My friends, the Duma suspects were tortured

From-Yair-Stern-to-Meir-Ettinger-Nothing-ChangesThe lawyers of the suspects in custody attest that the Shin Bet sexually harassed suspects, struck their genitals, kicked, spat and electrocuted them, and that one of the suspects attempted suicide.

After hearing about the torture of the Duma suspects at the hands of the Israeli security services, it’s time to remember that these suspects are first and foremost Jewish children and they have been subjected to physical and mental torture.

As we hear about the Duma case, it is easy to forget that these suspects are young Jewish children. They are the son of some Jewish mother and the grandson of some Jewish grandmother.

Their identities are currently under gag order, but I can say that I have met all of the Duma suspects currently incarcerated and I know them personally. I recall dancing at the wedding of one of the suspects. He too was dancing and full of smiles. I remember visiting another one of the suspects in his home where he brought out tea and cookies for myself and other guests.

I listened to the press conference held by their lawyers and I heard Adi Keidar say, “I can say that the youth who I met was not the same person who I knew before this interrogation.”

I am worried based on Keidar’s words. What has been done to my friend who I once knew? Will I ever see him smile again? Will I ever hear him speak again? What sort of permanent damage has been done to him by these violent interrogations?

I remember another friend of mine. He is a small teenager no more than 16 years old. He’s barely 5 feet tall and hardly more than 100 pounds. According to the lawyers at the press conference his head was snapped back until he threw up. When he was taken to a doctor, the doctor said he needed to rest, especially given that he had been prevented from sleeping for three days. Yet the Shabak interrogators immediately took him back to the interrogation room and continued with their torture.

It was noted at the press conference that none of the suspects have confessed to the attack in Duma and it seems that none of them have been connected to the incident so far.

It’s important to keep in mind that the stories mentioned here, come from the few suspects who have been able to meet with lawyers. There are still others who have not yet been granted that basic right. Who knows what was done to them?

More scary perhaps it what will be done to them now that the Shabak interrogators are even more frustrated given that it was reported in the press conference that the Duma incident has still not been solved.

I think about my friend the newlywed. The one who’s wedding I danced at just over a year ago. He is among those who have not yet met with a lawyer and he is also not a minor. If the stories above are what was done to minors, I dare not dream what was done to him…

I think of the others who are also undergoing these interrogations and it is easy to see where this is going. If suspects are violently abused and interrogations are continued despite doctors’ advice, there will be permanent physical and emotional damage.

It seems that the Shabak would be quite pleased with themselves if the last dying breath of one of the suspects was a confession. At the current rate it seems we are not so far from that point, G-d forbid…


  • They must be liberated immediately

  • Jewish terrorists are no different than Hamas, Isis , or kkk. They deserve no sypathy. To me they a hitler-Juden youth who are not innocent children. Sad there are some rabbi terrorist instigators who encourage this betrayal of are that is holy. These terrorists are not different than Samir Kuntar, Heinrich Himmler, or Rabin’s killer Amir burn in hell.

    • Yaakov ben Yehuda

      There is no Jewish terrorists

    • Jews are not terrorists.

      We are not the cause of terror.

      There are things that must be said even if it is unpopular or uncomfortable to say so.

      There has been a festival of lies on televisions in Israel during the past two and a half weeks. This festival involves trying to explain to the public the roots of “Jewish terror” and how the attack in Duma is the cause of the Arab terror wave (because before Duma there was no Arab terror, of course).

      The Jewish Division of the Shabak has set their priorities clearly and they have scoured the law books carefully to find loopholes that allow them to use methods never used before against Jews and even several methods that have never been used against Arabs. Further, they have had no problem violating the laws they could not simply skirt around. All this, in order to stop ‘terror.’

      The terror they have focused on stopping is not the terror that has blown up buses, nor the terror that has kidnapped and murdered dozens of soldiers and children, nor the terror that tries to stab, massacre, and drive into men, women, and children everyday. No, not that terror.

      ‘Jewish Terror’ is the problem. ‘Jewish Terror’ that can hardly be compared to Arab terror which has left thousands murdered, maimed, and injured is the problem. ‘Jewish Terror,’ in contrast, has left graffiti, punctured tires, and broken tree branches [in protest of all the innocent Jews being murdered by Arab Muslims]. And now they are trying to blame the arson in Duma on ‘Jewish Terror.’

      And yes, they are ‘trying’ to blame it on Jews, because until now nobody has proven otherwise. Not in the five months that have passed since and not in the past two weeks where they have tortured Jewish children by violating their civil and human rights. But still, everything is silent and quiet…

      Everything is happening deep in the pits of the Shabak interrogation rooms under a very concerning ‘gag order.’ Everything is done there and still nothing has come out from there.

      I don’t know the Dawabsha family and I have no idea if in their hearts they want to kill Jews, or if they raised three fingers in the air when the three teenagers were kidnapped two summers ago. Maybe when they hear in their local mosque, ‘Kill the Jews,’ they close their ears and pray for peace. I don’t know.

      In a perfect world, I would have more room for sympathy for them, but this is not a perfect world. It is a sick and distorted world. The root of this distortion comes from those who allowed us to reach this situation. It comes from those who insist on failing to instill deterrence and from offering weak messages. This distortion is the result of allowing Arab murderers to do whatever they please by using their cars or knives against Jews in part of a sick game of Russian Roulette played by our leaders.

      So sorry about the lack of sensitivity, but there was only one attack in Duma (and it still has not been solved) whereas Shalhevet Pass, the Henkin Family, the Litman Family, the Fogel Family, the Shabo family, the Gavish family, Adele Biton, Chaya Baron, Shlomo Nativ, Yonatan Palmer, and Asher Hasno are many and they are just the beginning.

      The long string of Arab Terror attacks over many years stands in clear contrast to so-called ‘Jewish Terror’ that hardly exists.

      War is difficult and often undesirable. However avoiding war when it is necessary and required only leads to further casualties on both sides. There is a false belief that if we restrain ourselves, remain calm, and only respond when there is absolutely no choice, that we are acting like grownups who are mature and understand the situation better. But that is not true and we end up paying a serious price for it.

      Defending when we need to attack allows terror to grow. To put it simply, I don’t want to be protected from terror, I want to see to it that there is no terror!

      (The fact that the last sentence sounds strange is because we have been brainwashed into believing that terror cannot be stopped.)

      Even if we are willing to accept the distortion that there is both Jewish and Arab terror, which one is really the root cause? Is the root problem Arab terror that has existed for years and constantly rears its head or is it Jewish terror that occurs once in a while when Jews feel frustrated and helpless due to the lack of response against Arab terror?

      The real question is not really one of terror, but one of policy.

      Will we finally decide to put an end to terror or will we choose to restrain ourselves and accept being murdered regularly?

      Te are not the source of terror and the time has come to stop the real terror now!

  • Man’s condition worsens without the leadership of the Lord. What a shame man has been such a failure.

  • Shlomo & Yaakov ben Yehuda , you both said it correctly and Truthfully there are No
    “Jewish Terrorists” there has Never been a single Jewish Terrorist in Human History, not even one

  • Furthermore
    Arabs never restrain themselves, don’t Forget the Countless Millions upon Millions of Prevented and Thwarted Arab Terrorist Attacks in Israel that the Fake News
    Media Never Mentions

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