Reince Priebus has NO REGRETS over omitting Jews from Holocaust Remembrance statement

El Rinso says he has no regrets about whitewashing Jews from the holocaust while talking to Chuck Todd this morning.

Watch below:

How weird is that? I’m honestly completely bewildered by this. What possible rational reason would they have to omit the Jews from that statement? Remember, this is the admin of the same moron who whined and complained that Obama never said the words “Muslim extremist.” I guess words don’t matter anymore. But then I’ve been saying that for about a year now…

Hope Hicks defended it yesterday as the anti-defamation league blasted Trump for the omission.

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  • For what it’s worth, V.P. Mike Pence mentioned the Jewish people in his statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

    Vice President Pence
    Verified account

    This #HolocaustRemembrance Day, we join the Jewish people to remember the victims & honor the survivors of the past for sake of the future.


    2:26 PM – 27 Jan 2017

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