Poll: Most Voters Don’t Think Trump, Clinton Will Keep Campaign Promises

donald-trump-hillary-clintonThen why on earth are people voting for them?

Most people don’t believe Donald Trump’s promises to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexican border or his calls to deport undocumented immigrants, but they also don’t believe Hillary Clinton’s promises of reining in Wall Street or other reform messages, a new Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday shows.

With Trump’s plans:

Building a border wall:

  • 53 percents said Trump will try;
  • 24 percent said he’ll succeed;
  • 29 percent said he will not try to build the wall.

Deporting undocumented immigrants:

  • 64 percent said he will try;
  • 19 percent said he will succeed;
  • 29 percent said he will not try.

Temporary ban on Muslims:

  • 71 percent said he would try;
  • 29 percent said he will succeed;
  • 21 percent believe he will not try.
And with Clinton’s plans:

Removing secret money from politics:

  • 63 percent said she will not try;
  • 27 percent said she will try;
  • 9 percent said she will succeed.

Reining in Wall Street:

  • 56 percent, she will not try;
  • 15 percent, she will try and succeed.

Implementing debt-free in-state college tuition:

  • 32 percent, she will not try;
  • 39 percent, she will try;
  • 22 percent, she will succeed.

The poll was conducted from May 24-30, surveyed 1,561 registered voters, and carried a margin of error of 2.5 percentage points.


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