Jewish political prisoners in Israel should be freed immediately (video)


A brief Hebrew video with English subtitles (after the first 8 seconds).

Please promote this important video everywhere possible.





  • More Proof of Arab and
    Fakestinian stupidity
    On November 17, 2022
    22 Fakestinians Killed when a
    Gaza house fire caused by gasoline party stunt gone awry
    Anyone read about this ?

  • What happened to Sara Bat Zvi?

  • Who else wants to see
    Robert Bowers get the Death Penalty ?

  • has an article headlined
    “Rabbis Call Out American Double Standards on Israel”

    By Ryan Jones | November 20, 2022

  • Can an Orthodox Jew celebrate Thanksgiving?

  • I like vegan turkey. Tofurky. Turkeys and chickens are boiled alive if their throat misses the blade on the assembly.

  • I think Gisele Mundchen resembles Bride of Frankenstein.

  • A recent online article asking if
    Social Media is a new Religion, asked in the article
    “Is Elon Musk Nebuchadnezzar? “

  • Chaim: what is your definition of a political prisoner?

  • The 1986 Chuck Norris
    Action Film
    “The Delta Force” is a Superb Movie that Shows the Heartless
    Chilling Evil & Wickedness of
    Fakestinians and Arabs .
    Chuck Norris is Pro-Israel in Real Life , while The Delta Force
    was Just a Movie, it’s Very accurate in showing what Arabs and Fakestinians Sadly Are , The
    Famous Jewish Passengers on the Airplane Scene ,
    The Arabs in this film was Not
    A “Stereotype” but the sad Ugly Truth

  • Remember how in the Classic
    1988 Crime Comedy film
    “The Naked Gun” with
    Leslie Nielsen , early in the Movie
    Yasser Arab-Fart was shown as one of the Major Villains , and at the end of the Film , we see
    the Scene where people cry, hug and shake Hands , a
    Jew & Arab Hug , a Dog Licks a
    Mailman in a Friendly Way ,
    If only in the Arabs & Fakestinians would Change in Real Life

  • Any opinions of
    “Palestinian” American Christian Stand-Up Comedian Ray Hanania , he’s actually married to a
    Jewish woman, look it up on

  • A Good idea , The 2024 Summer Olympic Games should be in Israel
    That would be Incredible

  • Seriously , Why can’t the
    Summer 2024 Olympic Games be in Israel ?

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