• I love your video on You Tube supporting Ted Cruz and bashing Trump. I am a Christian and long time supporter of Israel . I believe that they have become the last truly western nation in the world. I have sent both of my boys to school with J D F t shirts to piss off one of the liberal social studies teachers. I hope to get a Hawaiian birth certificate for B.B. and let him run for president.That said ,let me get to my main point. I work in a butcher shop and have for 40 years. We have had many younger guys 18-25 come and go over the years and when they are not swearing or lying about girls, we talk politics. In the past 10-15 years I have been amazed at how drastic the swing in opinion has been toward Israel and essentially Jews in general by this age group. But only by the ones attending college. We even have a kid going to Brandeis that holds anti- Israel , anti- Jew view points. And I can’t believe how quickly and willing they are to share them. They don’t try to pass them off as opinions or as obscure theory. To them they are facts. Israel is bad and Jews are the reason. I can’t believe that parents are paying $60,000 a year to have their children indoctrinated in soft Nazi beliefs. This is not an occasional thing . I have noticed it more and more in the past 6-8 years. I do not seek it out. You only have to listen. If it is not blatant or overt it will be lurking right there under the surface and I merely have to start a conversation about politics and it erupts like a poison volcano. Once you aware of it ,it hits your ear like a fire alarm.You can not believe that others don’t hear it. I feel that Obama’s disrespect for Netanyahu and contempt for Israel has only encouraged these sentiments. I am afraid. I am truly afraid, I am not trying to be dramatic. If I as a Christian feel this way I can only imagine how the Jewish people feel. The ashes and embers of the holocaust are still warm and the elitist professors are looking to fan them back into flames. I can’t believe that there are people of the Jewish faith that support the same people that look to do them harm. Do they think these animals will only kill Jews from Israel? Obama wants to give Iran the bomb. Iran wants to kill Jews,a lot of Jews. It is that simple. If they can they will kill ALL Jews. If you support Obama and his plan for a nuclear Iran then directly or indirectly you are facilitating the wholesale slaughter of innocent people (mostly Jews at first) in the middle east , then here. Iran is perfecting an ICBM . They don’t need an inter continental missile to eradicate Israel. They can reach them with a sling shot. The missile is for us- The United States. Arming and appeasing these evil , murderous tyrants and turning our backs on our ally will not keep us or anyone safe. We are one leader and a couple of rousing speeches from Kristallnacht II . Please forgive me for going on so long but this is really becoming a serious problem in this country and it has bothered me for some time. Please join me in the pledge made by Ted Cruz “If you will not stand with Israel,then I will not stand with you” Thank You stay safe and don’t give up the fight. Joe Conway Tewksbury Ma.

  • I don’t trust ANYTHING coming from the Huffington-Puffington Post, PERIOD. Don’t trust the leftist media in America. That leftist rag isn’t worth toilet paper. I’ve heard Donald say differently. Dig a bit deeper please.

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