Ben Gvir says that he loves the Arabs and the Arabs love us (video)


A brief Hebrew video with English subtitles (after the first 8 seconds).

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  • Nobody should Love The Arabs

  • People have said that the Retired
    Anti-Semite , Anti-Israel
    Church of England “Vicar”
    Stephen Sizer looks and sounds like an Ugly Nerd Weasel, a rodent , rat of some kind , others have called him a
    “Short Miserable little Man” that looks like Woody Allen , anyone hear about him and his
    BS Lies , why does Sizer look like
    Woody Allen in many online Pics
    Michael L. Brown and others have Refuted the Heretic Hatemonger Stephen Sizer

    • Did Anyone Look up Videos of the Ugly Nerd Weasel Troublemaker
      Stephen Sizer

    • More about the Nerd Weasel
      Ugly Freak Stephen Sizer has an article in 2021 headlined
      “A Lesser Bigotry? The UK Conservative Evangelical Response to Stephen Sizer’s Antisemitism” by
      James Mendelsohn and
      Bernard Nicholas Howard, This article exposes Sizer for
      The Liar Heretic Creep that he is

      • Michael L. Brown has always done a good job of Exposing the Liar Serpent Snake
        Stephen Sizer, especially in the
        2021 book
        “Christian Antisemitism: Confronting the Lies in Today’s Church”
        by Michael L. Brown Ph.D. he details the ugly truth about
        Mr. Sizer and his dishonest false teachings

    • Of course Jeremy Corbyn
      Supports the little turd Sizer , which says alot about Sizer , the notorious heretic false prophet

    • The Church of England found the
      Ugly Nerd Sizer Guilty of
      Anti-Semitism in a Tribunal on
      December 6, 2022 , like
      All Anti-Semite Cowards
      Sizer hides behind “Free Speech” to spew Hate and Lies , which is why Changes Need to be Made to Free Speech Laws in America and Worldwide, to Protect Jews . Plus there is a picture online of Sizer wearing a
      Fakestinian keffiyeh , people commented that Sizer looks
      “Completely Satanic” in the picture, he has the ugly Nerd glasses , Ugly deformed face . The Bible even says that Satan the Devil is the true ruler of this World

      • However, if the Cretin
        Sizer ultimately sincerely repents and changes his ways , God will forgive him and allow him into Heaven when he ultimately passes away. That’s what the Bible Teaches.
        But let’s be realistic, in this World once a person is an
        Anti-semite or a Jew-Hater or
        Anti-Israel Bigot , they usually Never Change,
        99.9999999999999 percent of the time they remain hateful Bigots until Satan the Devil Sucks them Back into Hell

      • While Satan the Devil is sadly the True Ruler of this World, God is the Ruler of the Universe, Satan the Devil has limited power and can only do what God allows

      • Sizer is a Nerd , just like
        Nazi War Criminal Adolf Eichmann was a Nerd
        An article on said about Adolf Eichmann during his trial in Jerusalem that
        “The Adolf Eichmann who stood in the box seemed a passive, even pathetic figure. Thick tortoiseshell glasses, balding. His body, like his hair, receding into a dark, boxy, oversize suit. Even the chief investigating officer at the trial, a Holocaust survivor himself, said that upon first laying eyes on Eichmann, he couldn’t believe that, quote, ‘This nerd controlled millions of Jews, their lives and their deaths.’ “

        • Did anyone see the Movie
          “Operation Finale”
          The article was headlined
          “The Eichmann tapes and the comforting myth of the ‘banality of evil’ ”

          July 15, 2022
          by Stefano Kotsonis & Meghna Chakrabarti

        • Plus,
 has an article about the
          Nasty Piece of Work
          Sizer headlined
          “THE MASTER OF APOLOGIES” by Betsy Childs Howard on
          February 2, 2015

        • Scientific articles online have said that you can indeed judge people by the company they keep, that it’s an accurate way to Judge people, of course the
          Ugly Nerd Sizer would then Cry and Whine about
          “Guilt by Association”

      • Sizer , Steves & Other Bigots are Proof of the Expression
        “The Devil is a Liar”

    • More about the
      Sick Twisted Disturbed Mind of
      Stephen Sizer has an article on him headlined
      “Anglican Vicar Targets ‘Masa Israel Journey’ in Latest Anti-Semitic Blood Libel Campaign”
      Posted on: 28/02/21

      Sizer & Kanye West are Peas in
      a Nutcase Pod

    • In the Sermon on the Mount
      The Bible verse
      Matthew 7:15 Jesus warned his followers about people like
      Stephen Sizer
      Matthew 7:15 (ESV) says
      “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” But the thing with Sizer is that he may “seem” nice on the outside, but many times you can outwardly see what a Liar, Charlatan, Heretic, Blasphemer he is.

      • As stated before, if the ugly little turd
        Sizer truly repents and has a change of Heart God will Forgive him and let him into Heaven when he ultimately passes away. But let’s be real, the chances of that happening are probably one in a

      • Furthermore when the Nerd Sizer
        Ultimately passes away,
        Jesus will say to Sizer what is in the Bible verse
        Matthew 7:23 where Jesus says
        “‘I never knew you; depart from me” Anyone else agree ?

