• pancake rachel corrie

    G7d help us all

  • If Biden chooses an extreme leftist radical like that, it will probably tip the scales of the polls enough to give Trump another 4 more years. Unless they commit fraud with the mail in ballots which probably will happen.

    If however he chooses a relatively mainstream liberal he will win.

    He WILL pick a woman. More likely a black woman. My money is on either Stacey Abrams or Tammy Duckworth. Abrams is black, her only problem is she’s a militant pro-choicer. Don’t know if she’s got a pastor who’s a radical like Wright or how militant she is about Israel. ( they all are so unless she’s got something we don’t know she’s par for the course. she’ll make it)

    Also, thank you for bringing up the hypocrisy on Congressman Lewis. He was a big pro-choicer, the vast majority of aborted babies are black, he murdered he own people through that, he’s also anti-Israel. So, Jews, unborn babies and so on their lives don’t matter but black lives matter? Really? Black lives matter but you’ll kill black babies and kill people who helped you get your civil rights?!?! Really?

    He represented the best of America…

    Yeah… He did. America is a sick nation and needs a revival. The only reason G_d hasn’t wiped us out is because compared to the rest of the western world we are the better ones. Only by comparison. We still have a lot of righteous here who oppose contractual gay marriage, support Israel and the Jewish people, who have a measure of righteousness. IF not for that, we’d be as bad off as the EU if not worse.

  • The Korean built UAE nuclear plant makes a good drone target.
    In other news, Herman Munster lookalike Judenrat Kapo John Kerry wins yatch club race on his ‘new’ sailboat Lark: https://vineyardgazette.com/news/2020/08/03/lark-wins-round-island-race

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