Mentally Challenged Liberals Claim “Only Love Can Defeat Islamic State”

This is right up there with Canada’s prime minister claiming that  they “would not answer violence with violence.” So I guess they would just sit there peacefully if a terrorist was stabbing them to death.

It’s so absurd that you can’t even wrap your head around how dumb these people are. This is along the same lines as sending flowers to mosques after terror attacks.

The director of the anti-fracking documentary “Gasland” was mocked relentlessly on social media for saying that only “love” could defeat ISIS, not the “Mother of All Bombs” that the military deployed to much applause on the terrorist group.

“Atrocity. Murder. Abomination,” Josh Fox posted. “When will we learn that only love stops hate, and bombings only create more ISIS?” He added the hashtags for “MOAB” and “Stop Trump.”

He continued. “Our democracy stops being so great when we sink to the level of ISIS. Unjustifiable mass murder.”

He appeared to be reacting to the enormous bomb that was dropped on an ISIS base in Afghanistan. It reportedly killed 36 ISIS [terrorist] while causing no apparently civilian casualties. Josh Fox called this “unjustifiable mass murder,” and equated it to the brutal terror that ISIS imposes among innocents.

Killing ISIS terrorists is unjustifiable?? Are you kidding me? Oh, I must have forgotten! Islamic State terrorists are poor innocent victims that “accidentally” lock their victims into cages and set them on fire while filming it and screaming “Allah akbar”.

Or drowning it…

Or catching up on their mass-murdering skills:

And teaching the kids to cut a head off…

Or “marrying” little girls they kidnapped after butchering their family…

Anyone who claims Islamic State beasts are innocent needs to move to one of the many luxurious Muslim countries. Their kids could play “terrorists and infidels” together.

Liberals believe whatever fantasy sounds good to them. They can be one of 63 different genders. You can be a 53 year old that is “actually” a 6 year old girl. Hell, you can “identify” as a mermaid. All you need is a safe-space the size of the entire earth where no one can tell you the “truth” because that would be “white supremacy and a myth.” Aborting human babies isn’t murder but capital punishment of serial killers is. Oh, and Islam is a religion of peace!

You couldn’t even make half this crap up if you tried. It’s completely insane. Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

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