New Islamic State video: prisoners made to lay in mass graves before being slaughtered with machine guns

isis_video2Their sickest video yet: ISIS release footage of their biggest massacre in which prisoners were made to lay in mass graves before being machine-gunned to death

  • Islamic State fanatics release sickening new footage of mass execution
  • The 22minute-long film shows wholesale slaughter of Iraqi military cadets
  • It was filmed at last year’s notorious Speicher massacre, in Tikrit, Iraq
  • Men are machine gunned in mass graves, while others are shot in the head
  • It continued into the night and an excavator was needed to shift bodies

Islamic State fanatics have released one of their most sickening videos yet – new footage of hundreds of military cadets being machine gunned to death while lying face down in the dirt.

The grisly footage shows executions on an industrial scale, as young men are seen falling from trucks and pleading for their lives before being lay down in shallow graves and sprayed with bullets.

Others are shot individually and their bodies dumped into the Tigris River, while an excavator is seen shifting vast piles of bodies as the executions continue into the night.

The footage reveals the true scale of last year’s Speicher massacre, in Tikrit, Iraq, where up to 1,700 military cadets are thought to have been slaughtered.

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