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  • Great video. The corporate press is gearing up against Senator Cruz.

    The establishment fears his victory or a 2nd place in conservative states like Iowa and New Hampshire could catapult Ted to the nomination.

    Thus, they are looking for anything usable, no matter how small and trivial.

    They will probably try to do to Sen. Cruz what was done to Gov. Howard Dean before the NH primary (so they could nominate Kerry and later Obama):

    Constantly show an out of context sound-bite or quotation all over major news outlets and the echo chamber of evening talk shows to bombard Cruz’s campaign for several weeks before the primary in New Hampshire and the big states.

    Dean compared the communication problem in a media lynching to firing back at a machine gun with a handgun.

    The establishment is already attempting that tactic with this “New York values” nonsense, but they haven’t yet figured out how to address non-liberals or tarnish Cruz’s credentials.

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