• Now I understand Kim Jung Il. Pull.that shit in NK.

    • tucson.com has an article headlined
      “Unforgettable preacher Bowler dies at 81”
      By Stephanie Innes Arizona Daily Star May 5, 2007
      About Baptist Reverend Bill Bowler , a gettyimages
      Photo appears online of
      Bill Bowler & Rabbi Meir Kahane standing together outside
      a Church in Plains, Georgia in
      December 1976 , they are both
      holding Bibles

    • The Wall Street Journal earlier today has an article headline crying
      “The Ruined Landscape of Gaza After Nearly Three Months of Bombing”
      It’s Not Israel’s Fault,
      Hamas and the Fakestinians in
      Gaza started the War with the
      October 7th, 2023 Attacks

    • telegraph.co.uk has an article headlined
      “Pro-Hamas protesters are sanctimonious psychopaths”
      Jordan Peterson 14 December 2023

    • fdd.org has an article headlined
      Jonathan Schanzer
      on November 8, 2023

    • Bill Maher said many good things in defense of Israel,
      Many have called “comedian”
      Jon Stewart a Self-hating Jew
      algemeiner.com has an article headlined
      “Why Is Jon Stewart Ignoring and Excusing Antisemitism?”
      by Alan Zeitlin
      on November 22, 2022

    • Elliot Resnick typed online yesterday
      “Israel is fighting Hamas with one hand, and with the other is sending hundreds of trucks every day which extend Hamas’s life and enable it to continue fighting our soldiers. This is absurd. This must stop today.”

    • Chaim ,
      ynetnews.com has an article on
      January 1, 2024 headlined
      “A de-facto army: The war in Gaza proves Hamas not just a gang of terrorists”
      Yoav Zitun

    • Anyone hear that U.S. helicopters repelled an attack by Iran-backed Houthi militants on a Maersk container vessel in the Red Sea, sinking three ships and killing 10 militants, the Houthi Yemen sand rats are now sleeping with the fishes 😆

      • That happened many years ago when former Congress women Cynthia Mckinney had a relief ship sent to Gaza to help the terrorists. There were young hodlums and beatniks on board and when the Israeli army tried to board it they fought against them and got sent to the bottom. The whole world condemned Israel just for defending herself. Now Israel is sending aid to these terrorists. WTF!

    • Chaim , from
      “Understanding the Middle East requires ‘knowing the difference between Shalom and Salam’ ” by
      On January 2, 2024

    • A person typed online earlier today
      “Pathetic. A total irrelevancy, yet there is an important story here.

      Some people who have powerful ( temporary) jobs surround themselves with sycophants and people who need something, which creates a self serving echo chamber of folly.

      They delude themselves into a false sense of self-importance. They convince themselves they are adored and are all knowing. These people, often public officials who win high office ( and their courteours) don’t understand that one day they will lose the trappings of the office that confer power and importance on them, rendering them, well, sort of useless.

      While in power, these otherwise unremarkable characters, abuse their authority, refuse to listen, treat others with disdain, forget that one day they will need the very same people they treat shabbily and otherwise behave as if they are gods gift to humanity. Sometimes they wake up but it is too late. The damage is already done.

      No matter what job or position in life you have, or the statues you attain, or the privilege you hold-one should always be mindful of behaving with humility, grace, understanding and decency to others and in all that you do.

      In DEBLASIO’s case you can put a clown in the King’s palace, but he will still be a clown. His fate is unbecoming a former NYC Mayor so in that sense it is not a good look for the City and its residents. But as far as he is concerned, you reap what you sow. Character is fate.” that was in response to a
      nypost.com article on
      January 2, 2024
      by Jorge Fitz-Gibbon
      “Bill de Blasio spotted looking
      ‘lonely,cold and homeless at NYC coffee shop”

      • I don’t think that was him. He’d go to SF if he became homeless. That said, All the government workers in NY and NYC should be homeless. See how they like it.

