Ted Cruz Fundraising Skyrockets at End of Year

tedcruz4Senator Ted Cruz continues to make big gains in the Republican primary, both in polling and popularity with the base, and it is showing in his fundraising numbers. The Wall Street Journal reports that in the fourth quarter, his campaign pulled in a whopping $20 million, a 66% increase over the third quarter.

Jeff Roe, Mr. Cruz’s campaign manager, said in a memo to staff and supporters that the campaign’s year end fundraising total would come to more than $45 million, up from the $26 million raised by the end of September.

The $20 million haul in the final three months of 2015 is up sharply from the $12.2 million raised in the third quarter, a bonanza that came as polls showed Mr. Cruz rising to a top-tier candidate from a back-of-the-pack contender in the crowded GOP candidate field.

By the end of the third quarter, Mr. Cruz already had more cash on hand than any other GOP candidate. Official fundraising reports of how campaigns fared in the fourth quarter do not have to be released until Jan. 31.

Cruz is easily the top non-Trump candidate in the primary and is set up to do very well in Iowa. As The Right Scoop puts it:

Cruz is rockin’ and rollin’ and he’s definitely positioned to win big in Iowa if he can keep the lead. But hot on his trail is el Trumpo, who plans to assail the Iowa frontrunner with a huge ad buy in the state …

The early states are going to be fascinating to watch and the first real test of the power of the outsiders in the party.


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  • Cruz is by far the best on Israel and I support him, but I doubt he can win. The electoral college map is stacked against him. What states will he win that Romney didn’t win? Will overwhelming numbers of white conservatives come out for him? Will the spanish come out for him? Also, the media and the GOP establishment will sabotage him at every turn. They want Chillary to win. At least Trump will bring new voters and huuuuge numbers of whites to the polls, which will upset the predominate, recent voting patterns. And I like Trump’s proposed ban on muslim immigration — Cruise opposes it.

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