Tom DeLay: ‘I Am So Disappointed in the Evangelicals’ for supporting Trump

Tom-DeLayFormer House Majority Leader Tom DeLay tells Newsmax TV he is “disappointed” in evangelicals for supporting Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

When asked Monday on “The Steve Malzberg Show” why Texas Sen. Ted Cruz keeps losing evangelical votes to the billionaire real estate developer, DeLay said, “I have no idea. I am so disappointed in the evangelicals.”

The former Texas congressman said he found it hard to believe Republicans may end up with a nominee who is “so contrary to what evangelicals are all about.”

Trump, he said, “is a guy who’s got character flaws, he’s had failed companies, three marriages, he’s run casinos, made money off of pornography, four bankruptcies. I guess the evangelicals are madder at the Republican leadership, particularly in the House and in the Senate, than they are at their values.”

Though the media has already anointed Trump the GOP nominee, the process is far from over, DeLay said. There will be well over 1,000 delegates awarded in the next two to three weeks, he noted.

If the race continues as it has, there will be a brokered convention since 60 percent of the delegates are awarded proportionally, DeLay said.

If Trump continues getting 30 percent of the vote he will earn only about 500 delegates, he said.

“And then there’s 871 delegates left in winner-take-all states. He’d have to run the table in all the winner-take-all states. This is far from over.”

One of the current top three candidates, Trump, Cruz or Florida Sen. Marco Rubio will likely be the nominee from a brokered convention, he said, unless Ohio Gov. John Kasich gains more momentum.

“It could be one of the three, but you’ll have multiple votes before anybody gets the majority of the vote,” he said.

Asked about Cruz’s national campaign spokesman Rick Tyler being asked to resign over a retweet of a video making it appear Rubio had slammed the Bible, DeLay called the move a “stupid act” that obviously was taken without checking with Cruz.

“If you’re going to attack somebody, make sure that the candidate knows you’re doing it so that he can approve it or disapprove it,” DeLay said. “That’s the way things should work.”


  • I have read that democrats have been going to republican caucuses, and voting for Trump, since they know he is one of them. Hillary and Bernie are bottom-of-the-barrel candidates, and Trump looks viable by comparison. The Nevada Caucas was chaotic and disorganized, and there are reports that ballots were being hidden, people didn’t verify all the voters’ eligibility, and some voted for Trump more than once. The whole caucus process was very rushed. As far as evangelicals voting for Trump, I feel that the Cruz campaign has been very ineffective and uncompelling in its approach to voters. The Cruz campaign assumes that voters actually do their homework, and choose the best candidate out there, based on their actual merits. They don’t. They love to be compelled by the emotions of the moment, the fire in the belly of their chosen candidate, which promises a cure for their own frustrations. Little do they know what a splendid, Godly constitutionalist Ted Cruz is, and what a warrior he is for what is right! This HAS to be conveyed passionately to the voters, and as an example of what I mean, watch Red Skelton on YouTube, as he gives new meaning to the Pledge of Allegiance. People just don’t know what our Constitution stands for, anymore.

  • As an evangelical myself I find it appalling and disgusting that evangelicals would vote for Trump since he is an unstable, crude, vulgar egomaniac. And a Democrat trojan horse. It’s a real testament to their stupidity and gullibility.

    • So true I agree and very dissponting !

    • We evangelicals are going through a metamorphosis, just as the Republican party is. Hopefully Christians and conservatives, will emerge stronger and more committed to our core beliefs and calling, by reconnecting with our original roots.

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