel that used blatant violent threats against Jews.
      Those who have followed my research and reports are familiar with my warnings that what starts with words never end in words.
      I will reserve judgment on the identity perpetrator or perpetrators until the identity is given.
      However, given the experiences in Britain, Sweden, Germany, and other Western countries, the nature and character of the attacker or attackers will be repeated in this Australian incident.
      I further anticipate that the Sydney authorities will call the perpetrator “deranged” rather than admit the root cause of the attack.
      That has been the pattern in European attacks.
      As predicted, the authorities are saying he “acted alone.”
      This may be true in that he was thr sole attacker, but the question must be asked whether this was a cultural attack by someone excited to perpetrate the attack by the society and the indoctrination in which he lived.
      The masses chanting “Gas the Jews” in Sydney on 9 October did not act alone.
      Where was that message generated?
      Was the Westfield Mall attacker part of that mass demonstration?
      Has the Australian authorities addressed that question?
      Apparently not.”

    • Barry Shaw typed online today
      “Message to the Muslim world.
      Israel protected Islam’s holy site by intercepting ballistic missiles above the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem launched by the destructive Islamic Republic of Iran.

      A casualty of the Iranian missile assault on Israel was a ten-year old Arab Bedouin girl who was seriously injured by falling shrapnel.
      This Iranian Islamic missile hit a little Islamic girl, and now Jewish surgeons and nurses are trying to save her life in an Israeli hospital.”
      Another person typed online today
      “Just to be clear, the U.S, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and the UK did not intercept missiles last night to help Israel — it was to protect their own special interests.”
      & also
      “What the media also gets wrong, of course, is that Israel did not bomb an ‘embassy’ in Damascus. It bombed the military wing within the embassy where they were conducting terrorism activities, and thus legally, becomes a military target.

      One of the IRGC Generals Israel took out the other week was the mastermind of the Oct. 7th genocide.

      What is not legal is launching 304 missiles over a sovereign country. A 7 year old girl is in critical state now bc of shrapnel.

      Israel is going to respond, fully, and watch the liberal media freak the fuck out but did not freak the fuck out during the missile barrage while many Israelis were in bomb shelters and no one slept last night.

      To this day, the Dems still have not passed the Israel Aid Bill. But how much has been given to Ukraine when they provide us with zero benefits, unlike Israel.”

    • Peter Baum typed online in
      “The Palestinian Myth – they are not and never were an indigenous people to the land they continue to claim

      Hamas minister said! Hamas minister: Palestinians are Egyptians, Saudis, Sudanese…
      Inventing the “Palestinian “nation Mark Twain’s Palestine – Orientalism
      Adriani Relandi Visit to Palestine 1699

    • A person typed online today
      Prominent American Reform Rabbi Ammiel Hirsch, of the Stephen Wise Free Synagogue in New York, cautioned the Democratic Party not to take the vote of American Jews for granted in the upcoming US elections. He continued, “Be careful: The results of the upcoming election do not only depend on Michigan.”

      He added, “October 7 had revealed a rot in western society. The western world is spinning off of its moral axis. The assault on liberty and decency will not end in the Middle East, it will come to the Midwest. It will not stop at Kibbutz Beeri, it will invade Brussels, Barcelona, Berlin, and Baltimore.”

      He concluded that people should not think that any differences of opinion about Israel’s government or policies, expressed by some members of the Jewish community, has any impact on the fact that American Jewry supports Israel unconditionally.”

    • Barry Shaw typed online today
      “The Muslim world says nothing when tens of thousands are killed by other Muslims in raging wars across the Middle East and North Africa.

      Muslims killing Muslims is accepted as an internal struggle within the faith.

      The horrific scenes of 7 October when Palestinians swarmed over Israel’s southern border, raping, torturing, killing, and hostage taking, was wildly celebrated in Gaza and across the world by mobs eager to support what they saw as a massive Muslim humiliation of Jews.

      Already on the 8th and 9th of October, tens of thousands mainly Muslims took to the streets of Westerns cities chanting for the blood of Jews.

      But Israel’s response in Gaza, as it systematically wipes out Hamas, is seen as a humiliation.
      The IDF strategy of moving the population to safety is not treated as a humanitarian gesture by the IDF to protect Arab lives, but as a further humiliation. Muslims are fine with Muslims killing Muslims, but they can’t abide being humiliated by others, particularly by Jews who go over and above any other fighting force in the world, to protect civilians.

      This was further aggrevated with the humiliation of the Islamic Republic of Iran who lost their leading war lords in Damascus in a successful Israeli assassination.
      This was followed by the total wipeout of Iran’s vaunted ballistic missiles launched against the Jewish State.

      Israeli technology knocked out Iranian technology with the help of the United States and Britain.

