“Shabak fights against the Jewish vision” – Jewish victim speaks out

Mordechai Ben Gedalya

Mordechai Ben Gedalya

Hakol Hayehudi interviews Mordechai Ben Gedalya (Meyer), who was released last week from administrative detention after a mistake was uncovered by the Shabak.

Mordechai Ben Gedalya (Meyer) was released last week after sitting under administrative detention for five months. It turns out that his administrative arrest was the result of faulty intelligence on the part of the Shabak. Hakol Hayehudi spoke with Mordechai about his release and his and his friends’ vision for the future.

“I learned in yeshiva in Jerusalem and then I moved to the hilltops,” begins Ben Gedalya. “At first I moved to Geulat Tzion and then later to the Baladim hilltop near Kochav Hashachar. We would wake up with the sunrise, pray, learn, watch over the the goats, and seek out G-d however we could. Our dream is a rectified world with the Temple and the Kingdom of David. Without Torah nothing is worthwhile.”

“Our dream is to follow the Torah, which defines the path of G-d. We want good for everyone in a rectified world. They [the Shabak]don’t want a rectified reality and that is why they issue administrative orders. Their main goal is fighting against this vision, not punishing people for specific crimes.”

“I sat five months in administrative detention and in the end it finally came out that I hadn’t done anything. They say ‘lest they [the children of Israel]should multiply’ (Shemot 1:10) and we say ‘may they multiply.’ They want to destroy this vision of a rectified reality and we want to further it. To all my friends who are sitting in jail on similar trumped up charges, I say, ‘Don’t give up. In the end we will overcome. They will repent and the Redemption will come.’ A friend once said, ‘We are confined physically, but our spirits are free,’” concludes Ben Gedalya.


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