• Why would Trump be prefered over Clinton?

    Easy… Trump is the only person more deplorable than Hitlery KKKlinton.

    In my opinion Clinton would’ve been far worse. She’s more to the left than Angela Merkel.

  • I’ll also say this. No one won the 2016 elections. We all lost. We could’ve had Cruz. No. Its tragic.

  • Cruz is not someone to trust and he again shows why populism and hating minorities is an ideology that by definition always leads to antisemitism because after all the bible says that we should hate the stranger. And anyone who claims this means convert clearly doesn’t read the bible because it also explains the reasoning was that Jews were strangers in Egypt. Jews were not converts in Egypt. JTF also defended Coulter before she revealed herself to be what she is but it shouldn’t surprise us. The idea that immigrant is the reason for the USA problems is absurd.

    Cruz is defending Alex Jones being banned from facebook. What does this say about him. He already friends with Rand Paul and has tried to also be friends not just with the evangalists but also the isolationists libertarians that part of their platform is hatred of Jews and Israel. So how does this make him someone to trust.

  • the idf refused to protect the land of Israel and prefer his population to live in fear of facing mortal danger despite his promise

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