      This humiliation is being portrayed as the kuffars (Christians and Jews) embarrassing Islam that must be avenged.

      Welcome to the War of Civilizations 2024.”

    • Barry Shaw also typed online today
      “When you hear the Biden Administration tell Israel we have their “iron clad” support, it means we’re shackled from fighting back.”

    • A Jewish Pro-Israel woman typed online today
      “medical PSA for genetic Jews: find a functional medicine doctor who tests for the MTHFR gene. 40% of Jews have it, a higher concentration than other races, which is related to high rates of dementia.

      Luckily methylated forms of B12 and folate can offet the effects of that gene, and thank god for science. And thank god for Jewish doctors who understand that Jews are a race and not a ‘religion.’ ”
      Do we agree ?

    • A person typed online today
      “Amichai Chikli for Israeli PM. Mizrahi and knows what needs to actually be done to ensure safety for Israel.” Who should the next Prime Minister be ?

    • has an article headlined
      “It’s just the beginning” by
      Tzvi Fishman
       Mar 18, 2024
      Meir Kahane is mentioned

    • Any opinions of Steve Forbes ?
      He was a candidate in the 1996  and 2000 Republican presidential primaries , Would we Vote for him in 2024 if he was running ?

    • has an article headlined
      “The Eternal Message of Israel”
      APR IL 17, 2024 by
      Barry Shaw

    • From an article is headlined
      “Qatar – Enabler Of Islamist Terrorism And A Dishonest Broker”
      November 1, 2023 | By Yigal Carmon

  • A person typed online earlier this April 2024
    “The Jewish people need a leader like Rabbi Meir Kahane now”

  • About Fucker Carlson has an article headlined
    “Tucker Carlson’s shocking interview with Palestinian propaganda pastor” by
    Ron Cantor on April 11, 2024
    Munther Isaac is a
    Fakestinian Liar

    • Another article headline about
      Munther Isaac calls him
      ” ‘the high priest of antisemitic Christianity’ ”
      Munther Isaac is just another
      Evil Arab Liar

  • The Carlson I like is
    Carl Carlson the cool black guy
    on The Simpsons
    Carl works with Lenny at the
    Springfield Nuclear Power Plant
    The full name of the character is
    Carlton Carlisle “Carl” Carlson, Jr.

  • A person typed online today
    “Jewish actor Julia Garner will join the Marvel Cinematic Universe as The Fantastic Four’s Silver Surfer, much to the chagrin of anti-Israel commentators.
    Garner, 30, will play Shalla-Bal, a female version of Silver Surfer, named after the original Marvel character’s love interest in the comics. Some online critics have expressed disapproval over the casting of a woman in the role of Silver Surfer, while others have taken issue with Garner’s Israeli background and support for the Jewish state.”

    These jerks prove that being anti-Israel is being antisemitic!”

  • “congresswoman” Rashida Turd doesn’t like
    Fox News

  • Yesterday Hillel Fuld typed online about Fakestinians that
    “Just thought I’d let you know that the chances of you hearing about this in the press are zero.

    So here, a nice Palestinian woman just approached soldiers and when they picked up on suspicious behavior and stopped her, this is what they found on her. After interrogation, she admitted she was there to commit a terrorist attack.

    Ya know, because today is a good day to kill Jews, right? Do they ever have a day that’s NOT a good day to kill Jews?

    The only chances you’ll hear about this is if some “journalist” reports that “IDF soldiers arrested an innocent Palestinian woman.”

    But you also don’t hear about the constant Hezbollah attacks on Israel.

    You don’t hear about the hundreds of thousands of Israelis who were displaced from their homes in this war.

    You won’t hear about the rocks that Palestinian kids throw at Israeli cars daily, and by rocks, I mean boulders.

    You won’t hear about the daily Palestinian attempts to run civilians over with their car.

    You won’t hear about the mass marches in support of Hamas throughout Palestinian towns and villages.

    Listen, I can go on. You won’t hear about any of that. You’ll only hear about it if Israel retaliates.

    Dead Jews don’t get clicks.

    Happy to be your source of truthful information because truth is a novelty nowadays.

    You’re welcome.

    The Palestinian culture is rotten to the core and they are indoctrinated from age zero.

    This is a population, as politically incorrect as it may be to say, that needs to be uprooted the same way Nazi Germany was.

    If that statement offends you, I’d go searching for your moral compass.

    Hamas and its supporters = Modern day Nazis.”

  • A person online yesterday.
    ” saying ‘state’ to refer to Israel is antisemitic… it harkens back to the very antisemitic UN Resolution 181 (the 1947 Partition Plan). The British led an antisemitic coalition at the UN to steal even more land from Jews of the 22% of our homeland that by then had remained.

