• Chaim how is David Ben Moshe? Can you do a show with him using zoom?

  • Please take note that odysee threw up this error for me part way into the video:

    “A network error caused the media download to fail part-way.”

  • thanks again

  • I noticed that too Chaim! Do they care that the terrorist who attacked the Capitol was black? If a black or hispanic terrorist did an attack like 9/11 would they give it the same attention they gave 9/11?

    Honestly, its a rhetorical question. On a side note, when 9/11 happened everyone assumed it was right wing militias. Even my Catholic priest said that the attackers were probably right wing christian militia nuts from the south!

    By the way Chaim, having difficulty with odysee had to use the mp3 link instead! what happened? Even Bitchute can’t take you? They take everyone! Nazis and Jihadists are there!

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