• God, what a bunch of losers.

    • William Clarke, what is your opinion of Madeleine Albright, she was Jewish and the first female Secretary of State who passed away at the age of 84 ..

  • Massive evidence of election fraud in the popular vote, we’ll see how the electoral college goes, till then there’s no President elect. Corporate media, Dems and CCP linked groups like BLM are trying to pull off a color revolution type PsyOp fueled by common interests and hatred of the President. Let’s support the fight to defend the Constitution and keep the Biden/Harris/Kerry gang from polluting the White House.

  • David Silverstein

    Zionist power Zionist victory Zionist strength Kahane forever

  • thanks again

  • Well presented truth. The left is enemy of jews and all people. The antisemitism by the left and moslems is fueled by israel not claiming their own land so a bible illiterate generation thinks the arab narrative is correct as nations dont give up their holy land unless insane left. Trump is bad news but biden is bad news on steroids. Both want to jab you blocking you from hashem forever. Bibi is very very bad too. Israel & usa working with aliens which are the fallen angels behind the jab.

  • I have been following JTF since the days of Queens Public Access. Your message is powerful and the truth. I am a Police Officer in the NYPD and see the destruction of this city. I am a righteous Gentile. I don’t think America will be a place where my son will have the life and opportunity I had. I think something terrible is coming for this country.

    • I agree but after America we will have nowhere to go. We need to protect this country for the righteous gentiles.

      By the way, I do remember you years ago. You are a very good cop. I wish the NYPD had more like you then NYC would really be a safe city.

  • I agree with William Clarke that they are indeed a bunch of Losers. But how do we know that they are
    Self-hating ?

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