Meet Donald Trump: The King of Sleaze – Brought First Strip Club to Casinos and Much More

trumpDonald Trump is widely known as the presidential candidate and businessman who promises to “Make America Great Again”.

It’s time for Republicans of all stripes and Evangelicals in particular to meet Donald Trump, The King of Sleaze.

In 2013, when Mr. Trump owned the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City he brought the first strip club to the area’s casinos. Who thought that the gambling ghetto could be brought to a new low? Donald Trump figured out how to do it.

The reportedly $ 25 million, 36,000 square feet of “adult” entertainment within the casino featured “modified lap dancing” and women stripping down to G-strings and pasties, among other live porn activities. The casino is no longer owned by Trump (he filed for bankruptcy, leaving others with millions upon millions of his debt and losses), but the Trump Taj Mahal still bares the Trump name. So the man who seeks to have his name associated with the White House will still have his name proudly associated with a Casino that degrades and debases women.

As a frequent guest on The Howard Stern show for many years, Trump repeatedly and consistently spewed pornographic sleaze and advocated a sexually immoral lifestyle, while proudly living one himself. Many of them can be heard through links on, which broke the most comprehensive story on Trump’s Stern interviews to date. What you will discover is that Trump often rated women on scale of 1 to 10 according to their looks. He said, for instance, that “A person who is very flat-chested is very hard to be a 10.” He also repeatedly talked about how he could “do” famous women if he chose to, used crude language to describe females, and played the International Playboy role to perfection. Listen to the audio and prepare to be sickened.

Recall when Mr. Trump said that Megyn Kelly of Fox News had, “blood coming out of her wherever”. Reflect on his attacking former presidential candidate Carly Fiornia with an insult about her face. Think about how creepy and inappropriate is Trump’s declaration that he would date his own daughter if she weren’t his daughter. Remember his very public adulterous affair with Marla Maples while he was still married to his first wife. The list goes on and on.

But back to the idea of making money off of strippers. Mr. Trump’s current (and third) wife, the would be First Lady, has her own record in pornography. In fact, she posed nude in her years as a model. That’s right, if the GOP continues down this path of madness we will have a presidential nominee that degrades women, has bragged about his adultery, has made money off of strip tease shows, and a First Lady that has posed totally nude.

It’s no wonder that Donald Trump still supports and extols the virtues of Planned Parenthood, the organization that betrays women and girls at the most vulnerable time in their lives; the organization that encourages our teen daughters to be sexually active; the organization that is now notorious for selling baby body parts. It is the very philosophy of Planned Parenthood that Donald Trump uses to justify his decadent lifestyle choices. To both, women are largely sexual objects and men are allowed to treat them that way.

This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg of how truly sleazy Donald Trump is. If I know these things, then the mainstream media with its army of investigative journalists knows much, much more. But don’t look for them to report on it now – they are salivating for the GOP to nominate Trump for the presidency because it will feed their feminist, liberal narrative that the GOP is engaging in a “war on women”. Rest assured, the truth about Trump will then be headlines and the fantasy war on women will become a credible narrative. And whichever liberal, socialist Democratic candidate is nominated will easily be elected President of the United States. Worse still, every Evangelical leader who cozied up to Mr. Trump and was seduced into supporting him will be embarrassed and shamed, and the body of Christ will suffer.

I’ve spent much of my adult life fighting pornography because it is evil; because it victimizes and degrades women and destroys men and families. It is beyond tragic that so many of my Republican and Christian brothers and sisters have forgotten that it is the moral fiber of a country that determines its ultimate destiny. If the GOP disregards moral, principled leaders in favor of one who promises only great riches, then we deserve neither.

Yes, Donald Trump promises to “Make America Great Again”. What he and his supporters fail to realize is that America will never be great again, if we are not first good again.


  • Gary Williamson

    Who ever wrote this article didn’t sigh it. Anyway, I thought it was right on. Trump is a slease and it looks like we are going to have a slease for president. Where is Ronald Reagan??

  • In this day and time evil seems to prevail. Because Donald Trump owned casinos doesn’t surprise me that the people patronizing the casinos also wanted sleepy entertainment. I have to wonder why it went bankrupt. I believe Trump loves America and unless you are blind, you can easily figure out that America is being destroyed by Obama. Trump is older and wiser. He has children and grand children the same as I. He desires to turn things around for the better and have a SAFE America in which they are to grow up in. With Christians getting their heads chopped off. People strapping bombs on their bodies, drugs flowing through our country, borders aren’t safe, you sit on your pedestal and condemn him because he has a desire to turn his and our lives in the right direction. Since you are so holy maybe you should spend 50 million to try and wake people up to what is going on in this corrupt system or better yet you run for president Julie. I assume you are perfect and have no skeletons in your closet. Stand up for what is right here and now. He is the man to get the job done. Maybe all the good ones were killed in 9-11.

    • Wow, great comment! Thanks, I totally agree!

    • Did you even read the article before spewing more of the vague but undefined “Trump will make America great” nonsense? Perhaps it should be rephrased, “Trump will make America great for white men”, because he doesn’t give a damn about women -as evidenced by his hateful, mysoginistic language, ownership of strip clubs, and his disposable wives. Family values my a$$!

    • Did you even read the article before spewing more of the vague but undefined “Trump will make America great” nonsense? Perhaps it should be rephrased, “Trump will make America great for white men”, because he doesn’t give a damn about women -as evidenced by his hateful, mysoginistic language, ownership of strip clubs, and his disposable wives. Family values my a$$!

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  • My vote for Trump is only a vote against Hillary. Trump is also helping produce gambling addicts. They are both corrupt, no question. If Trump lowers taxes, this is the best we can hope for. For the most part, individuals have to depend on ourselves for our own behavior.

    If you want to know who helped put Trump on the map, it is Michael Savage of the radio show called The Savage Nation:
    Michael Savage is a nut too; he goes to a palm reader.
    Cruz blew his future big time when he would not back Trump up. He acted like a 12 year old.

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