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  • Fantastic story! The rabbinic traditions and stories tell you far more than you’ll get from reading the Bible or from A seminary.

    Yes. We are limited to what we can do in this world. Its written in scripture were just a puff of smoke. That’s how long we are alive to G-d. All this is just a facade. Its nothing compared to the delights of the next world. They are so wonderful our finite minds cannot comprehend it.

    Its hard to obey G-d and do as he says and yet he has to be hard on us sometimes but Its good to know that there are infinite rewards and that he loves us. In fact the reason we are chastised and knocked on is because he loves us according to scriptures. Its a spanking so to speak. G-d knows he’s had to knock on me so much.

    Well put Chaim. Thank you for everything!

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