Sexual assault of Jewish woman finally recognized as terror attack

The Defense Ministry has ruled in favor of an appeal by a victim of sexual assault, recognizing her as a terror victim seven years after the assault.

The incident in question took place in 2008, when the victim, a Jewish woman in her mid-20s, was attacked violently by a gang of Arab [Muslim monsters] outside the Old City of Jerusalem.

The gang surrounded her, grabbing her and stealing her possessions. The attackers then proceeded to commit sexual acts on her while beating her.

In addition to the sexual acts performed on her, the woman suffered a broken nose and multiple bruises.

Hitherto, the woman was denied government aid and benefits as she was not recognized as a terror victim, which is defined as anyone suffering from a “violent attack whose primary purpose is to harm the person due to their national-ethnic background, so long as it is related to the Arab-Israeli conflict.”

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