• Egypt is Nobody’s Friend
    nydailynews.com has an article headlined
    “Egyptian illegal aid to Hamas must be stopped”
    October 18, 2023

    • A person recently typed online after the Pro-Hamas Hate Demonstrations following the
      October 7, 2023 Attacks

      When people complained to Rabbi Meir Kahane that FDR could have saved MILLIONS of Jews and REFUSED TO TRY…

      He answered them:

      “Why did you expect better from a non-Jewish leader?
      [The descendants of] ESAU HATES JACOB [the Jewish people] Period”

    • Many Christians were praying for the people in Gaza , but Notice how they weren’t praying for the Israeli Hostages or the Israeli Civilians

      • Those Countless Christians prayed for the people of Gaza , notice how they Never prayed for the 1,400 Israelis Murdered in Cold Blood, or for the Israeli Hostages or for the Countless Israeli Civilians still living in Fear of Future Hamas Attacks

        • Truly Disgusting how those many Christians only prayed for the Fakestinians, the
          Precious “Palestinians” in
          Gaza , as if their “suffering” is somehow Israel’s Fault , Everything is the Fault of Hamas , Everything
          No Prayers for Innocent Jews Killed
          Everyone still unjustly Hates the Jews and Israel as Always. Truly Sick and Satanic , those many Christians unjustly blame Jews & Israel for the
          October 7, 2023 Attacks

    • From the New York Post
      nypost.com an article is headlined
      “Biden & Obama are wrong: Hamas, not Israel, is responsible for every civilian death in Gaza”
      By Isaac Schorr
      Published Oct. 23, 2023,

    • Also
      Has an article headlined
      “Gaza: The usual suspects and the usual lies”
      By Paul Danish – June 7, 2018
      The article is a Must Read .
      We Cannot be Deceived by
      Anti-Israel Propaganda and Lies

    • About 2 days ago a person typed online about the October 7, 2023
      tragedy & Meir Kahane
      “Rabbi Kahane said it best. We need him badly now”
      In the Future, only God Knows when
      Meir Kahane will Return to Earth !!
      It will be a Great Day !

    • A person recently typed online about Kahane after
      The October 7, 2023 attacks
      “There should be a memorial service for Rabbi Meir Kahane in the Knesset on the 18th of Cheshvan.” Another person called
      Meir Kahane a
      “lonely voice of reason in a mad mad World”

  • Does Anyone else wish that Because Egypt and Syria started the 1973 War with Israel, that after the War ended Israel had Demolished all the Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt as Punishment for Egyptian Aggression

  • To Hamas and Hezbollah: yemach shemo vezichro may they be erased from the earth and from all memory, scum.

  • With all the crime in NYC , how does JTF feel about Stop & Frisk policies

  • I’ve had a hunch that all these years the US federal government has been, perhaps, blackmailing Israel as a result of something extremely devious that if released to the general Israeli public could cause catastrophic havoc.

    What other reason could there be for these wimpy, Bolshevik imbeciles to keep caving in to US demands? Jewish hatred? I am sure that is part of it – but only part of it.

    Chaim, what are your thoughts?

  • Americans should send Anthony Weiner to Gaza as chief negotiator and if the muzzies cut his schlong off it’s a win/win for him and us.

  • A person recently typed on the Internet about October 7, 2023 that
    “Some thought Rabbi Meir Kahane radical; racist. Think again. The horrific events in Israel are a stark reminder that a so-called two-state solution is NOT what the Arabs want. They want Jews dead. Period”

  • The New York Post ,
    nypost.com has an article headlined
    “Biden is being played by Hamas, Iran and Qatar — with American and Israeli lives at stake”
    By Richard Goldberg  Oct. 20, 2023
    Anyone see it ?

  • When Meir Kahane Ultimately Returns to Earth in the Future
    The Whole World will be Saying Kahane Tzadak!

  • Because of the October 7, 2023
    Attacks, Countless More Secular Jews and Half-Jews who don’t like their Jewish Facial Appearance are going to become even more Uncomfortable with their Jewishness and Jewish sounding voice, accent, to the extent that they cannot even look at themselves in the Mirror

    • One note Johnny. Enough already.

      • When you said
        “One note Johnny. Enough already.” What are you referring to ?

        • Your self hate or antisemitism. Which is it?

          • More like
            Self-Hate, Many Jewish and Half-Jewish people are Sickened and Repulsed by their Stereotypical Unattractive Jewish Looks, Voice, Jewishness overall, that they are unable to look at themselves in the Mirror. Very Uncomfortable with their eyes and try to pass as Fully Gentile , but they have experienced Anti-Semitism because of their Jewish Facial Appearance and Voice
            Now, Not All Jews are Unattractive, but many are. I may be
            Self-Hating , but at least I have the Decency and Morals to be Pro-Israel
            All I Know is that when I ultimately pass away and go to Heaven, I want God to make me Fully Gentile , Very Attractive English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh,

          • Many Secular Jews and
            Half-Jews are deeply Uncomfortable with their Jewishness

          • You need spiritual counseling.

  • Israel shouldn’t invade Gaza. They’ll pay too high a price in lives lost.

    What Israel should do is kidnap Sulzberger of the New York Nazi times and put him on trial in Jerusalem for crimes against Israel and the Jewish people. Just like Israel did with Eichmann. I’d like them to grab Thomas Friedman too. They can get him easily in his favorite chinese restaurant while he’s sucking on a pork chop.

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