    The goal was to create, in their words, an Arab ‘state’ – though one existed already since 1922 created from 78% of stolen Jewish land, Jordan, and a Jewish ’state.’

    Luckily the Arabs said no and the Resolution did not pass. Hence, the UN did not ‘create’ Israel.

    What happened in 1948 is that brave Jews, after nearly 20 years of armed struggle, liberated Israel. Israel was not created in 1948 or 1947. Israel was formed as a nation over 4,000 years ago.

    Also, throughout the 1,812 years of occupation, there were robust Jewish communities and Jewish institutions in Israel.

    Saying Israel, falsely, is a ’state’ diminishes its soveriegnty as a country and thus Israel is often times treated as a vassal state by the U.S and others. In reality, states are created (like Jordan) and/or are part of consortiums like the European countries forming ‘states’ of the EU or 7 different Kingdoms coming together to form the ‘states’ of the UAE.

    No more saying ‘State of Israel.’ It is a country and a proud sovereign one.’ “

  • Also a woman typed online today
    “Why is everyone so shocked how the senior rat in Qatar reacted to his rat sons’ and grandsons’ deaths in Gaza? If that was shocking, then you do not understand the Arab occupiers’ mindset, and why Jews have been making awful security choices since 1973.

    You know who does not seem shocked? Mizrahi Jews. They know the Arab mindset fully.

    To break it down further, papa rat knew that eventually his little rats would be killed by Israel. They were known terrorists. Second, the Arab occupier society in both Gaza and in Judea & Samaria celebrates death if it means being killed as a result of murdering Jews.”

  • A person typed online today
    “The Israeli people have a resolve I have never seen before in my life, from any nation at anytime.”

    Rep. Mark Alford, R-Mo. House Armed Services Committee, after visiting the Jewish nation.”

    & “Jew-haters protest against no one in the world except the Jewish nation.”
    “Mosab Hassan Yousef is a great Arab man and a blood brother of the Jewish people. A true hero.

    His father founded genocidal Arab Hamas, but he defends the Jewish nation, time and again–with the truth!

    If every Arab leader, or millions of Arabs were like him, or even listened to him, the Arab war against the Jew would end.

    Salute, blood brother.”

  • Naveed Anjum a Muslim Supporter of Israel
    Typed online today
    “Isn’t a Jewish state, by definition, racist and undemocratic?


    The Jewish people are a national and ethnic group that created the religion of Judaism. Therefore, the concept of a Jewish state is no more racist or undemocratic than the concept of a Japanese state, a Lithuanian state, or any other modern nation that is a democracy whose citizens are also bound together by shared identity, heritage, and culture. When the UN recommended the establishment of a Jewish state in 1947 and admitted Israel as a member in 1949,
    it did not see any contradiction between its Jewish and democratic identity. The Jewish state set up a democratic, secular government and is one of the most ethnically diverse and progressive countries in the world. Arab citizens participate fully in government; equal rights are assured for women, gays, and minorities; and freedom of the press and of religion are protected. Israel grants people of Jewish heritage a fast track to citizenship, just as many other modern states, such as Poland, Finland, Greece, Armenia, and Germany, grant their diaspora populations special citizenship rights. Non-Jews can also apply to become citizens of Israel under naturalization procedures similar to those in other countries around the world.”

  • A website typed online in April 2024 “What did 6 millions Jews do wrong in Holocaust?
    Did they “occupy” their own land? Did they “apartheid” someone?
    What were they guilty of, then?
    You know the answer. Nothing. They were guilty because they existed.

    So why are you (some Jews/Israelis) trying to make antisemites “change their mind”?
    “Mind” has nothing to do with it. The deep hatred that they feel is a feeling, there is nothing rational about it and never was.

    Antisemitism is the worst, the most evil kind of hatred. It is much worse than other forms of hatred, like racism or homophobia.
    Because there was no prejudice in the world that made people m*rder 6 million people just because of who they are.

    Antisemitism is the most twisted psychotic sadism.
    They hate us so much that they don’t see us as human beings at all.
    And at the same time they admire us because they think we have some kind of super-powers and control the world.

    And they set absolutely unrealistic expectations for us. Rules and standards that they themselves would absolutely never even think to follow.

    The only comparison I can think of is narcissistic abuse, I write about it all the time.
    Antisemites feel about Jews exactly the same as sadistic psychopathic serial k*ller feels towards his victims. For the psychopath, the feelings of the victims simply do not exist.

    So why are some of us busy apologizing, explaining?
    It won’t change a thing.
    We have to survive, that’s all.
    We won’t let 6 million of us to be m*rdered again.

    Let’s continue sharing the truth for those who don’t know it.
    Ignore antisemites who twist logic and reality. Like they ignore the fact that we are humans.
    And fight those who try to m*rder us. That’s all.”

