• Disgusting… Yet Joe Biden and the Democrats embrace and welcome them in.

    Its the Catholic Christians that are doing the worst. They have their own warped distorted version of the bible and they even teach things that contradict both Jewish old testament and Christian New Testament IE: Abstaining from meat is a doctrine of demons but they can’t eat meat on Friday During lent. Or, praying to statues or all this other mystical pagan nonsense

    • You do realize that Jews practice fasting? And that Catholics do not pray to statues?

      • But they don’t say you can’t eat any meat on Friday and the 2nd commandment which the Vatican changed states there are no graven images allowed. Add to this praying to dead people (necromancy) transubstantiation which is based on ancient Egyptian Witchcraft and divination and Pope Leo XIII fatwa against America and the constitution just to name a few other issues.

      • Angela Goldsmith

        They confess their sins to a man. Pray to Mary .. nonsense

  • Islam was a persian invention for the arabs. It was known in the byzantine world that a Magian Salman al farsi wrote the quran. Most of the hadith authors were also zoroastrians. The magians were angry that byzantine chrisitanity copied mithraism so they developed an arab manicheanism. I doubt muhammad and the caliphs existed.

  • The name of the wicked will rot

    Islamic filth

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