• How on earth do you reconcile your zeal and support for Cruz with the despicable Anti-Semites who endorse him, and whose endorsements Ted Cruz insists he welcomes?
    Most recently Cruz has been endorsed by “pastor” Mike Bickle the doomsday preacher who warns Jews must accept Jesus or face extermination. He has said that ” Jews must convert to Christianity either by “grace or violence” and if they don’t respond to grace
    G-d will raise up the hunters….and the most famous hunter in in recent history is a man named Adolph Hitler.”
    Cruz has no love for Israel or the Jewish people, we are a means to an end, his wack eschatology of the Second coming, which supposedly cannot happen unless all Jews convert!
    This makes me sick!
    NO to Anti-Semitism cloaked in the toxic sugar of “Christian Zionism”
    NO to Mike Bickle and
    NO, NEVER will I support the fraud Rafael Eduardo Cruz, insider BushBoy and Globalist shill.

    • Oh, you mean like how the KKK and David Duke support Trump?

      Ted Cruz is (by far) the most pro-Israel candidate out there – without question! He wants to destroy Iran’s nuclear program (unlike Trump who wants to make more “deals” with Iran). That is the #1 most dangerous issue right now – preventing a terrorist nuclear holocaust. Iran just fired test missiles that had “destroy Israel” written on the side.

      Cruz is against Israel making “deals” with the Arab Muslim terrorists (like Fatah which means “conquest” and Hamas) while Trump said that the “two state solution” would be the “ultimate deal” for him.

      If you care about Israel and the Jewish people, vote for Cruz. Why would anyone vote for Trump who has always supported the democrats – especially after Trump said we should give Saudia Arabia and Korea nukes?

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