Netanyahu: Israel’s Cooperation With Nazi Muslim Terrorist Arab States “Has Never Been Greater”

Netanyahu brags that he has assured that Israel is working closely with Muslim terrorist countries that openly call for the destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.

Netanyahu said that cooperation today with countries in the Arab world is actually greater than it was when Jerusalem signed agreements with Egypt and Jordan.

In practice, he said, there is cooperation in “different ways” and “at different levels,” though it is not public.

And even though it is not out in the open, “it is much larger than any other period in Israel’s history. It’s a huge change.”

Netanyahu, who also serves as the country’s foreign minister, advanced the annual toast because he will be traveling to Latin America and New York next week, returning just hours prior to the beginning of Rosh Hashana on September 20.


  • The problem is though the Middle Eastern Christians don’t like Israel either. I am finding out here in NJ that there extremist Christian Arab groups as well here. Case in point Samer E Khalaf. Who defended Rasmeih Odeh. And heads the ADC for arab discrimination. He is an Arab Christian. Just see is facebook page Samer E Khalaf. His is in Washington DC but his family is in NJ for the most part. And I am currently working for someone who his brother is partners with a Khalaf (and they do their books) and this has to be some relative as he is friends with him and I am horrified. He went to a baseball game with him as well. This is in Paramus with some of the Christian Syrian Orthodox. They don’t even care about helping their own Christian brothers.

  • I also might add that the Khalaf I deal with is married to a Jewish women who is obviously not religious but many extremist love to marry from who they hate and plays on someone else’s grievances which they use as an excuse to hate after all if a Jewish women feels this way they are right to have this hatred. In the real world of course their children not only don’t associate as Jewish but usually hate the Jewish people. They can’t be “saved” when they openly themselves support people like this Samer E khalaf creep and agreed to everything that is gong on.

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