• I’m having trouble watching the video, in a Nutshell what is the
    Real Truth about the Hamas Terrorist Attack on Israel
    Sean Hannity, Brian Kilmeade & Newt Gingrich on Fox News are saying Great Things in Support of Israel

    • False , Israel didn’t kick out the Arabs in 1948 , they Voluntarily Fled because their Terrorist “leaders” urged them to leave

      • Chaim, Israel didn’t Expell any Arabs in 1948 , they were far too self-hating , and didn’t have the balls to Expell any Arabs

    • Fox News does a Great Job Exposing the Moral Bankruptcy , Hypocrisy of AOC, Tlaib, etc.

      • I wish Fox News would go after AOC. If my memory serves me correctly didn’t she, initially, campaign by promising to eliminate ICE?

    • nypost.com has an article headlined
      “Israel has the right — and the duty — to besiege Gaza”
      By Avi Bell and Erielle Davidson
      Published Oct. 11, 2023
      Anyone else read it

    • Chaim, the Stupid insane
      Self-hating Traitor Government and Politicians in Israel , remind us All of the Bible verses
      Jeremiah 6:14 , Jeremiah 8:11,  Ezekiel 13:10 and 16.

    • See the Wikipedia article
      “Zionist antisemitism” it starts with the words
      “Zionist antisemitism is the phenomenon in which individuals, groups, or governments support the Zionist movement and the State of Israel while simultaneously holding antisemitic views about Jews. In some cases, Zionism may be promoted for explicitly antisemitic reasons”
      Sadly even some Pro-Israel people have negative opinions of Jews,
      Fox News also confirms that the Hamas Fakestinians of
      October 7, 2023 were indeed Laughing as they were Slaughtering innocent Israelis

    • Nikki Haley & Marco Rubio are Also on Fox News speaking up in
      Defense of Israel

    • Chaim , why is it so Difficult to post Comments on this jtf.org site here ? Can the Technical Problems be Fixed
      What’s the Problem , why are people having trouble posting

    • irishmirror.ie on October 12, 2023
      has an article headlined
      “Intelligence expert claims World War 3 ‘could begin by Sunday’ as Israel-Hamas war intensifies”

      By Christopher Sharp & Cathal Ryan

    • True Christians are Praying for Israel
      Israel Must Remain United, the Enemies of Israel Exploited the Political Divisions of Israelis to Attack on October 7, 2023
      Israelis cannot be Politically Divided over trivial BS

    • How many people at JTF realize that the “Palestinian People” were the ones that Voted for Hamas in
      2006 . They Elected Hamas into Power in 2006 . These Are Facts

    • Any Arabs that flee Gaza must Never be Allowed to Return or even visit

    • Fox News said that conflicts might erupt next in Korea and Taiwan

    • Israel is in a battle for it’s Very Survival , it’s Not a Battle of the Monitor and Merrimack type of Thing.
      Marco Rubio said Israel is at War
      Ted Cruz has Spoken up for Israel

    • dtbm.org has an article headlined
      “Why Satan Hates Israel Most–the Biblical Explanation Of Islamic–jihadistic Hatred Of The Jews” on
      May 27, 2021

    • We Cannot be Deceived by
      Anti-Israel Fake News
      israelnationalnews.com has an article headlined
      “How Israel’s Jewish and other media lie to you” by
      Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer
      July 24, 2023 The Article is a Must Read , A Very Informative Article

    • israelnationalnews.com
      “Are Gaza Civilians Considered Innocent?”
      Ezri Tobe
      Oct 16, 2023
      Did anyone read it ? Anyone

    • The New York Post, nypost.com
      has an article headlined
      “When did it become acceptable to defend the slaughter of Jewish children?”
      Michael Goodwin
       Oct. 14, 2023

      Did anyone read it ?

