Woman Enslaved By Islamic State Refused Extreme and Brutal Rape Burned To Death

Child rape is common in Muslim Arab countries. This Islamic State terrorist “marries” a 7 year old girl.

Child rape is also common in Muslim Arab countries. This Islamic State terrorist “marries” a 7 year old girl.

As ISIS continues its brutal enslavement of innocent women, a few have been lucky enough to be released, while some have even escaped the clutches of the jihadists.

However, those who remain in the terrorists’ custody are subjected to treatment so vile, it’s driven their victims to choking themselves to death with their own head scarves.

What’s worse, a new report via The Washington Post from the UN, details the gruesome thing that happened to a 20-year-old woman enslaved by ISIS who refused an extreme sex act:

We heard one case of a 20-year-old girl who was burned alive because she refused to perform an extreme sex act. We learned of many other sadistic sexual acts. We struggled to understand the mentality of people who commit such crimes.

Here’s how people responded to ISIS’ heartless cruelty. One commenter doesn’t think the world is doing enough:

While some wondered how this type of 7th century barbarism can be taking place in the 21st century:

In addition, ISIS’ level of depravity has even shocked U.N. representative, Zainab Bangura, who worked with victims from Bosnia, Congo, South Sudan, Somalia and The Central African Republic.

Bangura told the Middle East Eye, “”I never saw anything like this. I cannot understand such inhumanity. I was sick, I couldn’t understand.”


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