• A person recently typed on the Internet
    “Now this is odd but fairly typical of PalestiNAZI revisionism .
    In order to prove their indigenous connection to the geography the PalestiNAZIS are suggesting they originated from the Canaanites whilst simultaneously acknowledging their mother tongue is Arabic
    The Canaanites spoke Hebrew, Moabite , Phoenician and Punic – not Arabic
    Arabic was the language of those originating from Arabia , not Canaan”
    Arabs are the Worst people in the World

    • They are both hamites though. The majority of Arabs are really Hamites not Shemites and edomites. That explains their sick sick behaviors.

  • Psalm 122:6 says
    “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: “May those who love you be secure.” Years ago in the early
    2000’s a Christian Zionist book quoted that verse and stated
    “The word of God does not command prayer for New York, Paris, Tokyo or Moscow–though few could doubt the need of prayer for the world’s great cities. Yet the Hebrew Scriptures contain a profound plea from the Psalmist to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. With incessant conflict in the Middle East, we keenly feel our obligation to obey this
    Divine command”

  • Psalm 129:5 says
    ” May all who hate Zion be turned back in shame.”
    The Anti-Israel, Anti-Semite
    Jew-Hater Losers unjustly Hate us.
    We Hate them too . We Hate them too. Never Forgive, Never Forget
    Never Again

  • Chaim: are you jealous that Netanyahu worked so hard for Pollard to get his release and Aliyah and did nothing for you:

  • See jcpa.org

  • hilltop youth establish illegal outposts. jtf is supposed to engage her in only legal activities. Chaim will never get into Israel

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