• Great episode Reuven and Chaim. Please do an episode on marijuana legalization (and consumption in general) – also very harmful.

    Theodore Dalrymple contrasts the argument for its legalization with the same false argument for the legalization of necrophilia — in that it doesn’t harm anyone (but it does in fact harm society as a whole).

    Shabbat Shalom.

    • Dovid_2 Many people are saying America Needs to Legalize Prostitution, Sex Work for all Consenting Adults and in Every State. There are countless Incels
      Involuntary Celibates in America who want Sex yet for various reasons are unable to get it
      Incels are Suffering unbearably every single day, and they can’t even legally pay for Sex with Fear of being Arrested ,
      The “Freedom” in America is a Joke, a Sick Pathetic Joke
      There are many Evil, Wicked forms of Prohibition in America,
      Such as “Suicide Prevention”
      Forced Living Extremism in America
      Pro-Life Suicide Prevention Extremism is Evil, Torture, Cruel and Unethical
      The Right To Die Movement continues to Grow in America and Worldwide
      America sadly Sucks in Many Ways

      • Why does America
        Torture and Torment
        Incels and Other Sex Starved people by Denying them the
        Right to Paid Sex via
        Legalized Prostitution ?
        Why ? How the Hell can America expect countless Tens of Millions of
        Involuntary Celibates , Incel Americans to Live without Sex , How ? How ? How ?
        People are Suffering Every Single Day in America from
        Incel problems , Its No Joke
        The Public Schools in America need to Teach Social Skills to All Students , so they don’t grow up to be Incels
        Because Not All Parents Teach Social Skills to their Children

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    • HeZqdnryzW , we are Talking about the Intense Sufferings of Incels , the Growing Incel
      Involuntary Celibacy Crisis in America and Worldwide, and the Need of America to Legalize Prostitution in Every State Immediately
      Incel Lives Matter !
      Incels , are Human Beings with Feelings and Valid Legitimate Desires and Needs
      Chronic Long Term Involuntary Celibacy problems is an
      Extremely Serious Painful Problem for Countless people , causing Horrible Suffering that words cannot describe
      And they can’t even legally pay for Sex with Prostitutes without fear of being Arrested
      99.9 percent of the Time
      Incels are the REAL Victims in Life

      • Legalized prostitution in Nevada is very expensive. Legalizing doesn’t mean easier necessarily.

        • That’s why Incels and other Sex Starved people unable to get Sex what it
          Legalized in All 50 States but at Reasonable Prices, there should be some Regulation, more people are Realizing that Sexual Intercourse, Sexual Relations is indeed a
          Human Right, Civil Right, there is a Right To Sex , for All Human Beings, especially for people with Special Needs

          • What are America and Other Nations going to do to Help Incels and other people unable to get Sex naturally ?
            Involuntary Celibacy is everybody’s problem, it could happen to anyone

          • SEX is a Vital Want and Need
            That’s why Incels and other Sex Starved people unable to get Sex WANT it
            Legalized in All 50 States but at Reasonable Prices, there should be some Regulations in Place

      • Plus, Incel problems are also common in the Animal Kingdom
        There are Animals Suffering from Involuntary Celibacy,

      • incels.wiki/w/Adverse_effects_of_inceldom

  • 4 dead in E. Jerusalem synagogue slaying by fakestinian

    • Israel has “Security Agreements” and “Security Coordination” with
      the Fakestinian “Authority”
      And Still this Happens, it’s also been documented how in the past Arabs have even used innocent Animals to carry out Terrorist attacks against Israel
      They Exploit and use
      Innocent Animals to Carry out Terrorist Attacks against Israel

    • The Death toll from the
      Fakestinian East Jerusalem Synagogue Terror Attack is up to 7, and Israel arrests 42 Arabs in Response , Only 42 Arrested , that’s it ?
      plus http://www.timesofisrael.com has an article headlined
      “Palestinians celebrate Jerusalem synagogue massacre with fireworks, sweets” on
      January 28, 2023
      Sick Satanic Fakestinian “Celebrations”
      Truly Demonic

  • Ernst Rohm was SA not SS.

  • I Read Rise and Fall of the Third Reich; there wasn’t one word about homosexuality.

    • Are you thinking of
      Ernst vom Rath an article online about him said “Rath, though an anti-Semite himself, had expressed regret at the treatment and suffering of Jews.” Was
      vom Rath homosexual ?

  • israelnationalnews.com has a
    Pro-Israel article headlined
    “From the River to the Sea, Palestine is already free”
    by Alan Perlman
    January 23, 2023 about the Origin of the name “Palestine”

  • The Jerusalem Post
    jpost.com has an article headlined
    “The Israeli-Palestinian conflict can’t be solved, only ended – opinion”

    By MOSHE DANN   

    Published: JANUARY 4, 2023 

    Do we agree with this article ?

