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  • Don’t forget Anthony Graziosi murdered in Crown Heights for looking Jewish during the roots.

    • Fuggedabaudit

      • Remember the 1989
        Spike Lee movie
        “Do the Right Thing” about
        Racial Tension in Brooklyn
        Two years later in August 1991 there was the Crown Heights Riots which eerily reminded many people of the 1989 Spike Lee movie

    • According to the Wikipedia
      Article about the 1991 Crown Heights Riots it says Anthony Graziosi was killed
      “On September 5, two weeks after the riot had been controlled”

      • Thank God that the monster
        Sonny Carson died at the age of 66 on December 20, 2002
        Sonny Carson inflamed the Racial Hatred against Jews at the Crown Heights Riots
        Good that Carson is dead ,
        Carson also helped pave the way for the tragic murder of
        Anthony Graziosi

      • Has anyone ever been Arrested for the Murder of
        Anthony Graziosi ?
        Plus the 1991 Crown Heights Riots was 100 percent the fault of the Blacks, it was Not
        “two-sided” It was Not Both Sides
        The 1991 Crown Heights Riots were 100 percent the Fault of the Blacks

        • The 1991 Crown Heights Riots was 100 percent the Fault of the Blacks, it is Not a Matter of
          “Interpretations of Events” either
          The Riots were 100 percent the Fault of the Blacks, those are Facts that cannot be Refuted

  • The Jews should leave Crown Heights even if it’s to move to Monsey or Lakewood and let Crown Heights atrophy to a crack house if they can’t make aliyah. Fuck the spooks

  • This year is the 30th anniversary of the Crown Heights pogrom. Let’s bring pipes and bats to East Flatbush anything else I say is illegal use your imagination

  • Thanks for Bashing Yoshke! What a stupid cult! Turn the other cheek let everyone be mean to you don’t fight back no matter what they do! Just like what the European Anti-semites believe. Hitler can go to heaven just by believing in Yoshke, but his victims all go to hell if they dont believe in him. What a sick cult. To think I used to be into that. It took being betrayed and robbed to wake up. ICK!!

  • How come Anthony Graziosi didn’t fit the media narrative of divide and conquer? Guess I answered my own question.

  • The vaccine doesn’t protect you from anything. They admitted it. This is America and we have freedoms the rest of the world envies.

  • Hilltop Youth seem like Amish.

  • Remember Anthony Graziosi.

  • Remember Joey Buttafuoco.

    • Anyone remember or hear about this Anti-Semite , Racist Italian guy from Brooklyn named
      Dominick Viola , he went by the alias Nicky Skullz. He passed away in 2017 at the age of 50. He was such a bigot , he told some people that years earlier the JDL was after him , because he was such an
      Anti-Semite Bigot . Viola also
      Severely Traumatized people with his Stalking, Harassment, begging for money, anyone hear about him ? It’s really messed up how he
      Severely Traumatized people, giving them Nightmares and PTSD

      • The JDL knew that
        Dominick Viola aka
        Nicky Skullz from Brooklyn was a Nasty Bigot, but
        did Dominick Viola ever knew that the JDL & The Italians were actually Close Allies in the Early Years of the JDL , it’s beyond messed up how
        Dominick Viola aka Nicky Skullz severely traumatized people, giving them PTSD

  • Remember the worst police commissioner Lee Brown.

  • Anyone else remember or hear about
    Dominick Viola aka
    Nicky Skullz ?
    Many people who knew him wish that they never met him

  • Many people who knew
    Dominick Viola aka Nicky Skullz
    wish that they never met him, and had the Misfortune of knowing him and the PTSD & nightmares he caused people.
    No Tears for him .
    No Tears for Dominick Viola aka Nicky Skullz

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