Massive illegal Arab building will lead to “Palestinian” state (video)


A brief Hebrew video with English subtitles (after the first 8 seconds).

Please promote this important video everywhere possible.




  • Fakestinians already have a state , it’s called Jordan

  • The New York Post , has an article headlined
    “Even Alex Jones disgusted by Kanye West’s ‘homoerotic’ Hitler ‘fetish’ ”
    By Lee Brown
    December 7, 2022

  • Feminism sucks.

    • Feminism has Ruined many things, and is Worsening the
      Sufferings of Incels ,
      Involuntary Celibates , people Suffering Every Single Day from Incel
      Involuntary Celibacy problems

  • יהודה ושומרון כולה שלנו ערביי ישראל ואלה שהתשקורת קוראת להם פלסטינים כולם צריכים ללכת לירדן שם המדינה שלהם

  • has an article headlined
    “Why Still Care About Israel?” Click on the pdf to read
    , Good Pro-Israel arguments

  • Why can’t you learn to live with the Palestinians- they are our fellow semites.

  • Did Trump help the plight of men without girlfriends?

    • I don’t think Trump ever did anything for or against Incels ,
      But the Involuntary Celibacy, Incel Crisis is sadly getting Worse and Worse in America and Worldwide,
      It’s No Joke .
      All Human Beings deserve Sex ,
      Male & Female, Healthy & Disabled Alike

  • Always serve on jury duty.

  • Too many brain dead liberals on jury duty . We need smart normal people to serve to balance things out.

  • Regarding men without female partners, spreading awareness through media is one way of dealing with the problem. Perhaps going overseas for a change of pace is a good idea. Depends where you go and if you are able or don’t have family obligations.
    Being more pro active. Going to the gym, wearing better clothing, personal grooming etc.

    • America still Needs to Listen to Reason and be Reasonable and Legalize Prostitution in Every State, some Men will sadly Never be Successful with Women, no matter what they do, they deserve Sex Also. Inceldom is sadly rising in America and Worldwide.

    • Why do you think many
      Heterosexual Men are becoming Incels ? Suffering from Incel ,
      Involuntary Celibacy problems aka Inceldom. Men who are able to get Girlfriends, Sex, Love and Companionship, Relationships with Women have no idea how
      Lucky, Privileged and Blessed they are, to be Able to Get Sex without paying for it , to have a Normal Healthy Sex Life, Love Life
      Many people have said that America in 2023 is still an
      Extremely Sexually Repressed Puritanical Prudish Shithole of a Nation , Terrified of Sex and Nudity . People have said that America should be More Open about Sex & Nudity, like in Europe, where
      Prostitution, Sex Work is Legal for Consenting Adults in Many Nations . America needs to Grow Up, be Mature and get Over this Fear of Sex and Nudity , this Old Fashioned, outdated Puritan Mindset Sucks

  • Is it rising in china and India? Two overpopulated countries. That’s where it needs to rise.

    • Not sure about China & India,
      But America and other Nations Need to be More Proactive in Helping Incels , people Suffering from Involuntary Celibacy problems, more and more people are Suffering Every Single Day from Incel problems ,
      It’s No Joke , if the U.S. Government and other World Governments are reading the comments on this website, even they realize that Incels are being unjustly scapegoated and demonized, vilified
      The Vast Vast Majority of the Time people Suffering from Involuntary Celibacy problems are

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