        • The Heretic Sizer and his ilk
          Ignore the Wisdom of the Bible Verse
          1 Corinthians 15:33 which says
          “Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.” Sizer and his fellow Losers Never had any morals to begin with

        • When Sizer ultimately passes away, Jesus will say to Sizer
          “I never knew you, depart from me”
          Plus 3 days ago on his Facebook page
          Sizer mentioned this BS book by “Investigative Journalist” David Sheen titled
          “Kahanism and American Politics” a book filled with distortions and Lies
          Sizer and other Loser Haters of Jews & Israel know the Great Name
          Kahane, as in
          Meir Kahane , even they acknowledge Rabbi Kahane and his Influence

    • On December 16, 2022 a person typed on Facebook about the
      Ugly Nerd Sizer
      “on Stephen Sizer:

      Two issues.

      One. How should we understand behaviour that “provokes” and “offends” the Jewish community? Or behaviour that is “unbecoming”?

      Provocation is a strong term. Imagine you were found, over many decades, to have indulged in behaviour that “provoked” and “offended” the black community. What kind of behaviour could provoke the collectivity of black people, given that black people are diverse in every characteristic except for the way they are racialized in our society. In every sense, the word “community” is a bit euphemistic, except for the sense meaning the community that is subjected to racism.

      Imagine further that the Church had thousands of years of history in “provoking” and “offending” the black community. That would be an exacerbating factor, right?

      And imagine that the offence and the provocations were so serious that they constituted “conduct unbecoming”? Which, I take to mean, conduct that is so seriously inappropriate that it could have him disqualified from his office.

      And imagine further that he was also found guilty of a case of racism that was so clear and explicit that even an incredibly careful tribunal was prepared to be clear on it.

      The second issue, I think, requires you not only to look at the tribunal judgement but also to look at what it judged. The Board of Deputies, a representative body of British Jews, thought that the “provocations” and “offences” were so seriously antisemitic that it went to the trouble and the risk of taking him to a Church court.

      Further, look at the counts yourself. You can, yourself, make a judgement about whether his anti-Jewish provocations and offences were antisemitic. What do you think?

      The key element of Sizer’s antisemitism is the doubling down, the digging in, and the counter-accusations made against Jews who accused him.

      Whereas the Tribunal and the Board of Deputies, and James, and me – whereas we are all very careful not to impute “nature” or “motive” onto Sizer, he is by no means as careful in his counter-accusation. His only defence is that “Zionists” – by which he means Jews who find something to celebrate in the survival and re-birth of Jewish life in Israel after the ethnic cleansing at the hands of Arab Nationalism and Islamism, after the experience of murderous Soviet antizionism for decades, and after the experience of the Shoah – Sizer says that Zionists are pretending to experience antisemitism in a dishonest conspiracy to try and brand criticism of Israel as antisemitic.

      And notice, in passing, that the Zionism that Sizer demonizes was itself at least in part a desperate response to antisemitism that at least in part the Church is responsible for.

      Macpherson said that if somebody says they have experienced racism, you should take them seriously.

      Sizer says that if “Zionists” or “Zionist Jews” experience antisemitism, then you should assume that they are racist, imperialist, pro-apartheid, lying propagandists – “the people in the shadows”.

      Sizer imputes bad faith onto the Jews who “cry antisemitism” – and not just individual bad faith, not just the odd bad apple Jew, but collective Jewish bad faith. He says it’s their “Zionist nature” and their Zionist “motivation” that leads them to such organised dishonesty.

      The EHRC report on Labour antisemitism was very clear on this point. The baseless, evidence-free but incontinent allegations of “weaponization”, “smearing”, “faking” – it itself constitutes antisemitic harassment of Jews.”

    • Someone recently said on the
      Internet about the two Bigots
      Stephen Sizer and Rick Steves
      The Travel Enthusiast
      “Nerds of a feather. The problem is that the uninformed and the stupid believe these people.” Another person said that
      Rick Steves is a nebbish

    • Someone online Joked about Sizer
      “Dhimmi is as dhimmi does”

    • About Sizer & Steves see the Bible verse
      2 Corinthians 11:14

    • A person typed online about Sizer
      speaking to
      Muslims in Iran about
      The alleged “dangers” of
      Christian Zionists &
      Christian Zionism that
      “No true Christian would stand before unbelievers and false religious people and denounce their brothers in the Lord, even if they disagree with them on issues like this. Sizer and his like are men who speaks with fork tongue! This just shows he is not a true christian. Maybe he would better spending his energy confronting the hypocrisy and immorality within the church he belongs to”

    • Joe Whitehead on has an article on
      SATURDAY, AUGUST 11, 2007 headlined
      “Letter to Hank Hanegraaff”
      People gave honest comments about Hank Hanegraaff , and the one person Freak Show Apostate
      Stephen Sizer

    • Apostate, that’s another word that people use to describe Sizer and his ilk, plus in the 2019 Revised & Expanded
      Edition of the book
      “Our Hands Are Stained with Blood” Michael L. Brown exposes the Creep Sizer and his Lies

    • Is Sizer happy that the
      Precious Palestinians in Hamas Murdered 700 Israeli Jewish Civilians , is he proud of what the
      Precious Palestinians have done ?