  • In January 2024 a person
    typed online
    “I tried using ChatGPT to better understand the accusation of Jews being occupiers in Israel:

    archaelogically speaking, who was living in Israel first, Jewish people or Arab Muslims?

    Archaeologically speaking, the Jewish people were present in the region known today as Israel before the arrival of Arab Muslims. The key historical points to consider are:
    Jewish Presence: Archaeological evidence of ancient Israelite or Jewish presence in this region dates back to the Iron Age, around the 12th to 11th centuries BCE. This is evidenced by findings such as:Tel Dan Stele: An inscription dating to the 9th century BCE mentioning the “House of David,” indicating the existence of a Jewish monarchy.
    Khirbet Qeiyafa Inscription: A text in ancient Hebrew script dating to the 10th century BCE, one of the earliest examples of Hebrew writing.

    Arab Muslim Arrival: The Arab Muslim presence in the region began with the Islamic conquests of the 7th century CE. In 634-640 CE, Arab Muslim forces conquered the Levant, which included the region of modern-day Israel. Prior to this, the area was under Byzantine control and predominantly Christian, with a significant Jewish minority.
    Timeline Comparison:The Jewish historical presence in the region is rooted in the Iron Age, over a millennium before the Common Era.
    The Arab Muslim presence began in the 7th century CE, with the Islamic conquests.

    Cultural and Religious Evolution: It’s important to note that both Jewish and Muslim identities have evolved over time. The early Israelites, whose presence is marked by archaeological findings, were different in many ways from the Jewish communities at the time of the Arab conquests. Similarly, the Arab Muslims who arrived in the 7th century CE brought with them a culture and religion that was distinct from the pre-existing local cultures.
    Complex Historical Interactions: The history of this region is characterized by a succession of different powers and cultures. After the ancient Israelite period, the area saw various ruling powers, including the Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and finally the Arab Muslims. Each of these periods left a distinct mark on the region’s cultural and historical landscape.
    In summary, archaeologically, the Jewish people have evidence of their presence in the region of modern-day Israel that predates the arrival of Arab Muslims by several centuries.”

  • A person typed online
    earlier this 2024 about the
    Terrorist PLO
    “The PLO, like a bad STD, compliments of the KGB.”

  • Hillel Fuld typed online today
    “Countries/regions involved in this war, in one way or another including militarily, diplomatically, or politically as well as countries with missing or murdered hostages:

    – Israel
    – Gaza
    – Judea and Samaria
    – US
    – UK
    – Saudi Arabia
    – Portugal
    – Argentina
    – Philippines
    – Poland
    – Jordan
    – France
    – Germany
    – Austria
    – Australia
    – Italy
    – Canada
    – Ukraine
    – Brazil
    – Hungary
    – Ireland
    – Iran
    – Syria
    – Lebanon
    – Turkey
    – Iraq
    – China
    – Yemen
    – South Africa
    – Qatar
    – UAE
    – Russia

    Someone remind me please why we are worried about world war 3 breaking out when we are probably in it already?”

  • In other news this April 2024
    a United Nations climate chief says humans have only two years left “to save the world”
    Is climate change a hoax ?

  • A person typed online today
    “Did any of the anti-semitic Hitler Youth that protests against the Jewish nation protest against Arab Hamas after it gang-raped Jewish women and kidnapped Jewish babies?

    Did they protest after Iran fired some three hundreds rockets and drones at the Jewish nation?

    Did they protest against the genocides in Syria, Myanmar and Darfur?

    Or do they only protest against the sole Jewish nation in the world?”
    “What would Americans say if Iran, where many rant “death to America,” fired hundreds of ballistic missiles and suicide drones at the United States of America?

    And what would they say if Bibi asked Biden to show “restraint” and not “escalate” the crisis?”
    “When the Christian and Muslim don the kaffiyeh, a scarf that has become a symbol of genocidal Fakestinian “solidarity,” they’re calling for the death of all Jews in the world.

    They are the new Hitler Youth ”
    “The Jewish nation is the only country in the world that is lectured about not responding to 300 missile and drone strikes.

    No other nation in the world would remain silent and not respond.

    It’s the age-old anti-semitic double-standard for the Jew.”

  • has an article by Barry Shaw headlined
    “Hamas and a Lethal Palestinian Pathology” on
    NOV 24, 2023

  • What a POS

    I knew there was something about him that was off when he converted to catholicism. He also made snarky nasty remarks about the disabled and the handicapped during the Tennessee Tranny killing. He is a POS

    I remember Chaim did a show way back about this animal too.

    Well done!

    • Kyle , who is the POS has an article headlined
      “Saudi Woman Columnist: Arab Culture Has Doubly Devalued Human Life”
      April 24, 2014
      Saudi Arabia | Special Dispatch No. 5720

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