• I am so proud. JTF and Chaim Ben Pesach are responsible for overthrowing the evil Likud-Netanyahu regime. Mazel Tov.

  • thanks again

  • Maybe Bennett and Lapid will be so grateful to Chaim and JTF that they will overturn Chaim’s blockade on making aliyah

  • Chaim I would love it if you did a JTF episode about the afterlife and the five worlds. I’ve heard of it but its been corrupted by idol worshippers and by so called Jews in kabala who have skewered the meaning. I’m no longer sure so I would be very very happy if you could expound and clarify the meaning.

    I do hope your feeling better from Covid and the passing of your sweet mother. From what you’ve told me I have no doubt she made it to heaven To the Garden and she’s there along with my Grandmother and my aunties and my wife and baby daughter.

    And congratulations for putting PP in his place! But I think Bennett could be worse than PP. I remember he supports gay marriage, gay grooming of children and tranny kids like Joe Biden does. He’ll make it Kosher! But at least Likud got the smack down they deserved!

  • So so sorry to hear of the passing of your mother, Chaim. Be well.

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