  • The homosexual agenda has been there for a while. Transgender is just the tip of the spear of the transhumanist agenda you unwittingly support. https://rumble.com/v26fm5c-this-video-could-be-one-of-the-most-important-videos-in-modern-times-10-20-.html

  • 221 , what about the
    Suffering, the Intense Sufferings of Incels , incels
    Incels are Human Beings with Feelings, it can happen to Anyone
    The Incel Crisis is sadly getting worse and worse in America and Worldwide , it’s No Joke
    All People Need More Sex
    Not Less

  • Sex Robots aren’t the Answer
    Incels and other people unable to get Sex need Real Sex

  • Chaim, former city councilman and Orthodox Jew David Greenfield, was an advocate for public school security guards in Yeshivas. He said on his that anyone against public school security in Yeshivas didn’t care about children. Was he bought off or just ignorant?

  • A Christian typed online several years ago
    “Out of all the people in the world who should stand with Israel and the Jewish people, it is Christians.
    If a Christian is not standing with Israel and the Jewish people, it is like hating your brother or sister or parents. God sees Christians and Jews as people He has called out from the world. So we do not look or act like the world.
    And I suspect you will find those “Christians” who stand with the “Palestinians” and demonize Israel, as not Christians, but people caught up in “Churchianity”. A tare form of the fake Christian.
    Yes we love and want to help the “Palestinians”. But we do not do it at the expense of Israel and the Jewish people, whom God still has love and plans for.
    We do not help the “Palestinians” at all, by demonizing the only people who are actually protecting them, Israel.
    The rest of the world ensures the disease, hate, destruction in Palestinian areas, because the world supports those who enslave those Arabs in Israel in the areas of Gaza and Judea.
    The EU/Obama admin/UN enable those who do more harm to the “Palestinians” and stand with the lies and Islamic terrorists that keep the “Palestinians” in slavery to hate, hopelessness and despair.
    And the UN/Obama/EU do it on purpose. Antisemitism has a home in these worldly groups, driven by greed for Arab ,money, lack of love for the “palestinians” and self interest.
    I pray for those who stand with Israel and for helping and doing what is right for those trapped in the Gaza and Judea areas under the fascism of Islamic terrorism of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iranian funded hate and savagery.”

  • A person online mentioned
    Fakestinian “civil society” that’s a good one , what civil society, the ultimate oxymoron for those people

  • washingtonexaminer.com has a article headlined
    “Sins of commission and omission in anti-Israel reporting”
    by Hugo Gurdon
    January 31, 2023

  • elderofziyon.blogspot.com on September 26, 2017 has an article headlined
    “A textbook case of media bias that most people would miss”

  • Of course, if you claim that they can do this evil in a “safe way” that is dishonest to, especially with all of the drugs and alcohol, etc. involved and people chasing after their unholy desires. There is no safe way it can be done even the safest of intentions have resulted in people doing great injury to themselves, not just physically, but in so many other ways.

    • YHVHalliance , if the U.S. Government , Israeli Government and other World Governments are reading all the comments on
      jtf.org they Know that Incels are Suffering Unbearably, Incel problems are sadly getting worse and worse every day in America and Worldwide
      How can America and the World help people Suffering from
      Chronic Long Term
      Involuntary Celibacy , Incel problems

  • I’m neither an Incel or a troll , however , like most people I did have problems dating in the past. Now
    Countless American Citizens understandably Hate America with a Passion, because of the countless problems America has and because the
    “Freedom” in America is a Joke
    How can Incels and other suffering people be Patriotic,
    How ?
    How ?

  • Rejection is very painful,
    Romantic Rejection is Very Painful for Incels and other Sex Starved people

    • Life isn’t supposed to be easy all of the time. The opposite is also true. We lack middle ground these days. It’s all out of wack. Feminism has gone too far. The system wants compliant immigrants.

      • Incels have always existed throughout Human History ,
        Has Feminism made it even more difficult for Men to get Girlfriends and Sex ?

      • Feminism has indeed gone way too far , it is worsening the Growing Incel Crisis in America and Worldwide

  • nytimes.com has an article headlined
    “Have More Sex, Please!”
    on Feb. 13, 2023
    By Magdalene J. Taylor This article mentions the Intense
    Sufferings of Incels

  • About Transgender
    A UK museum has reclassified the ancient Roman emperor Elagabalus as transgender and will subsequently be referring to the ruler as “she” in its displays.
    Anyone read about it ?

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