    • Sizer still cries for His beloved
      Precious “Palestinians” in Gaza , and makes false claims of
      “Genocide” did he ever weep for the innocent Jewish Israeli Victims of Hamas Terrorism

    • Can you imagine how much Sizer was probably bullied as a
      child , for being an
      ugly little Nerd ,
      but many have called him a
      Notorious Anti-Semite

    • Sizer is a little pissant and
      Authoritarian little shit !!

  • Jerry Springer the
    Former Mayor of Cincinnati and Host of
    “The Jerry Springer Show” said that his show “Ruined Culture” anyone else agree ?

  • Any Opinions of American Author and Political Commentator
    Thomas Friedman ?

  • Any Opinions of
    Lauren Boebert ?

  • Howard Stern is a piece of drek.

  • More about Arab Evil & Wickedness, Arab Deceit and Lies
    Various online articles document how U.S. Intelligence Agencies have discovered how the
    United Arab Emirates , UAE
    was caught meddling in American Politics to benefit their own
    Selfish Arab Desires and Interests, closely resembling

  • has an article headlined
    “American Jews, get out now!”
    by Hillel Fuld on
    November 14, 2022 this article tells about the sad reality that It’s probably Only a Matter of Time before a Holocaust happens in America

  • Jews in America need to get gun licenses.

  • has an article headlined
    “He Could Be Our First Jewish President. But First He Needs to Beat a Christian Nationalist.”
    on September 16, 2022
    About Josh Shapiro the Democrat who was running for
    Governor of Pennsylvania,
    Update, Josh Shapiro won the Election, and will be the first Jewish Governor of Pennsylvania, but will Josh Shapiro ultimately be the first Jewish President of the United States ?

  • Howard Stern is drek.

  • Anyone else think that it’s good that several years ago that the Anti-Semite , Jew-Hater , Anti-Israel Bigot
    Hank Hanegraaff got Cancer and had Tumors throughout his Entire Body !!

    • Anyone else think God was punishing Hank Hanegraaff the so-called “Bible Answer Man”
      Of course people have documented how Hank is a Liar & Fraud who ignores, refuses to debate or Answer those who Challenge his hateful False views

  • On November 10, 2022 The Nerd Sizer typed on his Facebook page

    “Is it possible that some Kahanists and supporters of Ben-Gvir choose to serve in the Israeli army so that they can implement their racist political ideology?”

    How would we respond to the
    Nerd Bigot Sizer ?

    • Sizer is an old ugly Nerd
      he looks like he came straight out of the
      “Revenge of the Nerds” Film Series

    • On February 26, 2024 , the Nerd Weasel Sizer
      Mentioned Rabbi Meir Kahane on his Facebook page
      Plus on March 4, 2024 the turd
      Sizer said Israel has it’s
      “greedy hand in the cookie jar”
      March 6, 2024 he mentioned
      Fakestinian “activist” Alex Odeh
      On March 10, 2024 Sizer mentioned
      The word “Inshallah” about a discussion by the Self-hating Fraud “historian” Ilan Pappe
      On March 12, 2024 Sizer referred to Israel as “Zioland”
      From his Facebook page you can clearly see that Stephen Sizer is a
      Crazy Ugly Nerd who only cares about his precious
      “Palestinian people” and their Lies

  • Sizer knows who Meir Kahane was !! Sizer could Never defeat
    Kahane in a debate ,

    • The grotesque Nerd Sizer
      Also mentioned the great
      Rabbi Meir Kahane on his official
      website , the Nerd Weasel Sizer on his Propaganda Website mentions the great Meir Kahane
      Sizer is a Fake Christian

      • When Meir Kahane
        Ultimately Returns to Earth in the Future , Sizer and his ilk will realize that
        Meir Kahane was Indeed a
        Hero and a Man of God

  • Heretic Blasphemer Fake
    “Christians” that Hate Jews & Israel have Hearts of Stone as the
    Bible says

  • has a PDF article headlined
    “Territorial Supercessionism: A Response to Gary Burge”
    Has anyone seen it ?

  • More about the Heretic
    Gary Burge has an article headlined
    “Jeers and loathing in Bethlehem”
    5 April 2012

  • Also about Gary Burge has a PDF article headlined
    “Gary Burge: Not Sent by Heaven” anyone read it

  • has an article headlined
    “Debunking Gary Burge’s Supersessionist Theology Regarding Israel” on
    Feb 11, 2016
    By Crystal Rudolph

  • Other Toxic Heretic
    Fake Christians we at JTF don’t like are Rick Wiles &
    “pastor” Steven Anderson , they are such Losers

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