• It is indeed a day of mourining. I looked up on Wikipedia (Not fully reliable I know I know…) A lot happened on the same day as your Tisha B’av.

    For one, The first crusades, Caesar Maximian, Deng Xiaping took power this day, The first deportations to Treblinka in 1942, IRA bombings, Lots of stuff that effected not just Jews but gentiles.

    You’re prophetic Chaim. JTF right again! I wonder sometimes if your A prophet.

  • JTF was an effective organization once upon a time when Chaim actually used humor to portray the horrors of daily life. Now, JTF is an irrelevant bore. Chaim can never come close to the greatness of Rabbi Kahane so long as he continues on this impotent and irrelevant path. It is a depressing shame to see what has happened to a once-promising organization.

    Ignore me if you like. What I say is no less the truth. 😉

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