New demand that the Hilltop Youth pay for destruction of their own homes (video)


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  • Bs’D. Single issue topics such as yours are always very important. However, aside from that, I have always found secular Zionist Israeli politics to be one big rabbit hole. I never actually noticed it- but throughout the years whenever I have seen Israeli news headlines dealing with politics, elections, Knesset squabbles and moves for power I have very rarely even clicked on the headlines. And when I have done so I invariably click away within seconds, wondering why I even went there in the first place. These things are 99% irrelevant conversions from the true issues of the ongoing voice drama.

  • The 7th word from the end and my comment below should read “diversions”.
    Chaim- is it possible for you to add a self-edit feature for commenters. It is very clumsy to have to go back and reply to my own comments to make a correction. Thanks. Giacobo

  • Numerous online articles document how illegal ARAB settlements are the real problem in Judea-Samaria aka the
    “West Bank” it is the illegal
    ARAB construction , illegal
    ARAB settlements that is the Real problem . As usual Everything is the Fault of the ARABS, and the Fakestinians.
    Arabs are the Worst, Arabs have always been the Worst people in the World

  • More about illegal ARAB settlements, & illegal ARAB construction has an article headlined
    “The Real Illegal Settlements”
    by Bassam Tawil
    on December 5, 2016 We all need to Reject the Arab Poison & Arab Lies that spreads like Cancer in today’s Sick Evil World,
    We cannot be deceived by Arab, Fakestinian & Muslim Fake News

  • Once and For All, there is No
    Israeli “Occupation” of any
    Arab or Fakestinian land or people.
    That is a Lie , a Vicious Arab Lie
    There is No “Occupation” has an article headlined
    “There Is No ‘Occupation’ ”
    Samuel Bahn
    July 18, 2018
    Let’s Repeat that,
    There is No “Occupation”
    Countless other Articles Refute & Debunk the “Occupation” Lies

  • Plus has an article exposing the “Occupation” Lie
    The article is headlined :
    There is No “Occupation”
    by Morton A. Klein

    Google It , Again
    There is No “Occupation”

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