No Joke: Ann Coulter Defends American Nazi Party

ann-coulterI shouldn’t be surprised. I’m almost mad at myself for being shocked, again. It’s just that when you think Ann Coulter can’t sink any lower, she does. This time reaching out to the hot new racists on the block…

Richard Spencer is the Neo-Nazi (alt-right) leader throwing parties in DC and hitting all the talk shows. Spencer is out preaching his message of a White America, and the media is eating it up. The media loves Republican Racists. Even if they have to create them.

I believe the “Rachel”, that Coulter is referring to is Rachel Maddow of MSNBC.

I have no idea what the “Always Trust Coulter” line means other than Ann is now referring to herself in third person. While everyone with an ounce of human decency is running away from these racist basement dwellers, Coulter is running to them with open arms.

She followed up with this tweet a few minutes later:


They can have each other.

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  • I am not surprised that Ann Coulter speaks favorably of Nazis and is an anti-semite. As a man, I already hate Ann Coulter because of how she says women should not have the right to vote. Ann Coulter should either be deported to Saudi Arabia, or be put into a time machine to live in 19th Century America, so that she gets a taste of her own medicine!

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