    • Has anyone read the 2019 book titled
      “1726: The Year that Defined America” by
      Dr. Eddie L. Hyatt , it got good reviews on Amazon.com

    • thehill.com has an article headlined
      “Mellman: A lesson from ‘Fauda’: Israel is here to stay, no matter what”
      October 18, 2023

    • jns.org has an article headlined
      “The Oslo deception: New evidence”
      September 13, 2023

  • thehill.com has an article headlined
    “GOP Rep. Zinke proposes bill to ban Palestinians from entering US”
    November 3, 2023 about Ryan Zinke

  • gatestoneinstitue.org has an article headlined
    “Hamas’s Deception – and Our Self-Deception”
    by Caroline Glick on
    October 15, 2023

  • Israel stupidly sends Humanitarian Aid into Gaza , no hostages are sent out

  • Nuke Gaza. Screw the hostages.

  • The Jerusalem Post , jpost.com has an article headlined
    “Why moving to the Sinai peninsula is the solution for Gaza’s Palestinians”
    By JOEL ROSKIN Published: DECEMBER 25, 2023

  • From the New York Times
    nytimes.com an old article is headlined
    “Kahane and a Black Leader Pledge Unity”
    By Charlayne Hunter on
    May 19, 1971

  • A Pro-Israel blogger in 2007 typed online
    “In January 2006 the Palestinians made known to all the world what type of government they wanted to represent them by overwhelmingly voting in a Hamas-lead government in their first parliamentary election since the death of Arafat! The Palestinians wasn’t forced to vote for either Fatah or Hamas, they could have so easely opted to simply withheld their vote in protest for either of the two terrorist groups if they were so anti-terrorism minded to do so. The world media portrayed this election to be between only Hamas and Al-Fatah. However, they weren’t the only parties available for the Palestinians to hang their spiritual and political values on. The Palestinian people, as a people, gave the “liberal” party “Third Path” (one that at lest gave lip-service of recognizing Israel) a whopping two seats in the elections compared to the seventy-four seats that they as a people gave the terrorists of Hamas. As Hamas leader Khaled Meshal correctly stated just four days after the election, “The Palestinian people have chosen Hamas with its known stances.” Hamas’ covenant is even more explicit concerning the destruction of Israel than the PLO’s covenant ever thought about being. Therefore, what is the Hamas-electing Palestinians main motive for a state? Are their hearts for the most part, set on self-rule, or are their hearts for the most part, set on the destruction of the State of Israel? How a society votes tells an awful lot about the society itself…..”

  • Claudine Gay is a schwartze. She will be promoted to chief stockholder of Harvard and first schwartze female POTUS.

    • The word schwartze is offensive
      Claudine Gay definitely looks like the female Steve Urkel
      Plus did you know that the
      In the Star Trek Franchise the United States will ultimately have a Female African-American President of the United States
      The Memory Beta Star Trek website
      memory-beta.fandom.com says in it’s entry for Mount Rushmore
      “At some point between 2266 and 2287 an image of the first female African-American President — Sarah Susan Eckert — was added to Mount Rushmore, just to the left of the carving of Washington. (TOS novelization: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier) ” Anyone Know that bit of Trek Trivia

      • Also did you Know that
        Stacey Abrams the African-American female politician from Georgia made a guest appearance as the President of United Earth in the Star Trek: Discovery fourth season episode “Coming Home” which takes place in the 32nd Century
        Stacey Abrams is a Huge
        Star Trek fan in real life

      • Sorry about the word schwartze. I’ll change it to spearchucker.

  • gettyimages also has a picture
    Meir Kahane and Joseph Colombo , on June 8, 1971
    Both Men are standing tall in Manhattan Protesting
    Kahane has his
    Arms folded as he listened to Colombo
    Both Men are Damn Confident in this picture !
    This scene should definitely appear in the Movie made to Honor Rabbi Kahane and his Life !

  • About the Kahane Movie
    Make No Mistake
    Meir Kahane will ultimately Return to Earth Someday
    And When he Does
    Just Imagine how Epic and Cool it will be to Watch the
    Kahane Movie with
    Meir Kahane himself !

  • Vile Anti-Semite Christian
    “author” Texe Marrs died in 2019
    At 75 , Good that He’s Dead
    What kind of Stupid name is
    Texe Marrs , such a dumb name

  • Claudine Gay looks like her last name.

    • Claudine Gay also looks like
      Steve Urkel 😆
      Good that she has resigned
      jns.org has an article headlined
      “The Oslo deception: New evidence”
      September 13, 2023

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