• what would you do specifically with a multi million dollar budget? that you can not do on the internet..

  • Rubio should get some credit too. He mentions other important issues the family unit that Cruz doesn t. Also was defending Israel in the debate. Cruz can’t do it alone.

  • Yaakov ben Yehuda

    trump is hitlery’s best friend

  • If Trump is the nominee I may have to vote for Hillary. It isn’t just not voting anymore after seeing David Duke support Trump and Duke so happy about the rise of Trump. And now the LePenn the father in France supporting Trump. It is frightening beyond words.

    Have to ask though why at least also support Rubio to some degree. If it becomes a brokered convention you hope that Rubio’s support would go to Cruz and not Trump or vice versa.

    ANd overall he has a stronger conservative record then Cruz on domestic issues. It is sad some only care about one issue and that is immigration but it is one issue among many and this focus on this one issue is partly how Trump has got so far.

    Some of his responses to Trump have been really strong. And his support of Israel as well. None of them are perfect.

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