• I am not a fan of Adams but he is right about these hipsters from the midwest. They are left wing and gentrify historic neighborhoods. These aren’t the white middle class NY used to have. These are left wing trust fund babies or high income ones.

    • He’s not just referring to the pampered meatheads he’s refering to all whites. If I lived in NYC I’d be happier to move to Iowa.

      BTW, he and other racist blacks in the NYPD want to gang up on white people the way they’ve ganged up on their own people. Blue lives wont matter anymore if Adams and his racist bros get their way.

      Police brutality? Oh! You’re in for it!

  • I have to say I am shocked that Chaim would say that a Jew is committing a crime by serving in the American military. Chaim was born in 1956 or so. Right. But doesn’t Chaim understand that there was a time there was a draft. During Vietnam everyone was drafted. Those born in the 1940’s were drafted. Some Jews used Judaism as a way to get out of service. Some in the Modern Orthodox world did that. Falsely claimed they were studying to be a Rabbi. I don’t think that is right at all and in fact while others were serving they had less competition in the work world so if there is a draft and Jews don’t serve or try to get out on false pretensions like Trump did, it is a chilul hashem for sure. And some MO Jews did just that and I really hope that Chaim doesn’t realize that it is possible Rabbi Kahane was rationalizing this behavior. Some people did legit items like get married which ok. That is legitimate. But others used fake reasons and of course that caused them to use Judaism as a weapon to esscape the world. Of course in Zeldin case it was to volunteer. On that issue I don’t find fault with. You are risking your own life. to fight the taliban why is that bad. Yeah, that he intermarried that is bad. But I still think there may be a rationalization here that some MO Jews used fake reasons to not serve. And this also is a form of affirmative action as they had less competition in the work world. It wapred of what Judaism was for them.

    • Admiral Hyman Rickover was the founder of the USA nuclear navy. J Robert Oppenheimer was the head of the Manhattan Project

      • First of all, alot of these great Jews were serving BEFORE israel was reborn. Second, regardless if they ARE moral decent and upright and good and brave, Jews are required to live in Israel. They may not live anywhere else much less serve in their armies. NO! This is The word of G-d, the Jewish Torah.

        Besides, Israel could use brave brilliant men like that!

  • I also feel that Chaim is harming his own message by this affirmative action comments. Focus on their views.

    There are plenty of people that in their own have a form of affirmative action. Being the son of a wealthy parent you get many breaks another person wouldn’t get. Even some Jews who get ahead and do well financially it is because they fit a stereotype the enemy likes not because they are so smart.

    By focusing on this it shows a certain hate because many non-minorities including Jews do sometimes get ahead by reasons that have nothing to do with their skills but for some other reason. This isn’t wear Chaim should go. .

  • I think chaim is referring to people who are lazy and have an entitled attitude which could affect the quality of their work as well as being incompetent. There are examples of this from people in all walks if life.

  • For all Republican jtf-ers in nyc, Fernando Mateo is a good man who got partitions in all yellow medallion taxis in nyc and is not a lying philandering thieving b.s. artist like Curtis Sliwa. He should be the official JTF choice for mayor.

  • I am glad I don’t live in NYC. I just visit. Rarely… for as short as I can… Carefully…

    Looks like elections are bad news there. I think Andy Giuliani, Mateo and Maya the Bee MMMHHMMMM!! Are the best you can come up with for governor and mayor. Sad.

    Also while I agree Jews shouldn’t be in gentile militaries, I think to brand all Jews in the military as traitors is a bit harsh. they’re just ignorant. They need to serve in the Israeli military. They’d do good!

  • thanks again

  • Where the hell is he ?!

  • My guess is that he’s under arrest for interfering in the internal politics of Israel as a foreigner. He said if they didn’t let him enter Israel he would give them headaches. Instead they gave him a migraine. Just a guess

  • Fred Maroun said on Facebook “Israel should have a veto right on any nuclear deal with Iran. There is only one country that Iran has repeatedly threatened with annihilation. It’s not the US, France, or the UK, and it certainly isn’t Russia. It’s Israel. If the deal fails, no one will pay the price other than Israel and perhaps some neighboring Arab states. Any sense of fairness requires a right of veto for Israel.”

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