Leftists Watch Abortion Video. Immediately Become Pro-Life On Camera!

For those of us who are pro-life, murder and abortion are interchangeable. Mostly because abortion is murder. But to pro-choicers abortion is no more murderous than having a wart removed. This comes as no surprise, given that they liken babies to an unwanted tumor.

You’d think the people who so fervently defend abortion would be well acquainted with the actual abortion process, right? …Right?

Turns out not so much. Watch what happens when they learn about the abortion procedure.

Excuse me as I pick my jaw up off the floor. Let’s recap. Here’s a few things this video reveals about the majority of pro-choicers:

  • Most people are pro-choice by default
  • They’re either misinformed or unfamiliar with abortion procedures
  • They’re unaware of when life begins (conception)
  • They don’t realize how developed the fetus is inside the womb

Take a moment to process this, because the evidence above puts a lot into perspective. For instance, how slimy pro-abortion platforms like Salon.com RAGE when shown photos of aborted fetuses. Because seeing dead babies is awful? No. Because they don’t want reality raining down on their feelings parade. They don’t want to be reminded that fetuses are people. Well, they were. Before PP pulled them apart and sold their organs. Yeah, abortion is a cash cow, that’s another reason they want to keep the details of it hidden. So as not to affect their bottom line.

The point is that when people see said evidence of the unborn’s humanity, the ice around their hearts begins to melt.


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