• Ron Desantis isn’t
    Libertarian Enough on Vital
    Libertarian Issues ,
    The Libertarian Party says
    “All Your Freedoms, All The Time”

  • Did you ask DeSantis whether he wants your support?

    • JTF’s support will put DeSantis over the top. I am so excited. Maybe Chaim will get to go to Israel in exchange for JTF’s support for backing the Aliyah of Jonathan Pollard.

      • Is Ron DeSantis going to help Incels ? The Growing number of Incel Americans ?
        Will he Support the Growing
        Right To Die , Death with Dignity Movement for Suffering Mentally ill, Terminally ill and other suffering people and
        will DeSantis work to get the
        Face of Meir Kahane added to
        Mount Rushmore ? These are Vital Issues

        • Sometimes you have to help yourself. It’s not the responsibility of desantis to get you laid. Find a cheap hooker in the meantime.

          • Most Americans want Prostitution, Sex Work made Legal in Every State at Reasonable Prices for all Consenting Adults

          • Many people are unable to “help themselves”

          • The thing is many people would see a cheap hooker but they are afraid of being Arrested , countless Americans want Prostitution, Sex Work to be Legalized in all 50 States

  • Hold on , in the Old Testament of the Bible, weren’t the Moabites basically Arab Terrorists of their day ?

  • Tlaib. Holds commemoration of the Nakba in the Senate. It’s the liberal Jews fault.

  • The Turd Tlaib is Scientific Proof that Arabs and especially Fakestinians are for the most part inherently Evil

  • Plus ever notice how
    Tlaib looks like an Ugly
    Arab female version of
    The Joker from the
    Batman Movie Franchise

  • She definitely doesn’t meet the qualifications to work at Kennedy Fried Chicken

  • Pesach: who are you to speak for every member of JTF, you arrogant Schtick dreck. Just for that, I will vote for AOC if she runs.

  • Some have said
    Ron DeSantis is Authoritarian

  • Some have called
    Ron DeSantis hardcore Authoritarian
    The “Freedom” in America is a Joke , Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies , I want to Know
    How is that “Freedom” ? How

    • America unjustly Forces people to go without Sex , a Basic Human Desire and
      Vital Need , is that “Freedom”
      No it is definitely Not.

    • People talk about Freedom in America , What “Freedom” ?
      Adults cannot even do what they want with their own lives and bodies , is that “Freedom” ?
      Again, No it isn’t

  • Itamar Ben-Gvir is described in many articles as
    “Far-Right” and “Extreme-Right” but it seems he is just another fraud and Leftist Appeaser

  • israelnationalnews.com on
    May 15, 2023 has an article by
    Colonel Richard Kemp headlined
    “Israel under fire and the West’s pusillanimous response”

  • BBC: Austrian train plays Hitler speech over the intercom and technicians couldn’t turn it off.

    • Did you hear the rumor that
      Hitler had a micropenis ?
      Hitler also slept with his niece and liked to be kicked during sex

      • No. But I heard Hitler had a cryptorchid testicle which stayed in his abdomen and didn’t descend to his scrotum before birth. This is common and is fixed by surgery before age 6. It is linked to low sperm count and testicular cancer if not operated on.

      • I know he slept with his niece Geli Raubal who committed suicide in Munich because Hitler did not pays attention to her. Hitler was not a homosexual and the only homo was Ernst Rohm . The rumor that the SA and SS
        We’re largely homos has been refuted by historians.

      • Also did you hear that
        Hitler was a ‘coprophiliac’ (someone aroused by feces), and got off on women urinating or defecating while standing over him. Hitler was definitely

    • Maybe the Austrians on the train loved the Hitler Speech

  • Anyone hear that
    Cyprus, Israel are working on a deal for natural gas pipeline, processing plant in Cyprus

  • I Know a Jewish Friend of mine born in 1982 who is a Pro-Israel
    Kahanist , born in a New York City Hospital who is really creeped out and Uncomfortable by the fact that an Arab Egyptian male doctor delivered him , an Arab Egyptian doctor delivered him and brought him into the World, what should I say to him

  • Anyone hear about the case of
    Sabbar Kashur, a “Palestinian” male from East Jerusalem, who lied and claimed to be Jewish in order to have Sex with an Israeli Jewish woman, Kashur was found guilty of Rape by Deception
    Anyone hear about this case ?

  • Is Huma Abedin divorced from The Weiner? All references say they are “separated”.

  • The Jerusalem post , jpost.com has an article headlined
    “Debunking the claim that “Palestinians” are the indigenous people of Israel”
    By DANIEL GRYNGLAS Published: MAY 12, 2015

  • We should endorse Nydia Velazquez for President.

  • jns.org on May 16, 2023 has an article headlined
    “Rashida Tlaib’s ‘nakba’ lie” by
    Joseph Frager , Tlaib is Proof of how Arabs cannot stop living

  • My point about the jns.org article on
    May 16, 2023 by Joseph Frager about Tlaib and her Nakba Lie , is that Yes , all people lie at times, but with Tlaib and many other Arabs , the Lies are Chronic and Habitual, Pathological

    • More about Arabs and lying
      ynetnews.com has an article headlined
      “The price of Arab lies”
      by Yigal Walt Published: 06.02.10

      • More about Arabs and Lying
        theguardian.com has an article headlined
        “Lying is cultural trait of Arabs, says Barak” by
        Brian Whitaker in Jerusalem
        Wed 22 May 2002 Anyone read this article

  • Once Again
    Vote Tlaib and the other Squad Members Out Next Time they Run for Re-election

  • Even the New York Times
    nytimes.com has an article headlined
    “At 75, Israel Has Plenty to Celebrate”
    May 16, 2023
    by BRET STEPHENS Although we might disagree with some of this article

  • timesofisrael.com has an article headlined
    “Paul McCartney says he never meant to offend Jews with ‘Hey Jude’ ”

    13 Sep 2018 About the classic
    1968 Beatles song “Hey Jude” which was Not about the Jews

  • DeSantis has consistently supported the type of Republican that is anti-Semitic. From Blake Masters in Arizona, to Mastriano in PA who supported Gab DeSantis has had nothing to say about that. As well as supporting Orban of Hungary who wants to deny his own countries anti-Semitism before and during WWII. That is not a good sign.

  • Not to mention DeSantis heaps praise on Tucker Carlson who was recently fired from Fox news the man who loves Hungary and Ron Paul and Pat Buchanan as Chaim has mentioend.

  • Remember how British Labour
    “Politician” Jeremy Corbyn called
    Hamas & Hezbollah his
    “Friends” how lovely that they are friends, are they going to be going on a playdate together ?

  • Many have said that the
    Austrians were Even More Extreme in their Persecution of the Jews during World War II than the
    German Nazis , that the Austrians were Much Worse than the German Nazis
    historyofyesterday.com has an article headlined
    “5 Nazis Who Were Worse Than Hitler”
    by Jacob Wilkins | Sep 28, 2022 |

  • foxnews.com has an article headlined
    “AOC blasted as a ‘total fraud’ after ‘accent’ video re-emerges online: ‘pander is on point’ ”
    By Houston Keene
    Published April 12, 2023

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