    • hindustantimes.com
      has an article headlined
      “Israel 1st target, entire world to be under Hamas law’: Commander in old viral video on X”
      Sreelakshmi B
      | Edited by Vaibhav Tiwari on
      Oct 12, 2023
      The Ugly Hamas “commander” looks and sounds like some insane deranged demented Supervillain out of a Hollywood Movie
      That “commander” wants to take over the entire World and annihilate all Christians

    • Lindsey Graham is Also saying great things in Support of Israel
      pre-trib.org has a PDF article headlined
      “Prophets Who Prophesy Lies In My Name”
      It’s a Must Read, Very Revealing Article , Fox News has Great Coverage

  • What is the Real Truth ?

  • Chaim is brilliant!

  • It’s about time Chaim you released the video… Thanks!

  • Pancak rachel corrie

    When I heard that this german girl was taken hostage at this trance festival i got to be honest I had a bit of schaudenfruede

  • Did anyone see , jewishpodcasts.fm

  • People are asking about the current War in the Mideast if this is the Ezekiel 38 War ? Psalm 83 ?
    Some point to Matthew 24
    Which Interpretation is correct ?

  • Did Egypt warn Israel 3 days in advance that attack was coming from Hamas/Gaza? I think so just as King Hussein warned Israel days before Yom Kippur War of 1973. Both times the Jews preferred to daven the danger away.
    NY Post

  • In 2019 , the one and only
    Jennifer Lopez J.Lo actually did a
    Concert in Israel
    And on the October 7, 2023 Tragedy, around 260 of the Israelis killed were at a Music Festival
    Can you imagine the horror if
    Jennifer Lopez was there on
    October 7, 2023 with
    Ben Affleck, if heaven forbid they were both killed, that would be terrible, all Jennifer Lopez fans should support Israel

  • J.Lo es una puta.

  • Articles online are saying that
    Middle America will soon become too hot for people to live in

  • Hideous Obamanation

    God Bless you, Chaim. So glad to see that you’ve still got your fastball after all these years.

  • A person recently typed online
    “I miss Meir Kahane” and Another person said
    “Rabbi Kahane took the Arabs and their ideology seriously, unlike the liberals who condescended and pandered.” Anyone else have anything to add

  • Did anyone hear
    Israeli President Isaac Herzog
    in a Press Conference say
    “With all due respect, if you have a missile in your goddamn kitchen and you want to shoot it at me, am I allowed to defend myself? That’s the situation.”

  • Some are saying Israel is walking into a Trap , while others are saying a Ground Invasion of Gaza is the Only Way to Defeat Hamas once and for All
    The Question is, is Israel walking into a Trap ? Does Israel have any choice ?

  • Sasquatch has been spotted in Colorado

  • Israel Needs a Paradigm Shift
    Israel just tries to Peacefully Exist and Survive
    How many Countless, Countless, Endless
    October 7, 2023 type attacks were thankfully sucessfully thwarted in Israel since 1948
    How many Countless, Countless , Endless Attacks were Successfully Thwarted
    The Anti-Israel Media fails to Mention the Countless Infinite Terrorist Attacks Israel Sucessfully Thwarted and Prevented since 1948

    Commentators have said that if Israel were to Fall , the whole World would be Taken Over by
    Radical Islam

  • Who thinks the ground offensive will start Sat. A.m. and who thinks it will start Sun. A.m.
    I vote Sun a.m.

  • but problems here are in order to organizations like organization of freedom Palestine and also Fatah still don’t forbidden in our Jewish fatherland but legacy of rabbi Meir kahane and his son Benjamin zeev kahane are still forbidden and that is really nonsense dear guys

  • When is Pipi gonna get off his fat tuchus and go to war. Answer: Never
    All he has is a big mouth

  • Netanyahu is all Talk
    When Meir Kahane Ultimately Returns to Earth in the Future
    And he Will Return , Kahane is coming Back
    Meir Kahane deserves to be
    Prime Minister of Israel, of the
    Greater Israel on the New Earth

  • JB should keep his alzheimered brain out of there.

  • jerusalemjournal.net has an article headlined “OUT OF BETHLEHEM: MITRI RAHEB’S EMPIRE OF LIES …by Dexter Van Zile” on

    Tuesday, October 10, 2017
    Anyone else read it

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