Sunni Muslim Arab countries to be part of Trump’s solution for “peace” for Israel

Egyptians burning the Israeli flag because they just “love” the Jewish people.

American Middle East policy experts believe that US President Donald Trump is seeking to bring Sunni Arab states, such as Egypt (that runs anti-Semitic television shows claiming Jews use children’s blood in their matza) and Saudi Arabia (where most of the 9-11 hijackers were from), into his emerging framework for a peace settlement between Israel and the [terrorist PLO], according to a report by the New York Times.

There is no such thing as “Palestine” or a “Palestinian”. It is a lie and a propaganda war intended to destroy Israel the Jewish people. Click here for more information.

According to the report, Trump’s approach dovetails with that of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who believes a regional framework for peace may succeed in light of the Palestinian Authority’s refusal to engage in bilateral negotiations without preconditions.

President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu are scheduled to meet for the first time since Trump took office next week.

However, the report also states that Trump has listened to requests from the leaders of the Sunni states not to engage in pro-Israel moves which could “make life harder” for them, such as moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

“There are some quite interesting ideas circulating on the potential for U.S.-Israeli-Arab discussions on regional security in which Israeli-Palestinian issues would play a significant role,” said Robert Satloff, the executive director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “I don’t know if this is going to ripen by next week, but this stuff is out there.”

… Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, whom Trump appointed as Special Envoy to the Middle East, is said to be intrigued by the idea of substituting a regional framework for bilateral negotiations.

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