• I hope you get better, you spoke even better than when healthy

  • This is true… It happened to me. I was killed, I saw my corpse and my friends mourning, I was engulfed by a bright light. There was love there and peace. I was told though not spoken as you might imagine that I had blessed Israel and that I was to be brought back because it was not yet my time and because I had to continue to bless Israel. I believe this was G-d talking to me and he raised me up and said that he was sparing me because of the blessing I gave to Israel and to you. And of course because you blessed me first.

    It was like the death scene in of Final Fantasy Legend 2. It was so peaceful though. I was not in any physical place just engulfed by bright light.

    I said I would go back and bless Israel and do a good job and I was sent back to before I was killed and it saved me.

    Its true what you said Chaim. And I will bless you and your people for this.

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