Ted Cruz Destroys Bernie Sanders During “CNN Healthcare” Debate

And don’t miss out on Ted Cruz’s fact sheet that proves socialized medicine is a failure everywhere it’s been tried.

CNN is so desperate for ratings they hosted a Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders “health-care” debate. [CNN] probably gave Bernie Sanders the debate questions ahead of tonight’s debate. Didn’t matter to Ted Cruz though, as even with the likely-hood of Bernie Sanders getting the CNN debate questions ahead of time to make up for Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz still absolutely destroyed crazy communist Bernie Sanders. Ted Cruz even whipped out a map to school CNN, Crazy Commie Sanders and the audience Ted Cruz showing districts with the fewest insurance providers.

If Trump doesn’t eventually put Ted Cruz on the Supreme Court, I could definitely support him for POTUS in 2024. He’s make a great candidate for Governor of Texas if Abbott decides to retire. But I’d rather him at least stay in the Senate and [upset] the Democrats and whackobirds like McCain and Graham.


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